Friday, July 31, 2009

Lovin Summer.

K... So like 2 sundays ago I babysat... it was pretty fun...
So then right after that I started a babysitting job for this family...
and it is so fun.. we are always going on bike rides and playing on their inflatable thing and fun things...

So last weekend I went and visited my dads grave and went to Mesa Falls and Frontier Pies.

So then I got my hair done....

Then this week I went to cheer camp...It was SO much fun, but a ton of people on our team got hurt and I didn't get hurt, but I got bruises on my arm and my eyes got sunburnt so they kinda hurt. ha..
Then I stayed with my sister and we went to this store and now i have blue eyes :) and then we went to this yummy frozen yogurt place called Spoon Me and then we went to jimmy johns and then we went to a concert. it was SUPER fun!!..

Then today I drove back home with Mindee my sisters sister in law... and it was so fun.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shopping Time...

My mom is gone so Andy (My Brother) and I didn't know what to do, so since school is getting close we decided to go shopping for clothes!! It was like a brother/sister bonding day. ha. It was so much fun! I got cute shirts, sweatpants, a scarf.. and I just need some jeans now! ha. I helped Andy get clothes since his senior pictures are soon.. like August 3rd soon... and He got some studly outfits! ha. We didn't agree on some shirts.. but it all worked out. ha.

And then since I helped him.. he helped me! He isn't picky at all!! Like I did those color test things and I was blue and Yellow which is someone who can't decide easy.. so I would ask him if he liked something and he would say ya.. so i had to come out of my personality and decide for myself which clothes to get and not to get.... because if I didn't I would have bought the whole mall! ha. But He did tell me he didn't like one shirt but i liked it. haha. Next time I go shopping I will have my sister or someone that knows how to choose things come too! haha.

But Andy was really good with shoes.. cause I absolutely LOVE shoes.. I could look at/buy shoes all day.. So I already have quite a few pairs of shoes and I don't need more but when you see cute shoes you have to get them... well Everytime I would see cute shoes that were to die for shoes.. which was a lot.. Andy would tell me that shoes were the last thing I need and we would have to sadly move on! So I came home with no shoes. :(

But.. I am glad Andy helped me out.. He is a great big brother. He is always there for me.. except when it comes to choosing clothes. haha. He takes good care of our family, and he did a good job of taking my dad's spot. He will be a great dad when he grows up.. I am excited to see that!! :)


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Addition!! :)

Yesterday we had a new addition to the family!! My sister in law had her baby!!!! :) More detials about it soon!!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Favorite Songs! :)

Great Music (24)

Girls Camp and Home....

So this last week was Girls Camp! It was so much fun!! We did fun activities and even yells.. This year was the funnest! I was a Youth Leader so basically all the youth leaders just hung out with the stake camp directors the whole time and we had a blast. We stayed up WAY late every night.. ha.
But I was SO excited to get home and take a LONG shower.. and that I did!! haha. But I had to mow the lawn first and I was so tired that i fell asleep while mowing the lawn.. talk about SCARY... like almost have a heart attack scary! ha. I woke up and was like. "HOLY COW.. how did i fall asleep when i have my music loud and the lawn mower is loud!!" That just shows that sometimes loud things can't even keep you awake.
So yesterday I started weeding our organic potatoes.. and you have to weed them by hand cause they are organic.. so you can't put chemicals.. It is a Back-breaking job! haha. And I got a bad sunburn on my back but it is almost gone already! WOOHOO... Aloe Vera does magic! ha.
My mom and little brother went to Wyoming today because it is my grandmas b day on thursday.. and a few days ago she tripped and broke her wrist so my mom is going to take care of her.. I have the nicest mom. I love her. And I miss her and it has only been a few hours! ha. So all day I have basically been weeding, making watch bands, and scrapbooking!! It has actually been a fun day! :)

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