Friday, December 31, 2010

........ :D

HAPPY NEW YEARS TOMORROW!!!!! :) I hope everyone has a great time tonight. :)

Set goals and carry them out for 2011! :)


Monday, December 27, 2010

Cleaning Time...

I love breaks from school. It gives me time to catch up on sleep, laundry, etc. Well all day today I have been deep cleaning my room. It was a pain, but I feel so much better now! :) It feels nice to know that I can actually look on my shelves now and find things. Have a wonderful Monday everyone!! :)


Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Last Christmas...

Yesterday was the last Christmas Austin will be gone!! And it was the last phone call... He gets home in a few weeks and I am SO SO SO Excited!!!! Talking to him yesterday made me SO happy!!! He is the best!! I am so proud of him and can't believe how fast time is flying!! Before you know it I will be blogging saying he is HOME!!! :D Oh man I am SO excited!! :) He is my favorite missionary/boyfriend!! :) Also... Christmas went really good! It was fun having all the family over and seeing what everyone got! :)
(This was the last night we got to see eachother
and he came to gym with me and this was one of the last pictures.)
(This was right before gymnastics! It was SO fun!)
Have a great day! :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Holy loly!!!! Where does time go?? haha. I swear it was just Thanksgiving and now I'm writing about Christmas being exactly a week away!!! It's insane. Yesterday was my last day of school until January!! It was awesome! For Christmas we have been doing some great things. We did a 12 Days of Christmas where every day we would go around to classes and collect change. This was to help 3 families in need of Christmas, be able to have a wonderful Christmas! :) Of course the seniors won the race! haha, but total we raised $2200!! Each family was able to have $730 worth of things. On Wednesday we went shopping for 4 hours and it was so fun! :) We were all in our student council sweaters and had carts chucked full!! haha. :) Then we had a Talent show... Jent and I went to the student council closet and found a HUGE disco ball so we hung it up on the stage!! :) It was awesome! :)

I love Christmas time.. people are always helping each other. :) Oh... also.. Our girls B-Ball team played Madison which is our rivals and take a wild guess as to who won!!!.............. Ya that's right!! WE DID!!! :) GO RIGBY!!! :D

Have a great Saturday.... I will post pictures soon! :)

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