Sunday, August 7, 2011

Oh Sundays...

So to start off... Yesterday I had a girls night with my mom, my sister Sheena, my brother's girlfriend Mackenzie, her sister Brianna, and their cousin Katie. It was SO much fun! We made cute flowers to go in our hair and next girls night we're making skirts :) I'm excited! AND.... Mackenzie knows how to do feather extensions, so check this out! :)

OH YA! :D hahaha.

Now to today. I was sitting in sacrament meeting and this little girl that was sitting in front of me turns around and throws this paper at me and is just smiling. haha. Here's what she threw:

I asked her what it was and she said they were goldfish. haha. Then she started explaining to me these fish and her grandparents looked at her and she hurried and turned around and they were like, "No it's ok." haha. It was so cute! :)

This is when we got home from church!

isn't my husband so handsome!? :D He's a babe!! :)

So this is my new dress... a couple of weeks ago.... two days before my wedding to be presice, My sister and I went to this downeast sale. It was SO much fun!! The most expensive thing in the store was ten dollars... Ya you heard me... TEN DOLLARS! This dress was there and it was ten dollars, I got another cute dress for $10 too. I got two skirts and a cardigan for $7 each, and then I got a downeast shirt for $2.50!!! It was the best sale in my entire life!! haha. And then my shoes I got for sale! They are Guess shoes and I can't remember how much they were but not full price! haha. :)

For dinner tonight we had Stoffer's Lasagna... OH YA!!! and and of course we had Mexican Nesquik! haha. :) We had Texas Garlic Toast with Cheese and Watermelon. Then we had olives too! haha. :)

Also for the past ten days I have been taking care of and making this amish bread/cake... well today was bake day!! :)

I made Banana Amish Bread... and I made these tiny loafs.. they're almost bite size.

Ok not quite but they are like the size of your palm! SO CUTE! :D

This is the inside of the bread... doesn't it just make your mouth water?!? :)

Ya mine too!

Don't you wish you could have some??

I'm willing to give you a FREE start if you want it!!.. hahaha. :D

Have a great Sunday!


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