Monday, August 29, 2011

Primary + Bridals/Groomals

Ok... so first off, yesterday Primary was AWESOME! haha. :) little kids are so funny! :)

And next week I teach the lesson!! WOOHOO!! :D

AND... here are some bridals/groomals by Alex Hawker Photography! :)

She did a great job!

The day we got them was so cold!!

my fingers I was pretty sure they were gonna fall off.. haha.

But the wedding day was SO hot!!! haha. Idaho has crazy summers..


to see a few more pics from the Bridal/Groomal sesh... go here! :D

Have a fantastic Monday! :)


P.S. I have a really funny story to tell you really quick. So last night I was really tired and Austin was baling straw and I wanted to stay awake until he got home... well I was sitting there drinking water while laying down and then I was just holding it on me in case I wanted to drink more water, well I started to fall asleep and then I was out. Well you know how your muscles go weak when you fall asleep... ya. I let go of the water because I. was. OUT! haha. Well all of a sudden I feel water pouring on me! I wake up and my water had fallen on my face and got me SOAKED!!! haha. So I was just sleeping on the very edge of the bad because I didn't want to sleep in a puddle of water and I was too tired to try to clean it up. ha.

Well Austin got home at like 3 in the morning and he hops in bed and is like, "AUBREE Why is the bed wet??" haha. I woke up was like half awake, half asleep and was just laughing kinda mumbled. haha. And I told him and he wanted to cuddle with me so he didn't care about the puddle of water, he just slept in it!!! hahaha. :) Oh I love my handsome husband!! :D I felt bad though that he was sleeping in the water. ha.

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