Sunday, June 13, 2010

Can I be on your blog?

So I was babysitting and Lou Lou was asleep, Sydnee was at a birthday party, and Brady was at work, so it was just me and Dawson. We couldn't decide what we wanted to do so we decided to draw for a while and we got sick of it after like an hour, so we decided to play a board game.

We went down to the game closet and found the game "The Game of Perfection." Neither of us has played it so we decided to try it out. It was SO much fun! It was scary when the time was up and all the pieces would pop up. I jumped every time. ha. But then I started getting good at it and I was able to get it done before the time was up. One time I got done and I stopped the time and then Dawson went to reset it so he started it again and right when he turned it on, it popped. So if I would've waited .000000....1 seconds, I wouldn't have won. haha. :)

Then I got home and my little brother I decided is the best smoothie maker EVER! ha. Well he made this one and it has Pina Coloda and a lot of other things in it and it was SO good. When Rusten gave it to me he was like, "Aubree, put that on your blog please!" So here you go Rusten, you and your smoothie skills are on my blog. haha. :)
Wednesday at babysitting...
So we found a marker...
It looks like a permanent marker doesn't it?
Well it's not. It's a dry-erase marker! :) We were drawing on my phone with it and it was so fun! :)

Sydnee was having so much fun, and then I decided to write on the back. haha.
After Maycee got done with her nap her and all the other kids grabbed marshmallows. They came up to me and I was in awe about how big the marshmallows were. ha. I have never seen such a big marshmallow in my life. It's like 4 put together. ha. Well We were having so much fun eating them and we went on the swings and Lou Lou dropped hers in the sand.

Don't you want a sand covered marshmallow? ha. Just kidding. It looks pretty gross huh? :)
I got home and guess what was there!...... YEP You guessed it. another one of Rusten's smoothies. ha. This one had peanut butter in it and fruits and it didn't look good but it was GERAT! :)

The Stampede Days Parade was on Saturday so i had to do some things to get ready for it. On thursday after cheer practice I spent 2 1/2 ish hours copying and cutting out fliers for the parade. It was crazy! there was 2000!!
Then Friday I got woken up to my phone ringing at 5:30 IN THE AM!! They told me the garage sale was cancelled and to let everyone know. ha. I wasn't planning on waking up early at all that day. ha. Well I had to make stars for the float for the parade so me and a few girls got together and made the stars and it took 4 HOURS!!!! ha. I don't think I've ever put this much time in to cheer. ha.

Well Saturday rolled around and everyone was texting me after 6 and they were supposed to be to the school at 6 am, so I was REALLY confused with the times. haha.
I decorated the truck for the parade and A&B productions is one of our cheer sponsors so they were in charge of our music for the parade and the boy that was doing the music, so the DJ I guess, haha. He was one of the cheerleaders brother's and he is so cute! ha. It was way fun!! :)
I saw a camel! It was in the parade!! :) They aren't soft they feel weird. ha. and they stand like their legs are gonna break off. It's funny!! haha. :)

Everyone have a wonderful day!! :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Grapefruit Blackberry Cobbler

So yesterday I got told that I look etible! hahahaha. I thought it was funny. :)

Today I made COBBLER!!! :) It was fun! We got blackberry's in our Bountiful Basket, so I decided to use them in a cobbler. My first cobbler I've ever made and it was pretty good! :)

There was no Vanilla Ice Cream in the freezer though, so my mom whipped up some whipped cream and it made it delicious!! :)

Grapefruit Blackberry Cobbler! :)

Have a fantastic last day of the weekend everyone! :)


Friday, June 4, 2010

Jobs and fun! haha. :)

So I got my dance pictures!! :) I was so excited!

This is my group! :) Logan and Taylor are holding hands. hahahaha.

Me and Taylor. ha. I thought it was funny. ha.

So Wednesday was my first day on the job. It was so fun! :) Sydnee really wanted to do my hair after I did hers, so I let her.

She even put a matching flower in my hair. ha.
Then we played with these bendaroo things. Kids toys now days are SO much cooler than when I was a kid. ha. Like now days they make toys so they aren't messy and easy to clean up.

(This is a seal I made out of the bendaroos.)
Then we went in a fort Dawson and Brady made. It was fun.
Well while I was working, my cheer team from last year had an end of the year barbeque. I wasn't able to go, but it sounded like fun. Well Johnie brought me my award to gymnastics that night.

(This is my award. I got the award for being the strongest on the team. haha. I pretty much have downed all this candy already haha.)
Gymnastics was crazy. It was so fun though. It felt good to be back in the swing of things. :)
Yesterday Morgan and I went to breakfast at Subway after cheer practice. It was yummy! Their chocolate milk is the best! :)
When I got home, my mom was rotatilling the flower beds so I helped her smooth it out and now the yard looks great! :)
Last Night I went to Harp Lessons and my harp teacher, Sister Pack, and I decided to choose out a song that has the word "SUN" in it because we want it to be summer!! haha. And I saw my sister's new car her and her husband just bought. It is so cute, and it is perfect like them. haha. :)Then I went to Rigby to a jewelry party. It was fun. They had pretty jewelry. It was a Lia Sophia one, if you've ever heard of that. ha. I fell in love with this bracelet and this necklace piece. :) Well when I left, Morgan and I went into I.F. We took a trip to Cold Stone and I decided to try something new. :) I got the Strawberry Banana Rendezvous. It was DELICIOUS! Then we went to the movie "Just Wright!" It was such a cute movie!
(Morgan and I last night!)
Today is a great day. I don't have work or cheer so it's like a free day. It feels SO good. I caught up on sleep. I got a letter and read it! And I am just going with the flow today! haha. :)
Everyone have a wonderful Friday!! :)
P.S. Funny story... if you want to hear it, read on....
So today the UPS man came. He was like acting like nothing was wrong and when he started walking back to his UPS truck then our dog was sitting there and was growling at him. It was scary, but it was funny cause the guy was like putting his little computer thing down by his legs to guard himself. ha. I felt bad for him. Our dog has never acted like that. It was kinda sad to see him like that cause he is usually a good dog to everyone. So when I saw the UPS man it reminded me of a story. haha.
A few summers ago we were driving in WY and my brother's friend, Austin, came along. Not Austin my missionary... a different one. haha. Well Austin was done with his Mountain Dew so he threw it out the sunroof and right as he did, a UPS guy drove by. We looked in the rear view mirror and we see the UPS guy flipping his truck around and he starts chasing after us.... like reckless driving. haha. Well my sister JoDee was driving, and she didn't want to pass my mom and Doug so the UPS guy blocked off the enterance to the freeway and gets out of his car and tells us that he was driving along the road when out of nowhere, a Mountain Dew bottle hits him in the head. He tells us to turn around and pick it up or else he will turn us in. So we did as he said and picked up the bottle. Afterwards, we were thinking about how funny and ironic it was that the bottle went through the door of the UPS truck and hit him in the head. hahahahhaha. It was such a great trip to WY. ha.
Sorry, that doesn't even have anything to do with things I did the past couple of days, but I was just thinking about it and thought you would enjoy it! haha. :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wow.... Sorry. haha.

K... Wow. Pretty sure this beats the longest post ever. haha. I haven't posted anything for the longest time. I have tons to say. lol. Sorry for the many pictures and words. Please endure with me. haha.

So have you ever known that there are different flavors of cotton candy??? haha. I didn't know so I got some vanilla cotton candy! :) It was yummy to my tummy haha.

My french teacher Mr. Swanson is a really funny teacher. ha. He decided to pose for us in his new shirt and with his mugs. ahha.

We had our cheer party and it was a blast!! :) Great way to start out the year. :) p.s. There are jv cheerleaders now! :) I'm so happy. now we have 26 girls on the team.

So my brother came home from work and brought this rabbit he found. ha. It was SO tiny. Well we put it in with our other rabbit and the next thing we knew, it was dead. What the heck ahhaha

The cute little kittens our cat had!! :)

This is Moe.

These kittens are Snowpuff, Harriot, and Spike! :)

Also... we got a new trampoline!! :) I was so ecstatic!!! :) haha.

(Me doing a toe touch!)

(Rusten and I so excited that we had to take a lot of pictures. haha.)

So for English we had to make College projects and this is mine!! It was really fun to do! :)

So a few days before my birthday I came home to this.


Inside it was this. and the card below.

So I opened the present and this was inside! :)

A beautiful necklace from Austin! :)

So the 21st my cheer team from last year took a trip to Utah and went to Lagoon for a end of the year party! :) It was so much fun!! I went on Wicked and it wasn't even that scary. My favorite ride was Samuri!! :)

While I was down there we were eating at this place called Mimi's and it was right by DSW, so instead of eating... I went shoe shopping!! :) It was amazing!!

I got these shoes. The picture doesn't do justice! haha.

The 23rd was my friend Dallin's Missionary farewell. He's in South Africa now, serving a mission! :) I am so proud of him haha.

I got this outfit for my birthday from my madre!! :)

Well... my brother graduated from seminary! :) I am so proud of him. Even though he was always skipping seminary he managed to stay enough to graduate! haha. :)

And my friend Miss Hailey Egbert also graduated!! :)

So my birthday was May 25th, and I had to take finals that day which sucked... but that night was so fun! :) My friends and I went to Winger's for dinner, Bowling, and then to Twizl Berry!! :)

I got this delicious Cocoa Bean cupcake from Hannah. :)

the gifts from everyone! :)

Me putting on my shoes after bowling. :)

My delicous Twizl Berry Creation! :)

at wingers. Morgan, Hannah, Mike, Ashlynn, Me, Taylor, and Hailey! :)

I had a wonderful birthday!! :) Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone! :)

Andy graduated! :)

He presented the class gift! :)

Rigby High School Class of 2010.

The family and Andy (and his lady friend too!) :)

Andy's friends.

Andy and I. So proud of him!! :) I even shed a few tears at the graduation. ha.

2o1o graduate!!! YAY!! :)

Chris and I.
It's weird to think that the next class that graduates from rigby will be my class!! haha. :)

So Monday was memorial day. Well on Saturday we went to the cemetary and decorated graves.

(My dad's grave)

(My grandpa's grave)

Yesterday I decided I needed a change. I cut my bangs!! :) It was fun. ha. I like them a lot! :)

Today was my first cheer practice this summer for Cheer. It was intense. ha. I am super sore and realized how out of shape I am. ha. So to help get back in shape I decided to eat healthy, and I will be working out every day because cheer is basically every day. haha.

(The salad I made! :) Yummy Chicken and Oraanges and Craisins, etc.. haha. :)

And my little brother made me an intense smoothie!! It was delicious!! :)
Now that you are caught up on my life. hahaha. I will hopefully be posting things more often! :)
Have a wonderful day! :)
Tomorrow I start my babysitting job for the last time!! CRAZY!! haha.
P.S. If you made it through this post... CONGRATS!! haha. hopefully the next ones won't be this long. haha. :)
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