Friday, August 5, 2011


So my oven hasn't been working... as in burning everything to a black crisp!! or not cooking at all! It's been a little crazy.. crazy enough that I knew something was wrong.

Today the oven guy Scott came... Ya he figured it out!

All the knobs were put on weird! hahaha.

Like both selectors were on the upper oven and both temperatures were on the lower oven.. ha.

The thing is, I noticed that but I just thought that it was weird but, I didn't think to change them. I just thought they were on right and both the selectors and temperatures were supposed to be by each other. haha.

It was kinda embarrassing.

But then we found out that the bottom was too hot! haha.

The top one works though :)

So I'm gonna cook up some Amish cake/bread on sunday!! :) Should I add bananas to my bread?? :) haha.

Well I have internet and it is SO fast and AWESOME! I love it! I am thankful for our massive NASA Satellite on our roof... haha.

Really you should see this thing. IT. IS. HUGE.

It has this long pole and then the satellite on top of that and it's right in the middle of our roof! CRAZY! haha. Austin and I laugh and make a joke about it everytime we see it. haha. Which is like every time we go outside. We decided it could probably give this whole area internet. haha.

Hannah came over yesterday to workout and she was like... "Nice Satellite on your roof.."

Yes folks... it's that noticable.... If you are ever driving through terreton on the highway look over the direction my house is, and you will probably see the antenna. haha. :)

And if you noticed... I said Hannah came over to workout.

We decided we are going to workout everyday.

I haven't worked out for so long!!

It feels so good!

Our goal is to get buff. lol

and to be able to do these sit up stand up things... if you've seen Soul Surfer, you'll know what I'm talking about! If not... you should definitely consider watching that show.. it's a must see! :)

One last thing.. so today I was on the lovely facebook and I got an event invitation.. well I click on it and it's this girl I went to high school with... Cree Phillips. She was the star at my school. She's really good at everything: Singing, Basketball, Track, etc. :)

Well she is getting married! If you knew Cree you would know this is big news. She doesn't seem like the type that would get married right out of high school... especially because she would say things to me sometimes about me getting married right out of high school! hahaha. Oh man... I'm still shocked! hahaha.

Anyways... Have a great day! :)

And if your oven isn't working... make sure the knobs are on right! hahah. :)

Here's a picture from our engagement sesh for you to enjoy! :D

(Photo by Alex Hawker Photography)


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