Thursday, September 17, 2009

Eye opener.

So during third hour I decided to answer back Nate.
So the hunt started.
Well the original plan was to decorate his 4th hour desk.. but I found out that there isn't assigned seats in his 4th hour so I decided to decorate his truck.
The only thing I knew about it was that it was Maroon.
I searched the parking lot and only found 2 maroon trucks, and they were parked RIGHT NEXT to eachother.
So I went up to the first one and saw a hawaiian lae necklace thing and then I saw a comb and stuff and I was like ok.. that can't be Nate's truck.
Well I go over to the other Maroon truck and I see a guy sweater, a basketball, and snap fitness thing, a Preach My Gospel, and a set of scriptures... the only thing is that the scriptures were upside down, so it didn't show his name.
I was thinking, "Well what do I do now, I can either decorate it and have it be his truck, or I can decorate it and it would be someone else's truck adn then I would feel very embarrassed."
Well I decided What the Heck.. I'm gonna decorate it, and if it isn't his, oh well.
So I decorated it and it was so fun!

I love the whole asking/answering to the dances thing. It is SO fun.

Well then during 4th hour I get called out of class by the Principal.
What did I do wrong.
Well it was nothing I did wrong and I was glad.
He told me that they were going to have a mock DUI and my brother was involved.
He told me that he knew I had had a family member get killed in a car accident that high school students were involved in.
So he told me I could either go in Mr. Miller's office so I don't have to see it, or I could watch it and I could act like I didn't know what was going on and I could be like, "THAT'S MY BROTHER... LET ME UP THERE!" So I told him I would act the part.
Well then I get a note that I need to see the vice principal, Mr. Howard.. So I go down to the office and Mr. Howard told me that my mom wanted me to be there by her.
I went outside and saw the scene.
They did a good job of making it look real.
We have this old junker and they used that and then this other kid had a junker and they used that.
Well they smashed them together so the hood was bent up and it looked like a real car crash.
Here is what they pretended happened to the people:
Rusty was on the groud with blood all over him and he was dead, and they put his sunglasses in the windshield so it looked like they were stuck in the hole in the windshield. He had to go in the hearst.
Andy was the drunk driver and he got arrested.
Alex, Miranda, and Emily were drinking too and they had to go in the ambulance.
Daniel was the other driver and he had to go in the ambulance.
Abby was hurt very bad and she had to be life lited.
Well they really had ambulances, fire trucks, police cars, and a life lite there.
It was awesome.
They had to take off the hood of the one car to get the people out.
Then to get one girl out of our car they had to pry open the door.
It was really cool to watch.
It was definitely an eye opener of what happens to people that get in accidents that involve drinking. It made me never want to get in a car with a drunk driver, and also be cautious while I'm driving and watch out for drunk drivers.

(This is my brother Andy. He was the drunk driver of the mock DUI. The cops came up and told me not to hug him for a while because the red stuff they put of them stains clothes. ha.)

(His eyebrows are gonna be red for a while. ha.)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So today Hailey and I went to Bambinos and there was a cool wall so we took pictures by it and we had fun while taking the pics.

Well.. I got asked to the Homecoming dance and I am really excited for it.
How I got asked:
I got home from Gymnastics and Andy walked in and asked if I was home and so I went to the front door and saw this and was suprised.

Well.. I looked in the block of Ice and found this.

WOOHOO!!! :)
Well Sunday I felt like a Zebra.. I had on these shoes
these earrings and necklace.
and this watch.
These are the pictures from last post that I didn't get to put up! :)

Hannah and I cleaned out my purse and this was like half of it. it was funny.
Then we got yummy milkshakes at Maverick.
Hai and I on the way to the Preston game.
Me and my sister JoDee when she came up.
Have you ever used these before?? they are really weird.. and they kinda hurt! haha.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

too long..

Well... It has been TOO long since I have been on here.. I have been SO busy. A lot of fun things have happened in the past 2 weeks.

Well.. 2 wednesdays ago my friend Hailey who is on the cheer team with me told me cheer coach she was pregnant (It was a joke of course... but he pulled a joke on us during the summer so this is how we got him back). Well he was TICKED. So the next morning Hailey, Aric, Hailey's mom, and the "baby's dad" had to go in Mrs. Thurbers(Vice Principal) office. Well while they were in there, all of us cheerleaders gathered around the door and so when he walked out, he saw the sign that said, "YOU JUST GOT PUNK'D" and he was like AHH.... I KNEW IT!!! hahaha. it was really funny.

Then I was sitting in Seminary and we were doing these survey things and Bro. Williams was reading this girl's and he was like, "Her favorite treat is OR--- E---OS!" and he said it slow like that so I was like, "Oh my gosh.. that is how i'm going to spell it from now on!" and then I realized it was already spelt like that.. and so I felt like a retard.. haha. but it was fun.

So Thursday, Septmeber 3rd, my sister JoDeeann came up from Utah. It was fun having her here. She is awesome, and me and her are a lot alike I think.

Well I was in History the other day... and I found out that John Deere is a REAL person!! It was crazy.. I have always thought that was just a brand of tractor's... but there is an actual guy named John Deere too!!! ha. :)

Well.. Saturday september 5th, my cheer team had a fundraiser at Broulim's... It was really fun. I love doing that fundraiser because we always to so good.

Monday September 7th was a HOLiDAY.. well my mom made us work.. I was like, "Mom, it's a holiday.. why do we have to work?" and she was like," Cause it's LABOR day." ha.

So, I am a NPH(Natural Peer Helper), and so on wednesday we went on an ALL DAY field trip to Hiese and played games and did a ton of fun things!! It was AWESOME.. well then that night I went to the state fair. It was really fun.. I love all the rides there. Well while we were there I saw this mexican that looked EXACTLY like my missionary, Austin. It was kinda weird. ha.

Well the next day I went to the fair again and my little brother got lost. It was scary.. but we found him finally. ha. Then when I was getting off the last ride I wanted to ride... I saw that mexican again... so I went up to him and he didn't speak english.. but his name was Juan. haha. It was funny, because I don't know any spanish so when he would talk to me I was like what? and he was like ummm.. haha. Times like that.. I wish I knew another language. haha.

Friday was a football game against Preston.. well, it was in Preston(where Napoleon Dynamite was filmed) so we had to leave school at 2:30. It was AN AMAZING game.. we WON!! 41 to 29. I was SO excited... and my voice has been kinda gone ever since cause I yelled so much, but it was worth it. GO RIGBY!! :) And then on our way home we went to the restaraunt Big J Burgers (It's in Napoleon Dynamite) and it was SO good. I got a YUMMY caramel shake. It was really good. Well I slept the whole bus ride home and we got back to the school at like 1:30. It was crazy.

Yesterday I went to Rexburg with the Egbert's because Kirk is a Bishop and his ward was having a Shishcabob (I have NO IDEA how to spell it, sorry) party!! It was so fun.. It was my first time making one. Then we had Smores. They were good. Well Hannah and I went and visited my sister too.. It was fun. Then we went to Maverick and got milkshakes and this old guy was hitting on us. It was DISGUSTING!!! ha. Then we went to a Nacho Libre party at Alex's apt. It was really fun.. but we didn't stay for the whole thing. They are such a fun family. :)

Well.. today in YW.. I listened to this really funny talk this lady gave and it was kinda sad though too because she thought the worst you couldd possibly think about yourself.. I started crying because I felt bad that she actually thought that about herself when she was younger. We didn't finish listening to it.. but I think we are going to next week.. I am excited! :)

I am sorry there are no pictures on this post... I am in a hurry cause I need to do homework.. but I promise I will have pictures on the next post.. Because I think pictures make the post more fun to read. haha. :)

Have a great Sunday everyone!! :)


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Chicken Pot Pies

Tonight at mutual we made Chicken Pot Pies and it was SO fun.
Well, we didn't have a rolling pin, so when I made the crust I had to pat it down with my hands.
It was different but fun.
Well, this is before we cooked it, but this is the finished product basically.
I wanted to taste it SO bad.
It looked SO good.
I had to do everything that had to do with the crust though for some reason...
First they tell me to make the crust.
Then they tell me to roll it out so I rolled it out with my hands.
Then I showed them how I finish the edges on the crust so they were like,
"Okay, you're in charge of folding/finishing the edges."
I am glad I did it though, because now I want to make more!! :)
We made Pumpkin Spice cake stuff too, but we were able to eat that.
It was REALLY good!!
So if anyone wants to make a pie,
tell me and we can make them toghether,
cause I want to make another one! :)

Nutella :)

We finally got another jar of Nutella!! :)
I am SO excited.
Nutella is the best thing next to Peanut Butter.
This morning I had Nutella with my Pancakes
(Thanks for the idea Austin),
Then when I got home from school I had a Peanut Butter & Nutella sandwich.
Mmm.. Mmm.. Good!!

Me and Hailey were both excited about my Nutella. :)
We were wishing I would have brought it to school,
So we could eat it with our lunch.
Maybe tomorrow! :)
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