Sunday, September 26, 2010

Utah, Utah, Utah..... That is the place. hahaha. :)

We took a trip to Utah to celebrate everyone in the family's birthday because we have a ton of birthdays in September. :)
Saturday Morning we went to IHOP for breakfast! :)
(Rusten & I with our Hot Chocolate!)
So Tyler decided he wanted to show us an experiment he learned in one of his classes. He dumped tons of salt in his water and was stirring it around, trying to freeze it. It didn't really work and he asked the waitress for another glass of water that he could drink. She got him one and he was eating and really needed a drink of water. He took a drink and it turned out to be the wrong glass. He was making the funniest faces and saying it was the wrong water and tons of funny things. ha. He is so stinkin funny. :)
(His glass of Salt Water)
Then we went to the zoo for Rusten's birthday. There was some sweet animals there.
Did you know there is a:

in Utah?? haha. My sister and brother-in-law's last name is Parrish. I thought it was funny so I had to take a picture!! :)

I won't see for a while. ha. I put my feet in the swimming pool, and it will probably be the last time I can do that outside for a while because it's almost winter. ha.

My sister died my hair while I was down in Utah. :)
What do you think??

Everyone have a great Sunday night!! :)


Monday, September 20, 2010

Senior 2011! :)

So I got my senior pictures done! :)
Alex is an amazing photographer.
She is so cute.
I had a lot of fun having her take my picutres.
Thanks Alex!! :)

(This one is for Austin! :) haha.)

She is a fun blogger too! :)

Have a great Monday! :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Do you ever have those mornings??

Ok.. You might think I'm weird, but do you ever have those mornings where you CAN.. NOT.. WAKE.. UP? haha. This morning was one of those mornings for me.

5:30- BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!! My alarm won't stop going off. I was having a dream it was something else.. but it was really my alarm. I couldn't turn it off. I think I was dreaming I was shutting it off. I finally woke up and shut it off because it was getting SO annoying. I realized I was on the opposite side of my bed in the exact same position I fell asleep in. It was a little weird. hahaha. I fell back asleep.

(Similar to what I felt like at 5:30! ha.Picture from:

5:45-BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!! I slowly reach up and shut my alarm off. Well I realize I have to go to the bathroom so bad. I stand up and I got so lightheaded. I thought I was going to fall to the ground. ha. Well have you ever had to go to the bathroom so bad that you feel like you can't even move? That's how it was for me. I tried jumping and that made it feel worse.. so I crossed my legs and moved as slow as a could... that took too long! I kept crossing my legs, but I was running to the bathroom. ha. Don't you wish you could've seen my face right at that moment? hahahaha. I luckily made it when I didn't think I was going to. I realized that my back so really sore and then all the rest of my muscles became sore. I decided to go back to bed for a little bit.

6:25-BEEP BEEP..... AHHHH SHOOT!!!! I jumped when I heard this alarm go off. I had to be gone in 5 minutes. I've gotten pretty good at it though! :) I bolted out of my house and went to gymnastics.

(Similar to the face I made at 6:25! hahaha. picture from:
At gymnastics we were jumping over these tall mats and everyone was biffing it. It was hilarious to watch! :) One girl Used her arm to jump over the mat and the mat slid. ha. She totally face planted it. ha. Then we worked on standing back tucks and it was fun! :) I got ready at my sister's house and now I am known to my brother-in-law as the stranger. ha. He let me in and was like, "Sheena don't worry. I let the stranger in!" hahaha. He is so stinkin funny. :)

9:56- Ok the warning bell went off.... OR SO I THOUGHT!!! SHOOT!! I pull into the school parking lot and realize no one is walking around. It dawns on me that it's the TARDY bell that rings at that time. I was a little late and I had to take a test. I feel like I bombed it, but I hope I didn't. ha.

11:10- I'm walking to Government and a boy named Travis comes up to me. We talked for a while and he asked me to the homecoming dance!!! WOOHOO!! I'm so excited. I was thinking I wouldn't get asked to my senior year homecoming but I did! And I've been planning the dance in student council and it's gonna be AWESOME!! :)

Everyone have a great Thursday! :)


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Two peas in a pod.

So yesterday:

  • In the morning I walked into my economics class, when a girl was talking about a kid that got hit by a BUS!!! I guess the sophomore, Dylan? was on his bike when a bus hit him. He broke his leg and passed out. Sad deal. I wonder how the bus driver feels. I would feel horrible.
  • Then I was in semnary and my seminary teacher was telling us that destroying us is what satan wants, but if we pray, God helps us and he knows what satan is gonna try.. and he has things happen in life for a reason, and sometimes satan is happy until he realizes that God is behind it, so really Satan didn't destroy us. hahaha.
  • We talked about playing a chess game with Heavenly Father. CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT?? He would know every move you were going to make. You could just be like, "Hey Heavenly Father, will you help me out and just move my piece for me since you know what move I'm gonna make anyway. haha. And we tried to put it in perspective of if you were playing the computer on the highest level. It's like IMPOSSIBLE to win. haha. :)

Yesterday after school I went to decorate our Exec. Student Council float for the homecoming parade. It was so fun! Who knew decorating a float would be so funny. ha. So...

  1. We used spraypaint to paint the RHS Exec. Council on the posters.. Well the R on RHS wasn't working out too well. haha. We tried to fix that sucker the pirst time by painting it gold over the maroon streak.... NO LUCK! Then we tried again when it was dry and then putting the shadow Maroon on it.... still NO LUCK! Finally after about 50 tries we just cut our the RHS. We decided that everyone that's gonna be watching the parade will already know we're from RHS. hahaha. :)
  2. I was painting Council in cursive on the second poster and you can only guess what happened... No luck. hahaha. The wind picked up and it was blowing the paint so it wasn't even like spraying on the dang paper. haha. By this time we were all laughing our heads off thinking, "Wow what else could go wrong."
  3. Ya... something else went wrong. The wind seemed like a tornado and it started blowing everything around so we had to move it in the garage and almost got like high from the dang paint. ha. It was really fun though to decorate. I enjoyed it. :)

(This is a hershey's COOKIES & CREAM KISS!!!! It was delicious!)

Last night I went to West Jeff's powderpuff and it was fun. Hannah WON!! :) YA! Go Hannah! haha. :) Then I went to Hannah's house, and her dad, Kirk, was being so funny about these shoes that separated toes and a kid from Madison was wearing them. haha.

Today started out funny and it ended good. :)

So I walk in to Government and this is what I see:

(Russell and Mr. Selditz wearing matching shirts.)

Yes, it seems crazy but they didn't plan it! hahaha. It was so stinkin funny though. We were all cracking up that a student would happen to wear the same shirt as the teacher on the same day. hahaha. :)

After school today I had to go to Rexburg. I went to Les Schwab and gave them my keys and left. I was so nervous though cause I didn't know what to say.

Well my brother picks me up and we go to sheena's. He says:
  • "Aubree what time did they say to pick up the car?" I tell him I don't know and that they didn't tell me. They just asked for my name.
  • He freaks out and says "What? Did you tell them it had to be done today?" haha. Ya I didn't tell them that either. Well we ended up calling them and finding out the information needed.
  • I picked it up and was on my way to Wal Mart when I saw that Panache was open. :) I bought 2 CUTE shirts and I'm so excited to wear them.
  • I went to Powderpuff practice and they told me I was going to be the nose in Defense... Ya I didn't know what that meant so I accepted the position. Well I found out it's the person in the middle that has to push through to try to get to the quarterback!! AHH.. I hope I don't get a broken nose or anything. haha.

So I was on my way home and guess what!! I almost hit 2 deer. It was freaky. I was driving down the road when they ran in front of me. I learned not to swerve so I just slammed on the breaks and luckily they got afraid and ran off. :) ha.

And I was going up to this stop sign and a car turned into my lane and almost hit me. People need to learn how to drive. So this is to the person that almost caused a wreck today:

  • Please next time you are turning a corner make sure you don't turn into my lane and almost KILL me. And don't look at me like I'm stupid. haha. I would really appreciate it! :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday! :) (Hey "W"onderful "W"ednesday!! That is alliteration!! haha. AWESOME!)


P.S. Yesterday was Austin's 20 month mark!! WOOHOO!! :) Only 4 more months to go. :) Then today was 7 years since my dad died, so we were gonna go visit his grave and make it all cute, but we never got to it. :( I'm gonna visit him soon though hopefully. And I'll make him Peanut Butter Cookies and stick them on his grave cause those are his FAVORITE! :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

It just dawned on me!!

So I just realized when I came in and saw my mom on the computer that we have a wirless keyboard connected to our laptop, and the A button works on it.... so I'm thinkin about swithing over to the keyboard not on the laptop! hahaha. :)

And guess what this post marks!?!?!?! My 100th post!!
So exciting!! :) I may just celebrate! hahaha. :)

Have a wonderful monday! :)

P.S. So for those of you who want the Strawberries and Cream Sherbet Recipe
Here it is:
Strawberries & Cream Sherbet
1 pound of frozen strawberries
(I didn't use quite that many though. ha.)
1 can (12 fl oz) of evaporated millk
1/2 cup of sugar
2 teaspoons of lemon juice
1. Put all ingredients in the blender
and blend until smooth.
2. Pour in a 8 in. pan and stick in freezer.
3. Every 20 minutes take it out of the freezer
and bring the sides to the middle & just basically
stir it a little.
4. Scoop into bowls & enjoy!
To make it a little more enjoyable you can put it
in the ice cream glasses. It makes it fun! :)
5. The remains you can put in a container and save
it in the feezer for another time!
6. For topping you can melt marshmallows &
add some vanilla extract and nuts.
Or just anything you have in mind. :)
I ate mine plain and it was delicious!
7. If you try out the recipe, let me know how you like it! :)

Oh happy days..

So for my family I made some Strawberries & cream sherbet:

It was delicious if I say so myself. haha. Definitely on the make again list! :) It was super easy too!! Recipe welcome to anyone that wants it. Just ask! :)

Take a nice look at the following picture:

For those of you that know my car, you know that the door in this picture isn't what it used to be. This door used to be all smashed for a while. Like 2 years ago my brother decided to drive without a license and a kid slid into him, but since he didn't have his license they decided not to turn it in. haha. Well the kid gave him some money to get it fixed and Andy never really got it fixed. He finally decided it was time to fix it after two years and now it looks like a beauty (it looks a little weird from the shadows. haha.)!! :) I might just have to name my car now! :) haha.

I'm in student council for being cheer captain and lately we've been getting ready for homecoming week. I was in charge of a lot of things (Paint the town, tailgate, float, dance...) you get the jist. Well we realized we still needed to worry about decorations for the dance and I decided I would experiment with centerpieces for our Circus themed dance and this is what I came up with!:

What do you think?? :)

In seminary we decided to go in depth about the Plan of Salvation today and it made me so happy to be a member of the Church and have the gospel. And to know what I know. I love being a member and I love my brother, Jesus Christ, who atoned for our sins so we can have a chance to live with him and heavenly father again! :)

Everyone have a wonderful night! :)


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bike Ride... Check! :)

So Hannah and I have been planning bike rides all summer, but we never went on one. Well last night we finally were able to go on n awesome 6 mile bike ride! It was SO much fun! We rode down the road to the main road and when we were on the main road we had to stay right behind each other so we didn't get hit. haha. Then we rode around the block I guess you could call it. :)
We decided to watch The Last Song and Hannah told me to try to do a back flip onto the Love Sac. It seemed kinda scary but I decided to try it and it was SO much fun!! :) I just wanted to do flips all night. hahahaha. And I was trying to show Hannah how to set for back tucks. It was great!
So we decided to just take the a button off and now it works fast. You just hit the white button and it works like a charm. haha. Ok.. I know that's a little redneck ish to do, but hey it works! hahaha. :)
Have a wonderful Sunday and wish me luck on my Government test tomorrow! :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

You don't even realize..

Ok.... so I keep looking at everyone's blog and think to myself, "Man I need to update mine, but I will in a little bit cause it hasn't even been that long." Well today I realized how long it really has been... haha.. My goal is to one of these days be able to post on my blog and not have huge gaps in between. :)

So over the summer this was my favorite snow cone. I got it every time. :)

Banana split snow cone. It is delicious! It might look gross, but it doesn't taste gross at all. :)

So this is my dream house. :) The inside is AMAZING!!!

My little brother decided to play with his kittens so he wrote this note to my mom. haha. He cracks me up. And guess where he was?? :)

So a while ago we had a multi stake youth conference. We did a service project and then watched a magician. It was so cool. If you haven't ever seen a magician in real life.. I highly recommend you see one soon!! You'll love it!! :) Then T Minus 5 performed and they were so good! :)

I went boating and went tubing with a crazy driver.... enough said. hahaha.

Our cat had kittens once again. ha. And she's pregnant with more. ha. But the little kittens are so cute when they walk. They wobble and their so stinkin cute! :)

So I got this green necklace and I love it!! :) It's so cute. I wore it to my senior pictures too. :)

I worked at Western Wings! :)

A few cheerleaders and I went to a stunt camp. :) It was so much fun and we learned lots of cool new stunts! :) We slept on the wat down and I was wearing a jacket so it left marks in my arm. haha. :)

This guys had huge arms:

My mom, Rusten, and I had a family night. We walked on the path in our town and swung on the swings!! :) It was so much fun!! :)

Me on the first day of school! :) I love my classes. They are fun! :)

Hannah and I went to the fair and we had to park like IN this tree. haha. Well that night when I took her to the junction there were leaves stuck in the window! hahaha.

In student council we got our mascot head out. I wanted to try it on so this is Jentry and I posing while I'm in the head of the mascot! GO TROJANS!!! ha. :)

K so... my A button on this computer is retarded. it like isn't on the computer anymore so I bet you can only guess how long this post took to write. haha. That's why I didn't do much detail. Hopefully it's fixed soon though! :)
Have a great patriot day everyone! :)
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