Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Peas in my Garden!


I grew a garden this summer!! :D

It has corn, lettuce heads and the leafy lettuce, onions, carrotts, beans, peas, and cucumbers! :)

Just for your information... if there is only two of you and you are planting a garden, don't let your eyes get bigger than your body! haha. We planted WAY too much lettuce, I couldn't keep up with it, so I cut it all out and next year I will only plant like two plants of lettuce. lol :)

Well..... I was able to pick peas :) And I got TWO HUGE bowls full!! OH YA! :)

And then I filled that glass bowl completely full and I boiled them and put them in these bags to freeze! YAY! :D

I got 7 bags and there are still more pickings. :)

Have a great day! :D


OH AND... just a little random note! Lately I love Cobra Starship's new song! It has such a great beat! haha. I rock out to it in my swather... it's called like You Make Me Feel or something... haha. :) It's awesome.

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