Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's A....

I have been so excited for this and I can't believe it is already here!!
I am 20 weeks this week which is half way through my pregnancy!! WOOHOO!! 
And now the news we have all been waiting for..
It's A...
We are so excited to be able to call our baby a she now rather than it! ha. And we love our baby girl so much already and are so excited for her to get here!! :)
At our appointment we were looking at the ultrasound and baby girl just did not want to move. She was so modest! haha. She had her legs crossed and her hands were laced and in front of her face! So we found out it was a girl but she couldn't get a picture she wanted for us because baby girl just would not uncross her legs! ha. And then she tried to get some 3D pictures of her face, and she just did not want to move her hands out of her face! ha. But then she finally did move her hands to the sides of her face but turned the other way so we couldn't see her, but she gave us a thumbs up, so I guess that was our queue that she had had enough of the poking and she wanted us to stop, but she wanted us to know she was fine! haha.
So we only got some 3D pictures of her legs crossed. ha. And the ultrasound tech said that she thinks our baby girl is going to be a cuddler because she was just cuddled up in there. haha. And she also said that she would probably be a good sleeper because we were shaking the ultrasound thing and poking her trying to get her to move, and I was rolling around and nothing worked. haha. She would move a teeny tiny bit, but not enough to be in a different position. ha.
Our doctor said that she looks really healthy, and everything looks great! :)
He said that she is in the 65th percentile for her size, so I may have a normal sized baby, or I may have a 10 pound baby like Austin was... We'll see!! :) haha. 
Anyway, we just love our little girl and we are so happy that we know what gender she is now, and we are just so excited for her to get here now!! :)
Now I can start figuring out room plans and start getting baby things for her and I can start to make some baby girl things now! :)
So stay tuned for some sewing projects and crafts and posts about my pregnancy! :)
And then of course posts about our cute baby girl once she's here!! :)
P.S. So the story of the kitty stuffed animal in the picture.... since we have kitties at our house then our brother-in-law and Austin's sister calls our house kitty city! haha. So when Aust saw this stuffed animal he was like, "We have to get this and we can say that we are having a baby girl and she will be joining us in kitty city!" hahahaha. So that is what we did! :) Well we sent out a text to our families and told them that, with a picture of the outfit and the stuffed animal kitty. ha. So now you all know too! :)

Monday, April 29, 2013

SO so So Excited!!!!

I am so excited for tomorrow!
We find out the gender of our baby!!!
I can hardly stand it!
I can't believe it is already here!!
And I can't believe I am half way done with my pregnancy this week!!
Time flies!
I still haven't felt the baby kick, but I think I have felt it flutter a few times! :)
We love our cute baby so much already and can't wait to stop calling the baby an "it" and start calling the baby a "he" or "she" WOOHOO!! :D
And we can't wait until we get to meet our baby! :)
Any guesses on what you think it will be?? :)
Have a great Monday night and I will let you all know what the gender of our baby is ASAP! :D

Friday, April 19, 2013

Food and Thoughts

No pictures today, but some fun news.. I am 18 weeks and my baby is the size of a bell pepper.. approximately 5 1/2 inches long from head to bum and is 7 ounces!! YAY!! :) Hopefully I will be able to feel this baby SOON!! I am getting SO anxious!! :) 
Speaking of my pregnancy.. I had been craving cinnamon rolls for a while, but I went to make them and I didn't really want to make mashed potatoes because my yummy recipe calls for them, and so I found a recipe for Cinnamon Roll Cake from my new cookbook I got for Easter! :) I made the cake and it was so good, but it didn't satisfy my craving for cinnamon rolls, so I gave some of the cake to a couple neighbors to leave us with only a couple pieces left, because I would have died if ate that whole cake to myself! hahaha. Well and Austin too. haha. So yesterday I made cinnamon rolls and only ate a bite sized piece to satisfy my craving and then I froze the other 3 1/2 dozens cinnamon rolls! hahaha. Ya now I will be stocked up on those yummy things until probably after I have my baby! haha. :)
Also from the cookbook I got I made sweet and sour chicken and it was seriously SO SO good!! And I made some steak fries from it too!! Oh man.. That cookbook was a good but dangerous gift! hahaha. :) 
Oh and for the mashed potatoes, I made Shepard's Pie and made extra mashed potatoes and then it was perfect for the cinnamon rolls. Because Aust refuses to eat instant mashed potatoes.. haha. He cracks me up, but I guess that is how a potato farmer would feel. haha. :)
So as you can tell, I have been pretty into food lately. haha. And I am still loving eggs in my pregnancy ha. Aust said the other day to me, "Man I am so glad you are done with school because I love when you make food like this and keep the house clean." :) He always knows how to make me feel good! 

Now onto another note, my heart breaks for everything that has happened lately, from the Boston Bombing, to the fertilizer explosion in Texas, to the sinkholes. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved and the families.
Since all of this has been happening, it has just made me so grateful for what I have been blessed with, and it makes me just want to make sure that all my family and friends knows how much I love them and how much they mean to me. I have been blessed with the most wonderful husband and our cute little baby which we find out what it is at the end of this month!! :) I am so grateful for my family, I have really been blessed in that part. I am grateful for this beautiful state I live in, and I am grateful for the wonderful people that I come in contact with from day to day. In the midst of all these sad events, we need to remember all those wonderful people that are helping others in these events. I am so grateful for all the selfless people in this country! It makes me sad to hear about these people that just have a change of heart and want to hurt others. I don't know what would cause them to want to hurt others, but it just shows that when there are people like that and they hurt others, the good come together and and become Christlike.
I hope you all have a great weekend! I will be BBQing with Aust, my sister-in-law Hailey, and her boyfriend! :)
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