Saturday, October 16, 2010

Peach Anyone?? :D

So a few weeks ago my mom bought peaches.
They are the biggest peaches I've ever seen!

This picture just doesn't do justice
to how big these really were.
They were like the size of grapefruits.
And MMMmm... were they delicious!
They were SO SO SO juicy!

I used the peaches in my salads.

And I also put the peaches in my ice cream. It was SO delish!
I love peaches.
When I saw these peaches it reminded me of
James and the Giant Peach.
Did you ever see that show??
I loved that show!! :) & I love peaches!!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Homecoming Week! :)

So two weeks ago was homecoming week! It was SO SO SO much fun! :) Monday was Hippie Day:

Then after school it was paint the road. It was SO fun. My finger hurt after though from spraying the spray paint on the road.

Tuesday was Luau Day:

That night was Movie Night and we watched The Blind Side. I love that movie. It's a good one. :)
Wednesday was Blackout vs. Whiteout Day:

In Seminary we learned about the Whitmer's. Don't you think this is such a cute drawing of them? :

After school was Powderpuff.

It was fun. The Juniors TOTALLY cheated though. ha. They tied their flags and didn't think we would notice. haha.
Hannah came and watched my game and froze so we decided to be even colder and get Maverick Milkshakes. hahahaha. They were SO SO SO good. They were Peanut Butter. It is like tradition for Hannah and I to get those. Right before Austin left we went snowboarding and went to Maverick afterwards and got these Milkshakes so now we always get them when we can and we love them!! :) I am SO glad Maverick in Rigby invested some of those. haha. :)
That night was also the bonfire. The construction class made a castle for us to burn and it was a HUGE fire!!! ha. If you were passing by you could see it from far away! :D

(The firefighters putting the fire out.)
Thursday was Clash Day but I didn't dress up.
Come on.... this is how I normally dress.. hahaha. Just kidding. I totally dressed up! :) It was fun dressing up for this day! :)
After school was Mud Volleyball.. I didn't play cause it was kinda cold but I took pictures!

Friday of course was Spirit Day:
It was such a fun day.. We had a parade:
(This is our float)
We had a tailgate party! :)

And then we had the game! :) We were winning the whole time until like the last 5 minutes and we lost by 5 points. I was so bummed.

Saturday was the dance. It was SO much fun. For the day date we went bowling.
(Morgan, Me, Drew, and Travis)
Then Travis dropped me off and I got ready.

I got done before he came and it was the first time I have ever waited for someone to pick me up for a dance or date. hahaha. :) I was kinda proud of myself. ha.
Putting on each other's flowers. And the flower I put on him came with instructions so I put it on by myself!! :)

We ate at Texas Rhodehouse & Mmmm Mmmm was it Delicious!! :) I LOVE Texas Rhodehouse! haha. :)

The Dance was Awesome. It was decorated cute. I made the centerpieces for the tables. :)
All these pictures are me with my friends at the dance!! :) SO FUN!! :
There was Cotton Candy and a Fortune Teller and a Dart Throw. There was Popcorn and Candy and a Ring Toss. :) The theme was a circus so it was decked in circus stuff. It was such a fun dance!! :) and It wrapped up homecoming week GREAT!! :)
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