Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cute little baby at her blessing! :)

 If you can't tell, I have the CUTEST niece EVER!! :) We just love her! 
Well, the beginning of June was her baby blessing and she looked adorable, but all these pictures were when she was already out of her blessing dress, but if you'd like to see it {Which it is a beautiful dress and she looked beautiful in it} go here.
Here are some pictures from that day! :)
We just can't enough of her! ha.
So we're gonna go see her and her parents while we're on our anniversary trip this weekend! :)
Don't you agree that she is the cutest little girl?? :)
Well have a great Thursday! :)
P.S. The next few posts will be catching up and new ones all mixed together. ha. 
And our 1 year anniversary is this Monday, July 2nd, and I realized I never posted about our honeymoon!! So that will be one of the posts I'll be posting! :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

While I'm Out Cuttin' Hay..

This past week I have been swathing, and would wake up early and go to bed late!
Now I am done so I get to catch up on sleep!!! OH YA!
Swathing is so much fun. ha. 
I got stuck once when I was driving and got out, but Aust was driving through this field one day just around the outside for me, and got stuck and it was really bad.. they had to get a tractor to come pull it out! hahaha.
And we got to try out a new swather.. It was pretty sweet. haha.
So that is what I have been up to!
And yesterday was the last day of swathing and one of the blades broke when I had 1 tower left, so the guy running the other swather finished up. And I went to a relief society thing and I played my harp at it... I haven't played my harp for so long.. I don't even want to say how long it's been. hahah. But Now I'm going to try to play it more! :) hahah.
Oh and Hannah didn't swath with me during 1st crop because she had state rodeo this week and today we're going to watch her! She is going to do great! I'm excited!! :D
Next week I am going somewhere so fun and I am SO excited!!!!
You'll hear about it soon enough! :)
I'll try to be better at blogging, if not in June, July I will be better! haha.
But June 2nd was our 11 monthaversary!! WHICH MEANS... in a few weeks, it's our ONE YEAR anniversary!! YAY!!!
Anyway.. Have a good day! :)
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