Monday, December 21, 2009

Car Wash

Today we went to IF and went through a car wash.

Have you ever wondered if the high pressured water would leave a dent in your car?
For some reason, whenever I go to a car wash I am afraid that will happen.. don't ask me why! ha.
It's cool how it works though because it gets your car so clean.. and you don't have to wash it with your hands in the freezing cold! It's AMAZING!
Then we went shopping and I think I saw everyone in the world there. ha.
It was so busy.. and we were hitting red lights like crazy because there was SO much traffic.
Seriously.. like the cars wwere backed up to the next red light.
It was crazy.
I went to this cute store though.
It's called Mini Bazaar.
It has such cute things.
I decided that is where I am getting all the girls in the family's presents next year.

Me and Rusten headed to go shopping and to the car wash! :)
Have a great day!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cheer and Church! :)

This weekend has been filled with fun!
Friday night we had a game against Hillcrest.
It was pretty intense.
We were winning at first, but then they won.

Yesterday morning we had our cheer party.
We exchanged gifts.

Then we had breakfast.
I got this cute necklace and earrings.
I am so excited to wear them.
Thanks Ashlie.

Well... also.. yesterday was basically filled with cheer.
We had to make up the girls b ball game that got cancelled..
and we won against skyline by like 30 points!
It was AWESOME! ha.

Then we had a game against the skyline boys.
We performed our Christmas routine.
It was fun.
We won that game too.
Yesterday was a lucky day for Rigby!!! haha. :)

Today I had to sing in church.
Me and Holly sang Away In A Manger combined with another pretty song.
It was so fun, and it went really good.
Everyone did REALLY good!

After church my mom took pictures of me with my harp.

This is the skirt I made this week for today!! :)

I am so thankful to have the opportunity to go to church every Sunday.
I am thankfu Heavenly Father gave us talents.
I am thankful for Jesus.
I am so greatful for this time of year, and we can show our love towards each other. :)

Well tonight for FHE we watched this show called The Bridge.
It was a movie about this dad that had to mave the bridge for the train to get across every day.
One day he was moving it and the mom needed the dad's help,
so she sent the son to get him.
The bridge wasn't working so the dad had to hold down this lever thing so the bridge could go.
He saw his son running towards him, but a train was coming.
The dad didn't know what to do, and he chose to help the train.

It was such a sad little movie.
the point of the movie was that
God sent his son and and sacrificed him for all of us,
just like the dad sacrificed his son for the lives on the train.

Yes... very sad.
I felt like crying.
I wouldn't know what to do if I was in that situation.
I'm thankful that non of my family members have to move bridges for trains. ha.
I know that God and Jesus love us, and that is why they did what they did for us.
I love them and I am so thankful for them! :)

Have a wonderful Sabbath Day!!


Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Break! :)

Today was our last day of school until next year! ha. We had a play day basically. In first hour we ate breakfast, second hour we watched some renaisance movie. ha. In third hour we finished watching Kung Fu Panda.. In fourth hour we talked and read this cute poem and listened to music. And in 5th hour we had our food day!!! So much fun! French food is DELICIOUS!! I definitely would LOVE to go to France. :)

Well today I get to catch up on some sleep now & then go cheer at a game!
GO BOYS!! Good Luck! ha.

Tomorrow is our cheer christmas party at 8 in the MORNING!! AHH.. haha. It is going to be fun though.

Tomorrow night we perform our Christmas dance and I am excited. It is going to be fun! :)

Then Sunday I am singing in church.. pretty nervous but excited! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Eventful Day..

Well to start off.. I was in French and our teacher was telling us we had to sing in French in front of the whole school and he got me to believe him and then he told us he was just kidding. It ticked me off. lol.

Then, tonight we had a game agianst Skyline and I was on my way over there and passed an ambulance and TONS of fire trucks and a huge water tank fire truck thing. It was crazy. So I was wondering what had happened.

I got to the game and I heard that Ike's (A gas station in Terreton) blew up! I was shocked, and now I'm afraid to fill up with gas because I don't want a gas station blowing up on me.. haha.

Well we were cheering and all of a sudden.. BAM. The power went out! Everyone was going crazy. ha. We didn't know what to do. Well they told us that some big main power thing blew and the power wouldn't be on until 11:30 tonight. They cancelled the game.

I was thinking.. hmm.. maybe my power won't be out since I live not in Rigby or IF or Rexburg. I was on my way home and when I went past the yellow blinking light in Menan... it wasn't blinking! It was SO weird! haha. Then I got over the Snake River to the Roberts border and all the light were on.. so I was like SWEET.. the power didn't turn off out here.

I was SO happy to get home and have power!! :) It was an eventful day!

Well tomorrow is the last day of school and then Christmas break!! WOOHOO!! In french we are having a food day and I am SO excited!! It is going to be awesome. :)

Have a fantastic day and if you don't have power hopefully it comes back on! :)


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cheer. Kallie and I.

Yesterday was a game aagainst Shelley and we lost, but it was a fun game! I went to Kallie's to get ready for it.

Well... they sell Ring Pops at the consessions and I Wanted to get one because I haven't had one since I was little.. I forgot how mouthwatering they are and delicious!! ha.

Then Kall and I were just goofing off. It was fun! :)

(Trying to jump at the same time and it didn't work)

(haha. We actually kicked each other on accident and it kinda hurt. haha.)

Today gymanstics was cancelled because our Gym Coach was sick, so I Was able to sleep in. It was SO nice!! :) Then in french we were singing Christmas songs.. it was very weird.. and didn't make any sense. ha.

Have a fantastic day!! :)


Monday, December 14, 2009


Well.. I forgot to talk about Friday! haha. So Friday was Austin's birthday!! :)
I was trying to find him something and when I looked at this CTR ring I decided that it was an awesome ring so I got it for him! It is like 10 sided and all 3 bands are connected, but they can all spin! haha.

Well... Austin is my favorite missionary, and he is doing so good too!! He has grown so much spiritually it's crazy! ha. I am so proud of him! I hope he had a great birthday!! :)

Well when my mom got home from shopping today she gave me this:

I was like, "SHA-BOO-YA." ha. because I didn't get a letter from him and I was wondering why.. haha.

Well I opened the box and this is what it looked like inside!

He is so cute. He wraps it all cute and puts a bow on it and packages it all cute! haha. :)

So I open the present and find a box.

I open the box and find another box that is such a cute little box.

Well I open the box and there is this:

He got me an "I Love You" ring. Because he wants me to have something to always remember him. He is such a cutie. ha. :)

Then I got a letter inside the box and this picture:

He is so handsome! ha. and he is standing under a 143 sign, because 143 is something we say. haha. He was so thoughtful!! :) I am so excited to talk to him on Christmas! It is going to be awesome to hear his voice and talk to him and not have to wait a week to get an answer. Its weird how you start to kinda forget what someone sounds like when you don't hear from them for so long!

Austin you are the best. I am so proud of you. Thank you so much for the gift. :) 143.

Well everyone.. Have a fantastic day!! :)


P.S. So today in french I answered something and my teacher told me that out of the 18 years he has taught French I have been the only one the answer that question right!! WOOHOO!! :) ha. I was excited!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cheer pictures.

Thursday we had cheer pictures. It was SO cold because it was outside. They are going to turn out cute though. I am excited.
Well we were getting ready and my friend Kelsy wanted to wear her extensions and she had to straighten them. haha. She was putting them in her mouth. ha.

(Kelsy. It looks like she has a long beard that she has to straighten every day. lol. )

When we got to Kallie's house her mom took some pictures of us.

Then we got bored and took pictures in the mirror. haha.

Thursday night we performed our dance. It was so fun to do. When I did my back hand tuck I thought I was going to fall on my face because my backhadspring was kinda weird. haha. :) I would put the video on here.. but I tried like 50 times and it won't work. haha. sorry.. I will try again some other day! ha.

Then Last night we had a game against Hillcrest and we won!! WOOHOO. ha. Hillcrest was behind the whole time. It was awesome. ha. Well during the JV game me and my friend were bored so we decided to try shaking our heads at the same time and we decided to go faster every time. I know... it sounds retarded.. but it was so entertaining and fun! haha. :)

Well Have a great weekend!! :)


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I don't really feel like driving much anymore..

Well last night the boys won!!! WOOHOO.

So today I was driving to cheer and i started sliding.

I couldn't even think of what to do, I was in shock and super scared.

I hit the curb and I looked at my car and it looked fine.. the rim just looked a little bent.

I started driving it and I was shaking so bad and then I started bawling. It was SO scary!!

Well now I don't feel like drivin anymore.. haha.

And I realized that was the 3rd thing in the pair of three for my bad luck. ha.

Today I had a awkward experience.. So I had to get my cheer bag out of the locker room and I walked in and the door shut.

I looked up and only saw guys that were partly clothed. AHHH....

I turned around and walked out. ha

They came out and asked if I needed to get something, so they had all the undressed guys go to a corner and they let me in.

Well the corner was where my locker was so I had to walk through all of them and they were all trying to hit on me.

It was really weird! haha.

Have a great day and drive safe. :)


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wow.. really...

So today I woke up and went to cheer.

I was sliding all over the place on the roads.. I wish I had snow tires. ha.

Well then I get to the school and I didn't eat my mandarain oranges.. so I put them in my purse.

When cheer was over I looked at my purse and the mandarain oranges were sitting on top with no juice in it.


I look and my mom had opened them and didn't tell me. Dang it.

I see that they are sitting right on top of the pictures of Austin that I carry around.

By this time I wanted to start crying..

I look at the pictures and luckily the juice spilt on the side of the album that you don't put the pictures in, so non of the pics got ruined... luckily! :)

Well them I am getting ready for school and I go to help this girl with her hair, and no one told me that they had their straightner on the ground.. and I wasn't looking because I mean.. who puts their straightner on the locker room floor.

Well I step on it and at first I was like what the heck, but then I realized my foot was getting burnt off. haha. It hurt but it was kinda funny.

Well then my friend tells me that bad luck comes in pairs of threes, so I will have one more thing happen to me and the last is the worst.

Hopefully I don't break my neck or anything at the game tonight! haha.

Have a great day! :)


Monday, December 7, 2009

Ginger Bread Houses :)

So for FHE we made Ginger Bread Houses. it was super fun. I love making them.

It adds to the season. ha. :)

(one side of the roof.)

(Mrs. Clause. haha.)

(ALL DONE!! :) the roof is different on both sides. haha.)
The only thing I don't like about making Ginger bread houses.. is that the frosting is SO thick.
It is so hard to get it to come out. ha.
It is worth it in the end though. :)
Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pretzel Salad.

There is nothing better than Yummy roast, green salad with nuts and fruit in it, potatoes, and PRETZEL SALAD on a fast sunday.

If you haven't tried pretzel salad, you should.

It is the most delicious thing you will ever try.

It's so fruity and creamy and crunchy, and every bite you take, you fall more and more in love with it.

I am in love. Sorry Austin.. haha. just kidding. :)

But I think I will be having pretzel salad more often. haha.


Have a wonderful sunday.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Santa, I want.....

So today we finished decorating for Christmas. It was fun. Christmas season is the best.

Well... Rusten wanted to dress up as Santa.

He told us to sit on his lap and tell him what we want for Christmas.

First my mom told him.

Then I told him what I wanted.

He is the cutest Santa I've ever seen! ha. :)
Happy Holidays!!

Friday, December 4, 2009


Well first off.... basically our girls basket ball team ROCKS!! They won last night by like 30 points. It was a sweet game.

Before the game my brother had to go to the bank and his friend Clint came with us. Well here there are 2 spanish speaking stations. Well Clint thought it would be funny to change all of our presets to those 2 stations. When Andy got in the car he went to change it to a different station and he hit the first preset.. Hispanic music was playing. He hit the next station.. hispanic music.. well he hit all the presets and they were all hispanic music. He was like, "Freaking wow.. Is this what you wanted?" (He quoted the funny youtube video.) It was really funny. Well then he turnedd up the music loud and rolled down the windows and him and Clint were dancing to the spanish music.. It was hilarious, but really cold. haha. :)

After the game I got home and I realized I had to do 2 papers. I am a bad procrastinator, and I hate it. haha. So I did my papers and got to bed.

This morning at cheer we had breakfast burritos!! DELICIOUS!!!

Well in second hour I decided to write a summary for my current event for my french class. So I take out the paper and I read the date... HOLY COW!! It says 02/12/09. I'm thinking... "OH MY GOODNESS.. Are you freakin kidding me. This current event was from February 12!! Why was it on the front page of the website!" Well I am wondering what in the heck I am going to do about this current event. I'm thinking... maybe I should make up one. Well that wouldn't work because my teacher reads about everything that happens in France, so I wouldn't have been able to pull that off.

I ask my teacher if I can use the computer to see if this current event really happened in Fabruary, and she was like, "Ya.. sure. But I think France does their dates backwards."

I get on the internet and look up my current event and sure enough.. they do their dates different than Americans. It said 02 December 2009. I was SO relieved. I continued to write my summary.

I got home from school and I had to wrap Austin's presents to send his package, because I had to send it today. My and my mom were wrapping the presents speedy fast.. and I got the package mailed off.. I was SO excited. Then I got a letter and I read it, and Austin said the Christmas call will be around "noonish/ 1 ish" haha. I am SO excited for Christmas!! 20 1/2 more days!! WOOHOO!! :)

Have a great day!! :)


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Christmas Carol..

So yesterday I saw A Christmas Carol in 3D!! It was crazy awesome!! I decided that I want to go to 3d movies from now on because the objects on the screen like pop OUT of the screen and it looks like it is gonna hit you. Well.. A Christmas Carol.. I was thinking it was going to be a cute little kid show, but I was wrongo!! It was totally scary! I jumped like every minute. All the scary ghosts were like reaching towards me, and things were popping out, and it was a really scary movie. It was really good though. I liked it a lot, I just would never take kids to that show. It is definitely not a little kid show. I thought I was going to have nightmares, so I can't even imagine how little kids feel when they watch that show. haha. :)

(Me and my 3D glasses)

Well... after the movie, I booked it to the high school, to cheer at the Rigby vs. Madison game. Madison is our rival, so it's a HUGE game. Well... take a wild guess at who won... ok... WE DID!!! WOOHOO. I was SO happy when we went into overtime and WON!!! All the madison people had been talking about how we were totally going to lose, but we proved them wrong! OH YA.. you better believe it! hahaha. :)

So today after school I had to wait for the stupid train to pass. I don't think I have ever waited that long at a railroad track. It started getting boring, so I decided to look at the graffiti. They have some disturbing things, but they also have cool things.

I wish I was that talented with a spraypaint bottle. ha.

It finally passed and I went to my grandma & grandpa's house. My grandpa just had surgery, and I felt so bad for him. He was just laying there. It was sad. He is such a good grandpa and he is very positive about things and he loves his family a lot! He is the best grandpa. I love him.

Tonight I had to play my harp out in Terreton. I went out there, and hung out with Hannah. It was fun. We had really yummy shrimp. :)

Well.. I played my harp and it went pretty good. Now I only have one more musical number to worry about. ha.

Also, we have a new cheerleader on the team and today was her first day. We had gymnastics today. She is really good at tumbling. I am excited to have her on our team! :)

Have a great night.


Monday, November 30, 2009


Wow.. What a day.

Well... today was my first day back to school since the break, and this is how it went:

So, I went to cheer and we were running and jumping and doing all the things cheerleaders do. Well, we were getting drinks and I was filling up my water bottle when all of a sudden... BAM. I can't see anything. I'm starting to freak out wondering what is happening to me. Finally I get my sight back, but everything is blurry. I feel like dying. Everything on my body goes limp. I almost fall to the ground. Slowly I start to feel better.

Everyone asks me if I ate breakfast and I respond, "Of course... it is the most important meal of the day." I'm starting to think maybe that's why I was feeling sick. Well we start to do jumps again and I feel like I am sweating, but a really cold sweat. I feel my face... nothing. there was nothing... no sweat. I am very weirded out by now. Everyone tells me I look pale.

Crap I have the swine flu. No... not really. That is just how everyone reacts to things now. haha.

Well... I started feeling much better, just a little headache... but much better. The dance team danced with us. We are performing a dance with the dance team on December 10th and I am SUPER excited!! It is going to be sweet. I don't really like the choice of music, but oh well. It will still be sweet.

The bell rings and I head off to second hour. Photography. We were editing our pictures and I made a sweet picture. ha. I love photoshop. Ms. Henslee tells me she likes my picture and how I edited it. She is so nice.

Third hour comes around and I see my friend Ashlynn. She starts telling me about her boyfriend's farewell. It was so exciting. She was also telling me how he leaves on Wednesday, and she is sad. She said she wants to hang out with him all day tomorrow. I don't blame her. That's how I felt too. ha. Well when she was telling me about Clansy, it reminded me of Austin and the last day we hung out. SAD DAY!!! But good day too! ha. :)

LUNCH TIME!! SO excited... SO hungry. We go to Broulim's and I decide to go to Dairy Queen. I start looking at the menu.. trying to decide what I want to get. I decide I want to be a little kid again, so I order a Chicken Strip Kids Meal with a Strawberry Kiwi Arctic Rush and YUMMY fries. I eat it and realize it is the perfect amount of food! I am going to start getting Kids Meals more often! :) Well I decide to look at the designs on the bag and see a FREE TREAT COUPON!!! By this time I am Exstatic. How much better could it get... Perfect amount of food, a drink, a FREE TREAT.. what else would you need.

The excitement all ended in Statistics. I realized I didn't do the extra credit when she asks who did it. Dang it. She explains our assignment and I start doing it... Crap... it is way over my head. I try to start telling my friends about my New Moon experience and Thanksgiving break, and my teacher tells me to cease. WHAT.. what does that even mean!! I continue to talk.. She tells me another word that I don't understand. I tell her I am almost done with my story. She tells me she knows that saying that means I am not going to stop talking because she knows since she has had me in class before. I prove her wrong. I finish my story in like 5 minutes.

French class. I walk in and walking into my french class makes me happy for some reason. I learn a lot of french and I watched a video on france. Very interesting. The round a bouts seem CRAZY.. ha. Well... I found out how to say I love you... Je t'aime!! Sweet huh? :)

Well we start driving home and I start eating an apple. I felt smart wearing my glasses.. and eating that apple made me feel even smarter. I get home and the smell of homeade bread is lingering in the air! I see a letter! YES!!! I am jumping up and down.. Austin sounds like he is doing great. I love hearing from him. I can't believe I get to talk to him in 25 days. If I get snowed in on Christmas I will be SO SO SO sad. But I won't... I know it. ha. I also can't beleive his birthday is in 11 days. And also that he has almost been gone a full year. He is almost half-way done with the mish. I am so proud of him. :)

(Me with my apple!)
Anyways.. Have a marvelous day!! :)

Sunday, November 29, 2009


So yesterday my sister JoDee, my friend Hannah, and I went to Rexburg! We went shopping kinda.. but we went to the Dollar Store and we were looking around and I found these lovely glasses...

I am not a big fan of glasses... but when I saw these and other cute ones I fell in love, so I bought them. hahaha. I want to get more glasses now, but cute ones like these.. ha. they had pink ones there too... I might go and get them! ha. :)

(Hannah and me shopping. ha.)

Today my sister JoDee left to go back to Utah. Sad day.. but good thing Christmas is in 26 days cause I get to see her again!! WOOHOO!! :)

Have a fantastic day everyone!!


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Success at last!! :)

Well we ended up taking my grandma and grandpa's denali down to Utah. We thought it would be a smooth drive down, but nope.. wrong again! (I need to stop assuming things! ha.) Well we filled up with gas and my brother, Andy, was driving. He thought that the freeway enterance was on the left, but it was on the right, So when the light turned green he had to stomp on the gas and get in front of this guy. Well my brother-in-law, Tyler, had bought a drink. He had it sitting on his lap. When Andy floored it, Tyler's drink spilt a little in his lap. We gave him napkins and everything was fine.

Well, we got on the freeway fine, and there was this car that when we would try to pass he would speed up (I hate driver's like that.), well we were in a separate lane and there was a tire in his lane, so my brother had to let him in because the guy was just turning into our lane even though we were right there. My brother slammed on the brakes, and at that time Tyler had his drink in between in feet. Well, the drink flew forward. We thought to ourselves, "Wow... could this get any worse." haha.

We decided to get the best out of the trip. We started playing with Tyler's Mac and we took some funny pictures and then I was taking pics.

Well, we finally got to Utah and we picked up my sister and told her about the drive down... she was like, "Oh my friend works for a carpet place.. he can get you stuff to clean the carpet." (not in those exact words... but pretty close. ha. We started having success after that!! WOOHOO. :)
We went and saw New Moon!! Great show. I loved it, except the actress for Bella, Kristen Stewart, kinda bothers me, but other than that it was AMAZING!! Well we came out of the theater and saw this poster:
I got so excited!! JUNE 30th!! That is sweet!! I couldn't beleive it at first, but then it started settling and I got more and more excited every time I thought about it!!! :)
Well, we had a DELICIOUS thanksgiving!! I am so thankful for family, food, trials, etc.
The next holiday now is CHRISTMAS!!! WOOHOO.
So, I was looking at my sister's phone and I found this picture I drew of my missionary, Austin, a while ago! haha.
Well we went and visited my Aunt and got new YUMMY recipies and we figured out how to work our convection oven!! WOOHOO. ha.
(This is my cute little grandma on thanksgiving day!)
Well, the trip was over and we came home!
Everything worked out good. Yesterday we went shopping (Black Friday), and they didn't have that good of deals like they usually do. But it was SUPER fun! Last Night we watched some movies. Super funny movies!!
Well Everyone, Have a fantastic weekend.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


So you know how when you think everything will go perfect... it DOESN'T??

Well... that is happening right now.

So I went to gymnastics this morning thinking... Ok.. I'm gonna come home, get ready, pack for Utah, go to Utah, see New Moon, see family, etc.

That isn't how it is going though.

I got home, got ready, packed for Utah, then we had my brother take the Suburban in to get it fixed before we left because they just told us it needs aligned.

They Aligned it, and my brother was driving it home and it still shook, which means that wasn't the problem.. he went back and went back like 3 times.. still no success.

We decided to take it someplace else, they told us we shouldn't even be driving the bad boy. We can't drive it until it gets fixed.

Now we are in a pickle!! haha. Hopefully everything works out! let's cross our fingers that we will figure out how to get to Utah!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! :)


Sunday, November 22, 2009


Wow... I don't think I have ever went to so many church meetings in a day in my life!! hahaha. So I went to my cousin Rory's homecoming this morning, and then I went to my ward, then I went and sang. Well... I was on my way to go sing and it snowed you know.. so I slid off the road! It was SUPER scary. and the weird thing is, is I Was only going like 10 miles an hour. haha.

Well.. I sang so now I have two musical numbers down, and only two more to go. haha.


Monday, November 16, 2009


Well there is snow on the ground now so that is goodbye to summer/fall and hello to winter. This winter I plan to be more excited about the snow and make everything positive about winter. Even the high winds and freezing cold temperatures, along with knee high snow. ha.

Well not only is it goodbye to Summer and Fall but it is also goodbye to Elder Chapman. They are the missionaries in our area. Elder Chapman got transferred. I hope he does good in his new area. ha. Elder Moller is still here though. He is so funny. haha.

Today was the start of our 2nd tri so it was also goodbye to 1st tri. Well Today was fun. second hour I have photography... it is going to be... interesting. ha. 3rd hour is English. It seems like its going to be fun. 4th hour is Statistics.... I am excited for that class. It will be awesome, and 5th hour I have FRENCH!!! WOOHOO.. It is going to be a blast. I am so excited to learn another language other than english!! haha.

Well... wish me luck in learning my new language and in all my other classes.. haha. lol.

Have a good day!! :)


Sunday, November 15, 2009


Today I was SUPER nervous. I had to sing in church. It was very scary. Not only was it in front of my ward... but the whole Stake Presidency was there and the High Council man and visitors. I was shaking really bad. It went pretty good though. When I got into the song I was less nervous, but I was afraid of messing up or my voice squeaking. ha. Well after church I got asked to do 3 musical numbers. I am singing at a singles ward next Sunday, then I am going to play my harp at a stake meeting thing, and then I am singing in church on the 20th of December. I am Way more nervous then I was this morning now. Does anyone have any good ideas on what Christmas song I could sing?? :)
(This is a picture demonstrating how I feel right now. ha)
P.S. Sorry it has been so long since I have written anything. ha. :)
Have a great day!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween!! :)

To get ready for Halloween we had Red Ribbon Week and Thursday was crazy hair day it was fun. I did a french braid up the back of my hair and a HUGE poof and a crazy high bun. Hailey had a mohawk thing.. it was sweet. ha. :)

(Me and Hailey)

So on Saturday it was Halloween. It was such a fun day. well first off... Friday night I helped my mom with my little brother's halloween carnival by taking the kids around to the different games. Little kids are so cute. Anyways.... So for Halloween I was a blue bird. I put feathers in my hair and put white stuff on my face with blue and silver.. ha.

(My hair and face.)

(My outfit!)

(My little brother Rusten's outfit.)
So for Halloween I went to a ward party in Rexburg. At the ward party we made carameled apples and the caramel actually stayed on the apple.. it was AWESOME. Well then I had Apple Cider and I put whipped cream in it.. not a good idea.. don't try it. It isn't very yummy. haha. Well then me and Hannah went and rented a red box, Monsters vs. Aliens... It is such a funny show. I had a fun halloween. I hope you did too. :)

(Hannah and I. She was Minnie Mouse.)

Well today was awesome with our new cheer coach. She is a really good coach.. she actually fixes us when we are doing something wrong.. and she is always smiley. :)

(Do you like my ring?? It lights up!! haha.)

So today I asked this kid Travis to Harvest. I wrote on a poster, "Will you be my Sugar Daddy at harvest?" and I taped sugar daddies to the poster and he had to look on the back of them to find out who I was.. and people were telling me that the one that had my name on it was the last one he looked at. haha.

Well.. Have a great day!! :)
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