Friday, September 14, 2012

Catching Up Part 1: Beginning of Summer

Wow.. I feel like all I am doing lately is catching up. haha. My summer was SO SO SO crazy! I feel like I never had a time where I could just sit down and blog. The other day I got on and saw that it was 2 months since I've blogged which I think is the longest it's been... YIKES!! haha. But I am going to do another catch up post but it's not just going to be one long post.. I'm going to split it up into a few parts! ha. :) {But all parts are going to be pretty long sorry. ha}
Once I'm done catching up, I might not be so good for the next 3 weeks on blogging because I will still be pretty busy, but after that I should be able to blog a few times a week {hopefully}! :)
So this time to catch you up I'm going to kinda let the pictures speak for themselves, and I'm just going to put some captions.. but I won't write any stories... and if I do I will try to keep them short. :) And there are also some pictures I have already blogged about, but I put them on some for other reasons, but just to show what I was up to! :)
 {Little John Boy at John Deere.. I want it.. it's adorable!}
 {My birthday celebration! My birthday was May 25th. We went to I Jump Which I didn't take a picture of, and then we went to Texas Roadhouse for din din}
 {My MIL got me this adorable cake stand.. And I posted this because it's so cute  but also because it's the first cake stand I own :)}
 {Of course it had to snow in the summer.. It's IDAHO!}
{Memorial Day we visited my dad's grave... and tomorrow, September 15th, is 9 years since he died. It's so crazy to think that he has been gone that long and I miss him so much all the time, but I am so glad that I have my dad watching over me and my family. I love my dad. And Happy Birthday to him in 5 days, the 19th :)}

 {A tiny gum packet... so cute!}
 {A LIZARD?!?! haha. Ya.. they are in Idaho.}
 {I got some new jars for decorating!!}
 {Sheena and I had a craft day and we made these cute wreaths...}
 {...Then I painted her fingernails, and used this tape trick I saw on pinterest! :)}
 {Hannah wasn't able to come to I Jump with us for my birthday, so we took her and we ate at Lucy's pizza!}
 {Is that Hannah in the boys bathroom?? WHAT?!? hahaha.}
 {I painted my nails as we drove to Utah one of the many times we drove to Utah. ha}
{And more hanging out with Hannah!! :)}

 {Roni and I, the coaches, at our cheerleaders fundraiser at Texas Roadhouse.}
This was a good way to start my summer! :)
Have a great day or night or weekend until next post! :D
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