Friday, August 12, 2011


Wednesday night we took off to Utah for my cousin's wedding! :D

I swear I'm addicted to sugar! It's bad! ha. I got these:

Notice the KING SIZE! hahahah. Ya I have a problem with sugar and peanut butter. lol. :)

And then of course I got a neuro drink and Austin got Mountain Dew! haha. :)

This picture is thursday morning at 7:50! ha.

My cousin got married at 8:20.

While we were waiting I was looking at the Salt Lake Temple Landscaping and it is so pretty! These trees are sweet! I want one!:

Meet Cam and Brin!

They are such a cute couple! And they look so much alike huh?? :)

(Brinley's Parent and Gradparents)

(Cameron's Family! My cousins & Aunt and Uncle)

(Cam's Brothers and Sisters)

Brinley's dress was gorgeous! And her bouquet and all her colors were cute! :)

She is such a fun, cute girl!

I'm so excited that she is in the family now!

You can tell they are just so in love! It's so cute! :D

So this is Cam's wedding ring!! haha. It moves! Like those star looking things move when you turn the top or bottom bumpy part! :D It's such a cool ring! ha. They said they got it out of a science magazine. lol. They are so funny! :) Here is the ring:

before the reception I chopped my hair off and I love it! I feel so sporty now! haha. :)

All my hair I got chopped off!! CRAZY!!

After I styled it really quick! haha. I didn't have much time... but that is what is nice about this haircut! I love it!! :)

SPEAKING OF UTAH!! A couple of weeks ago I went with my new family and went shopping in Utah! It was so fun!!

Austin and Ashley are twinners!! hahaha.

My sister's-in-law! ha. :) Minus one. Alex.

Same but with my mother-in-law! :)

(The shoes I got! Some pink cute boat shoes, White sparkly toms, gray boots with little heels, and shiny nude heels! :D)

(These socks are a must! I love them!)

I got cute shirts, sweaters, earrings, HUDSON JEANS WOOHOO!! :D, nail file, and yes a basketball!

You may be wondering why we got a basketball because if you know me you know that I stink at sports that involve balls... but we have a basketball hoop and Austin's good and basketball so we got one! and actually the other day we were playing basketball and I made almost every shot!! It was awesome! :) I called it beginners luck, but who knows maybe I should go pro now! ha. jk! :)

Well have a great day!!! :D


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