Friday, December 31, 2010

........ :D

HAPPY NEW YEARS TOMORROW!!!!! :) I hope everyone has a great time tonight. :)

Set goals and carry them out for 2011! :)


Monday, December 27, 2010

Cleaning Time...

I love breaks from school. It gives me time to catch up on sleep, laundry, etc. Well all day today I have been deep cleaning my room. It was a pain, but I feel so much better now! :) It feels nice to know that I can actually look on my shelves now and find things. Have a wonderful Monday everyone!! :)


Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Last Christmas...

Yesterday was the last Christmas Austin will be gone!! And it was the last phone call... He gets home in a few weeks and I am SO SO SO Excited!!!! Talking to him yesterday made me SO happy!!! He is the best!! I am so proud of him and can't believe how fast time is flying!! Before you know it I will be blogging saying he is HOME!!! :D Oh man I am SO excited!! :) He is my favorite missionary/boyfriend!! :) Also... Christmas went really good! It was fun having all the family over and seeing what everyone got! :)
(This was the last night we got to see eachother
and he came to gym with me and this was one of the last pictures.)
(This was right before gymnastics! It was SO fun!)
Have a great day! :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Holy loly!!!! Where does time go?? haha. I swear it was just Thanksgiving and now I'm writing about Christmas being exactly a week away!!! It's insane. Yesterday was my last day of school until January!! It was awesome! For Christmas we have been doing some great things. We did a 12 Days of Christmas where every day we would go around to classes and collect change. This was to help 3 families in need of Christmas, be able to have a wonderful Christmas! :) Of course the seniors won the race! haha, but total we raised $2200!! Each family was able to have $730 worth of things. On Wednesday we went shopping for 4 hours and it was so fun! :) We were all in our student council sweaters and had carts chucked full!! haha. :) Then we had a Talent show... Jent and I went to the student council closet and found a HUGE disco ball so we hung it up on the stage!! :) It was awesome! :)

I love Christmas time.. people are always helping each other. :) Oh... also.. Our girls B-Ball team played Madison which is our rivals and take a wild guess as to who won!!!.............. Ya that's right!! WE DID!!! :) GO RIGBY!!! :D

Have a great Saturday.... I will post pictures soon! :)


Thursday, November 25, 2010


So a while ago my cousin Steph came to visit! :) It was fun having her up here! :)

Our last home football game was senior night! It was SO sad. They played all these sad songs and then my coach didn't tell me that us seniors were getting flowers at half time.. so everyone had their parents there to give them their flower except me. :( But my mom got there shortly after. :)

A few weeks ago I decided I needed to put Austin's m&m machine he got me to use... so I put the rest of the m&m's in there and now we are reunited! haha. :) He's so cute and so thoughtful. :)

So have you ever had something that is your favorite and you always wear it?? Well that's how I was with this pair of slippers. I wore them to cheer practice EVERY day. :) They started falling apart but were still wearable so I still wore them and then one day I was filling up with gas and didn't think about it and stepped in a pile of gasoline with my slippers. :( So that was the end of them because they stunk so bad after that. ha. R.I.P. slippers! :)

Our last football game was at Shelley.... we lost... instead of an undefeatable season we had a defeatable season. It was so sad. :( But now basketball is here and it's awesome!! :)

In semilary we made missionary pamphlets!! :) YAY!!

My mom decided we needed a halloween dinner so she took time and made cute little things...
(Mummys and eyes!!)

This is my little brother's clever Halloween outfit! haha. :)

So it was Red Ribbon Week a while back and we let off balloons one day!! There were so many of them. It was fun, but it was a freezing day!!

We got out cheer pictures finally and this was a little secret place I found when we were getting our pictures. ha. And fyi... this is not my cheer picture. hahahha. :)

My friend Hailey and I on hat day! :)

So we had a cheer halloween party and it was so much fun!! :) These are my coaches!!!

(I was a fairy thing. hahaha.)
(Kelsy and Kallie were the highlight. ha. They kept coming in different costumes and they were all HILARIOUS!!! :))
(My group and I with our pumpkin. We won the pumpkin carving activity!! :))
Hannah and I had a fun day and we were at Wal-Mart and saw these!! AHH... They are huge!! hahha.

I put my extensions in!! :)

After a long time of waiting we finally got out student council sweaters.. I love them. They are like old school. hah. :) And we got our student council pictures too! :)
V.I.P. Birthday girls. haha. Jentry's birthday was in November and we all wore little crowns. ha. So we decided that meant we were V.I.P. Birthday girls. hahaha. :)

One friday we did a Challenge Day. It was SO good. We got to know our class better and we bonded and became closer. It was fun! :) You may have seen it on MTV... It's called like If You Really Knew Me or something!! :) Go Class of 2011!!! YAY!! :)

My seminary teacher cracks me up. He always draws little pictures on the board. ha. But now seminary is over and I am so sad. He was my favorite teacher. ha.

We made Basketball posters and these are the ones I made! :)

So lately I've been making fun crafts.. Here they are! :

For FHE one night my mom told us she had dessert for us right out of the oven... we went in there and this is what she pulled out of the oven! hahaha. I love my mom. She is so funny. :)

I made more crafts and this is Hailey and I. :)

So last night we were making pies... There was extra lemon pie stuff so I created this. hahaha. :)
And also... My little brother ate some leftover coconut cream pie filling... and he broke out in HIVES!!!! AHH... no more coconut pie for him hahah.

So the weather has been insane.... I was stuck in my house from Sunday to yesterday!! It was crazy... I was so sick of being home. ha. Monday I tried to get out but my friend decided to drive a BUG out here and got stuck. ha. What a retard. lol. Sometimes I wonder what goes through people's heads. hahahahaha. There were drifts as tall as my ceilings. It was insane!!
Snow is so pretty though... :) ha.
HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!! :) Remember to say what you're thankful for at this time! :)
I am thankful for family and friends, the gospel in my life, I am SO grateful for the weather clearing up. :) ha. I am thankful for all of you too... Who have taken time to make my day by smiling at me or just saying hello! :) You are wonderful! I am thankful for my missionary. He is so great! :) I love hearing from him and getting pictures from him and I am just so grateful that he takes time to write me! It means so much!! :) I am also thankful for his family. They are seriously the nicest family!! They make you feel so comfortable and welcome. If you know any of the Egberts you know they are wonderful, so thanks!! :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


So wow.... it was a little less than 2 months ago... haha. I worked in spud harvest!! :) It is something I look forward to! It is so much fun & so interesting. ha.

This is the truck I drove on the left and the truck Hannah drove on the right:
Ya that's right! It's the beast!! hhahah. :)
Oh man... like I said.. it is interesting. ha.

This is what you see all day:
So my truck was getting vines wrapped in the U-Joint REALLY bad!! We had to put duct tape on the U-Joints to help out. ha. But on the back ones the vines were bad... I had gloves on and I was trying to rip them out, but they were so bad that the vines cut through my gloves and made my finger bleed:
It looks kinda gross because there is dry blood behind my fingernail, and this picture was taken when the vlood ws dry. ha. But MAN did it hurt... What an adventure. :)
Pretty much every day got too hot so we had to stop digging in the afternoon and one day we decided to go to Sammy's!! :) It was SO SO SO good and FUN!!! :D
(Can you see mine and Hannah's reflection in the window? haha. :))
(Aww... Everything is made with Love!! :D)
It was such a Yummy place. Their shakes were good.. along with their Burgers!! :) I loved spud harvest. When I got back to school I had a little bit of work I had to make up but it was so worth it!! :D I'm looking forward to next year where hopefully The Beast and I can be reunited!! :)
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Eve!! haha. :)
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