Friday, August 19, 2011

Mac & Cheese & OH MAN!! :D

So I made homeade Mac and Cheese for Austin and it wasn't those Mac & cheese recipes and they don't have any flavor and you're adding salt and pepper until all you're eating is just that!

NO NO... This one is AMAZING!!

You put all these saesonings in it and it makes it SO good! Seriously the best Mac and Cheese EVER! :)

Then I have big news!!!!!!

Austin and I finally got a TV!!

It's the google tv!

OH YA! :)

He took a break from work to come home and eat and when he did he just couldn't wait and he opened the box and we put the tv in the stand and put it on the tv table :)

(I don't know if you can tell but I tried a new thing with my hair today, I flipped it out. It looks cute! I love this haircut! :D)
I'm excited to be able to get on the internet on this bad boy! haha. :)

That's right... built in wi fi. And it comes with a keyboard!


After we bought this Austin was like, "Aubree we're so grown up!! hahaha."

Ya he cracks me up! :)

Then I bought fruit to make fruity ice cuby smoothies found here.

I'm so excited to make these cubes! :)

Austin and I love smoothies, but we don't like buying fruit because it always goes bad before we use it up... but this way it doesn't go bad!! :)

Just put in a ziploc bag and take the cubes out when you're ready to use! :)

Have a great Friday!!! :D


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