Friday, September 30, 2011

200th post! :)

This is my 200th post!! WOOHOO! ha. :)

K so here is my week... I found out that rigby got remodeled... ha. Check out these sweet benches on main street!

Then Saturday, Rusten came and hung out with me all morning while my mom was driving truck for Kirk :) Well we went to take Austn some lunchy lunch and Rusten had gotten this 20 questions thing for his birthday so he was telling me that he is gonna see if the thing can guess what we're driving and it guessed Pick Up Truck!!! And so then he was thinking window and it guessed it... he was disgusted that the 20 questions thing is so smart.. haha. You can see that he wasn't very happy that he couldn't fool the toy...

Check out my mama's truck... hahahaha. :) She is a truck driving fool!! ha. :) This week she is driving truck for the Robison's.. She likes it.... who knew? haha. :)

Well saturday night I came home from the Relief Society Broadcast (which by the way was SO good! :D) to my hubby's hand looking like this!!

He had an instant bruise.. even though it just looks like his hand is dirty.. it's not. Well... what happened was he was moving the convayer belts... and crushed his finger in it!! Poor guy :(

Check out the fingers.... Huge I know!!!!.... (IF you can't tell I'm sorry.... but in real life it was massive.. and he couldn't move it.)

Then there was this car in the Hinckley Lot... and guess what happened to it...

IT. GOT. BOOTED!! HAHAHAHAH! I thought it was so funny... I feel bad for the person though!

Then I was bored so I grabbed my pins and stuck them in my pin cushion like this:

OH YA! :D haha. And I finished my pillowcase in my sewing class. :)

So yesterday I was so sick of doing homework.. because it has CONSUMED my life!! ha. Hence the no posts for like a week.. ha. Well yesterday it was time to take a break :) So I ate lunch in the park with Tyler and Sheena and tyler's parents, Mark and Val! IT was SO fun! :) And afterwards we went in this CUTE CUTE CUTE store and I saw this diaper bag...

I. AM. IN. LOVE!! ha. BUT.... It was $250!! WHAT?!? Ya... rediculous... so I'm going to try to make one! :)

Then there were these cute shoe things for babies...

And then look at these precious buy baby shoes....

Ya.... So I get on Pinterest and find patterns for shoes and so I am goign to make baby shoes!! :D haha.

I love Pinterest! It is my new obsession!

Anyways... so then I got home and worked on my bedspread :)... I'm so excited to finish it! :)

Today 2 of my classes got cancelled... so I only had one class at 10:15 since my class at 9 is only MW class, and then I have a break until 2 and then after that class I take my test and then I'm going HOME!! haha. :D


Have a great Friday!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Shrimp, Cocktail Sauce, Corn, and Brita! YUM!! :)

So last night I asked Austin what he wanted for din din and he opened the freezer and kept staring at the shrimp and then said, "What about some shrimp?" haha.
Well we didn't have any cocktail sauce... so I made some!! YUM!! And It was delish.. I used chili powder instead of horseradish! :)

So I grabbed the shrimp and set them on a plate to thaw :)

Then Austin went out to our garden and got corn so we could have corn on the cob.

He said, "Wow everything we're having tonight we grew in our garden!"

So I said, "Ya cause you can totally grow shrimp in a garden!!" hahaha.

Sometimes I wonder about my husband.. haha. jk.. he was just trying to make me laugh and it worked :)

(We both like to cut our corn off the cob to eat it!)

(Austin was enjoying that shrimp ha.)

And we like to season our corn with lots of butter, salt, pepper, and Seasoning salt! :)

Ok... so we have a BRITA pitcher thingy and we have been needing to change it for a while now.

Well Austin really wanted to try putting milk through the filter and I told him he can't until we are changing the filter...

So last night we decided to change it, so Austin didn't forget about the milk experiment and he grabbed the milk and started pouring it in the pitcher...

AND.... GUESS. What. Happened!!!!
It turned it to water!!

crystal clear water.. and we tasted it and it didn't even taste like milk, it tasted like water!

It was not what I was expecting! It was awesome! :)

Austin was like, "well if we ever run out of water we now know that we can use milk..." And I said, "Uhh... pretty sure we'll run out of milk before we ever run out of water." hahhahaha. :)
But the filter was really dirty and it got even dirtier when Austin put the milk in.... so we said goodbye to our filter and put in a new one! :) And it is delicious water again! :D

(old filter)

Have a wonderful thursday! :)


P.S. We started our pillowcases today! haha. And mine is a sweet Christmas one! :)

P.S.S. Droid update... I love it!! It's crazy how different the Driod 2 and the Droid 3 are though! They are nothing alike! haha. :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Well first I want to show you my creation! :D

This is marshmallow, chocolate, peanut butter, glazed brownies:

Oh man! It was good!

I think the best creation I've made so far! :D haha.

By the way.. dessert is my fav if you didn't know! :)

Today I went to Wally World and got some sweet applesauce to go!

And I got my tote box thing for my sewing class!! Isn't it SO SO SO cute! :) I'm so excited to use it! :)

Ok.... so today I am on my break at school and I get a text from the hubby saying, "Guess what came today?" I immediately texted back saying, "MY PHONE!!!?" He said yes!! WOOHOO!! The thought of me going home to get my phone instead of going to class may or may not have crossed my mind! :) haha. I was SO SO SO excited I couldn't contain myself for the rest of the day!

After cheer practice, I zoomed home... (may or may not have sped....) and I saw this lovely box!

And opened it to find this box!

Then opened that to find the phone!!!

Then opened that to find the KEYBOARD!!!!

Oh my goodness... it was like waiting for the christmas that never came!!.... ya I don't know what that means, but it sounds legitament! :) hahha.

It had FINALLY arrived after like 2 1/2 weeks! You don't even want to know what happened with this phone during that... OH you do? OK!!

So first after the week I called and it had been cancelled but then they said nevermind it wasn't, but the next day I got a text that said it had been cancelled... ya... LAME!

So my husband called and got it reordered and then we waited another week!

By this time I was getting way too excited for it to come!

Well monday morning we get a call from FedEx and they say they can't find our house anywhere... uhhh.. WHAT??? Terreton isn't that confusing!! They say that it was to TEXAS!!! WHAT?!?!!? How did they even get a Texas address out of our address which clearly isn't Texas... so today when I got it I saw that they really did have a Texas address on there... Weird!! So Austin asks them to just mail it to our house and they tell us that there are restrictions and they can't forward it unless verizon tells them to.

So Austin gets it figured out with Verizon to forward it, and the next day we check and it still hadn't been forwarded... it was STILL. IN. TEXAS! So we call again, and this time we called the store in IF.

We ask them if we can just get the phone there and they say my upgrade won't apply and we'd have to pay for both phones... uhhh.. ok. So we scratched that idea. Then we decided to ask them to talk to the guy that helped us and see why the order was cancelled in the first place, so we give them his name and GUESS....

It will blow your mind!

The guy doesn't work there anymore!

He probably got fired for cancelling everyone's orders! hahaha. No.. just kidding. Well he could have. ha.

Anyways... So today we finally got it and when I looked at the box, it said "URGENT"!!! haha. Oh ya! We got my phone from Texas to here in one day and it got shipped urgent without us paying extra! haha. Well I guess that's what they get for messing up our order... haha. Not FedEx... Verizon! FedEx was being very nice... Verizon though is SO SO SO hard to work with!

Everytime we'd ask them why we had to pay more they would say, "You'll have to call our financial department!" Lady... I don't want to call your financial dept.. I just want to know from you!! hahaha.

Anyways... now I have my phone and I couldn't be happier!! :D

And I have my sewing box and I am SO SO SO happy about it! :)

Have a great day!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Rustinko! :)

So today is my little brother, Rusten's, birthday!

He is 12 years old!!!!

I can't believe he is old enough to recieve the priesthood and pass the sacrament! ha.

He is so fun!

Sunday we had his birthday family party. It was fun! I love going home and seeing him becuse he gets so excited! :) It's so fun to visit home! :)

Before we left Austin wanted me to take some links out of his watch so he could wear it... and I did!

I think I could be a pro at working on watch links! hahahahha.

Notice the brand....

That's right!

We're high rollers!

We only like ROLEX!!

hahaha.. ya right!! we wish!

This was a rolex Austin got in NY... and got a swingin deal...$15 dollars ish! haha.

Which of course it's not a real one, but it looks really nice, so he wears it! ha. :)

We really like Fossil though :D

So we get to my mom's and Rusten shows us his kittens.... they are getting so big compared to what they were last time I saw them. ha. SO cute! :)

Then we were all talking and Sheena looks up at the pictures above the fireplace and says, "That's kinda creepy that Andy's picture is up with all the dead people!" In the following picture...

hahahahahha. So we were all laughing and my mom was like, "It's all the people that are preaching the gospel!" My mom is a thinker! Of course mom's know all! They are the best! I want to be just like my mom! :)

Here is the birthday boy!

So he left the room and my mom started dishing cake to everyone.

Well when he came back in he was all disgusted and said, "I thought the birthday boy got the first piece!" hahha. So here are his disgusted looks while my mom was dishing the cake.. hahaha.

Sheena brought over a yummy dessert!

Ice cream sandwiches!...

She made the cookies for the ice cream to go in between and it was devine! :)

And my mom marbled the cake.

Our yummy desserts:

So delish! :)

Rusten's "friend" party is friday! :)

They are playing night games... MY FAVORITE! :)

Maybe I should go crash the party... hahaha. :)

Now I'd like to show you my hip mom!

Andy & I got her that shirt for christmas last year, and her cardigan she got for my wedding!

And if you were wondering... yes she stole my pants! hahhahaha.

But that's ok! :) After all... she did raise me. The least I can do is let her steal a pair of my pants! haha.

Like I said earlier in the post... I want to be just like my mom!

She is in shape, she works out every day, she has ran a marathon, she has done a triathalon, she is stylin, she loves her kids, she looks young enough to be my sister!! haha. She is the nicest lady!! I love her so much.... and of course Rusten didn't want my mom to get the attention at his party, so he had to slip in the picture last second! hahaha. :)

I love my family!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY STINK!!! I hope it was great! :)

Have a great day!


P.S..... I am the OFFICIAL ASSISTANT CHEER COACH!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!! I am so excited!! :) haha. It's gonna be a blast! :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Food and Treats... not just food.. haha.

Ok... FIRST OFF...
I went to Jamba Juice.
If you go there anytime soon...
get the PUMPKIN SMASH!!!
It's DEVINE! :) You won't regret it..
well that is if you like pumpkin things.. ha. :)

A few days ago I decided I wanted to make the Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich out of the Pioneer Woman Cookbook... OH. MY. GOSH.
It was SO SO SO good! :) And the mice thing is, you put however much saesoning you want on the meat! :) It was YUM to my TUM! :) And Austin loved it too! He had three of them.. hahaha.

So yesterday Austin and I went on a date! :)
We had to drop off a truck though and I saw this!

It's a sprayer! I was thinking about driving underneath it when I was behind it! hahahaha. And it has like Automatic stairs... they are cool! :)
Then we stopped at the gas station and I got Air Head Extremes and Aust got Doritos... notice that the kind of Doritos they are, I have that sauce in one of the above pics :)
Then notice the little picture in the middle??
It's small cause I took it with my phone... but it is a MASSIVE gummy bear!
It was bigger than my hand..
I wanted to get it but it was $9... and I don't think that is worth it.. hahaha.

Then we went to Costa Vida and saw a lot of family :)
Then went to Nielson's Frozen Custard with my family!
It is GOOD and it's a cool little place :)

We got the FC Topper so it was Custard and then our topping was raspberries! :) It was really good.. I want to go back! :) (And of course I forgot to take a picture of the FC!! DANG IT.. ha.)

Then today I got some really cute earrings for free!!! :)

The lady was SO nice and gave them to me in this cute box! :)

I couldn't decide what color I wanted.. it took forever. They were all so cute, but I got the blue ones :) and my sister-in-law got light pink! :)

Then as I was driving today through Rigby and through Roberts, and Menan, I noticed so many changes! In Rigby they started building the new high school.. So the first pic is the old one that I went to and the next one is the new one that will be done like next year or something! and it's gonna be HUGE!! If you have seen Madison High School in Rexburg... it's gonna be bigger than that! ha. Of course. Because Madison and Rigby always have to beat the other one.... hahaha. It's an ongoing thing that never stops since they are Rigby's main rival... It kinda gets old after a while... just saying.. hahahaha. :)

Then in Menan they are building some oil plant or something!

And then in Roberts they built this!! haha.

I feel out of the loop now! hahaha.
Well have a great day! :)
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