Wednesday, June 29, 2011


So lately I haven't been able to get any pictures to load.... :(

But all I've been doing is I made this really cute wreath for my reception

and we've been getting the food ready and pretty much just the final touches! :)

YAY I'm so excited!


Have a great wednesday!


Monday, June 27, 2011


Yesterday I was asked to teach the sunbeams..

They are so stinkin cute!

We made frog families and finger puppets!

I had so much fun with them!

They are so funny! :)

And they say such funny things.

One of the little girls whenever one of her finger puppets would fall off, whoever it was, she would yell, "AHHH I LOST MY GRANDPA!! (or whatever stick figure it was)"

Then in primary she would say to her mom, "MOM... MOM... I can't wait until primary is over!" hahaha. Kate and Ellie are such fun little girls!

We didn't go along with the lesson too much except for the fact that we kept everything families.

Kate thought I was a mom and she was like, "Well you're a mom."

And I told her I Wasn't and she got all sad and said, "Why not?"

I told her I didn't have any kids.

Kate said almost crying, "What happened to them??"

haha. It was so cute! :)

That night I baled hay with Austin.

It was pretty fun, except his baler kept getting broke. haha.

Today I have just been getting ready for the wedding! :)


Who's excited??

Oh.... ME ME ME! :D

Have a great day!


Sunday, June 26, 2011

last weekend..

This weekend is the last weekend before I'm married!! :)

That means 6 more days!

So this weekend/week consisted of...

Swathing (or cutting hay for those of you who don't know what swathing is... don't worry that was me until I started dating my favorite farmer! haha.)

Swathing was so much fun! It's kinda like mowing the lawn.. except not.

Once you get done you feel so accomplished and you just want to jump for joy..

and you just want to stand and talk to someone non stop because you are finally out of the tractor which consisted of sitting by yourself. haha. :)

Then Austin and I drove this sweet vette at the Kunz family reunion....

Is it mine you ask??

Of course.. I just got it... NOT!

I wish it was mine. haha.

Then we were driving in Pocatello and saw this...

hahaha. This is this person's sprinkler... Austin and I just had to laugh because it's not often that you see a hose in a garbage can on the lawn :) And then we went to Red Lobster and my friend's reception! :) It was fun!

And now this week is crunch time... just getting everything ready for the wedding :)

Have a great weekend! :)


P.S. Check out mine and Austin's engagements here. :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I don't know if you know this,


There used to be a bagel shop in Rexburg and my sister worked at it.

I always went and visited her at Uptown Bagel...

When it wasn't there anymore I was SO sad!

Most people for breakfast want toast, eggs, waffles, or bacon...

I am always in the mood for bagels whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

For breakfast the other day I decided to spice up my blueberry bagel with philidelphia cream cheese on it..

I put strawberries on it!!!!

It might not look good....

( I think it does though)

but it tastes SO SO SO good!!

If you try it, you won't regret it!

They have to be good strawberries though! :D

Have a great Wednesday :),

and if you're in Idaho..

have a great SUPER WINDY Wednesday!! :(


P.S. Over the weekend I had some bridal showers...

pictures will come soon!! :D

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hot Date! :D

So Austin and I went on our hot date last night! :D

We went shopping and I bought this purse! Isn't it cute!!?? :)

Then we went to Cafe Rio
And... Austin broke his fork.. hahahaha.
I was laughing so hard it was hilarious!!
And Blake & Alex gave me a gift card to there for my birthday, so we used that!! Thanks! :D

Then we went to the new Pirates of the Carribean. :)
Austin kept making fun of me whenever I Would say that because I say it:

Pirates of the CarribEEn instead of CarribEAn!! hahahaha.
Well we had to wait quite a while unitl the movie started so we were just in the hall taking pictures and playing with the phones.. hahahaha.

Oh my gosh it was SO funny!! I Wish you were there!!

Austin called my phone and started talking to himself in each phone and it sounded so funny,

so we did that for so long and we were cracking up the whole time!

It's fun... you should try it!! It's funny because the sound is delayed and it's like two echos. haha.

I was going to put a video of us doing the phone thing..

but it's taken SO DANG LONG that I'm not going to. haha.

IF you'd like to see it, come see me sometime!! :D You'll laugh your head off! :)
Then the ceiling is a mirror so we took pictures of the ceiling. hahaha.

Harry Potter comes out in July to theaters!! YAY!! haha. They are fighting over me. hahaha. Just kidding but that's what this picture looks like :)

We finally got in the show and we were watching the previews and there was only us and two other people in the theater. hahaha. Well I had my shoes on the back of the chair in front of me, and when I took my feet off the chair... The stickers on the bottom of my shoe stayed on the chair!!


It. Was. So. Funny!

Well.... Have a great day!! :D


P.S. Today is Hannah's birthday!! YAY!! She is 16 and she is awesome! Happy Birthday Hannah!! :D

Monday, June 6, 2011

Bad Hair Day...

Today I am having a really bad hair day....

My hair won't cooperate with me! :(

(This is what my hair looks like...)

But on the bright side...

I get to see Austin today and we are going on a hot date tonight!!

We're going to dinner and the movies...
We're gonna see the new Pirates of the Carribean!!! YAY!!

I'm so excited!! :D

Have a great monday!


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Relief Society...

So this is a relief society survival kit!

I got it when I was welcomed in to relief soiety. It has a bowl in case I get asked to bring a salad or something to a ward party. :)

It has the relief society theme in big and small...

The Living Christ..

The Gospel Principles book...

A picture of the ten virgins..

my favorite candy bar (Twix)...

and a wallflower so my room can smell good!!


Don't you love it?? :D I do!

Thanks Relief Society.

My mom went to Pocatello this weekend so I was in charge of watching Rusten.

On Friday we went to my friend's reception, then picked up Austin's sweet Rock Revivals.

Then we went to Orange Leaf and afterwards sat on the roof and talked!! :D

Then yesterday we did yard work in Austin and my yard.... for 81/2 hours!!!!

Ahhh.... And of course I Didn't think about sunscreen since its like the first hot day...

Ya.. I got fried.. now I have a farmer's tan... Dang it! haha.

And by we, I mean Austin and I. ha. Just kidding... Rusten helped a little..

But he brought his sweet helicopters so he was playing with them and he was playing on the swing set. ha.

I trimmed pine trees all by myself and they look good!!

I was so happy! And Austin trimmed a few other trees and they look awesome too!!

We worked on our garden and strawberry patch and I mowed the lawn!! :D

This morning I woke up and went to post this blog and turned on my camera to put the pictures on and I found this picture...

Rusten and I dead asleep.....


Rusten likes my bed so he always sleeps in it..

But I thought it was funny that they took a picture of us dead asleep. haha.

It was probably Andy. :)

Well I'm off to church to use my relief society survival kit :)

Have a great sabbath! :D


Friday, June 3, 2011


So today my mom's friends from Canada came down!

My mom and her friend Judy are going to this Time Out for Women in Pocatello this weekend.

It was so fun to see Brandon and Judy....

And along with it, they brought candy.

Canada candy is the best!!

Their Nibs licorice is SO SO SO good and moist and just every single piece of candy I've tried from there is delish!!

Now I'm not saying America's candy is gross, because it's not... I'm just saying

Canada does have an advantage in some candies! haha.

Have a great Friday everyone! :D


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lovely Wednesdays.

Yesterday my family and I of course did some yard work.. haha.
Then Austin and I took a trip to Rigby.
On our way we passed the snake river...

That water is not supposed to be there... It's way flooded... SHOOT!! ha.
We took a trip to the courthouse and I got a new driver's license AND...
Austin and I got our marriage license!!! WOOHOO!! :D

Afterwards we went to Rexburg and ran a few errands and I bought some cute shorts that go to my knee and then we went to this car wash!!!
It's called Ray's and it's the COOLEST car wash ever!! If you ever go through Rexburg... go to it!! :D

I took pictures as we were going through it!

You just put your car in neutral and it takes you through it automatically! :D

This soap is so cool huh?:


We went to Terreton and this little lonely lamb was in the middle of the road.

We got it to go to the side. :)

It was saved!! hahah. :)

Austin is the best fiance ever!!!

When he was little he would play with his tractor's in the carpet:

I took a picture for this suprise my mom is doing at the luncheon.

Well he is the best.

I love him so much.

He is so nice and he always tells me that he loves me.

And he always goes in depth on why he loves me and how much! It's the best!!!

The other night he pulled off to the side of the road and sang enchanted by taylor swift to me!

It was seriously the cutest thing ever..

I just melted!! :D

I have the best fiance ever!!!

Here is a sneak peek of the sister's tops for their outfit for my wedding!! :D

Have a great day!!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Ok... It's been a while since I've blogged.
My sister lives in Arizona right now, so she doesn't want to miss out on the happenings in Idaho...
so she likes me to blog so she can feel like she's as close to here as she can get. haha.
She's been texting me the past few days and the text she sends read,
"Whats with the no new blog updates the past few days?! Ha:)" AND... "I still see no blog updates:( im starting to get lonely! Haha"
Well Sheena... The real question is... Where are your blog UPDATES??! hahaha.
That's right folks, my sister Sheena has a blog, The Parrish Family, and she got it because of me... haha
Ok maybe not because of me, but she has one... She just doesn't write on it very often.. aka like over a year!!! So Sheena I think you need to update me on your blog so I can feel a little summer without being in Arizona. haha. :)
And here is your post to make you feel as close to Idaho as possible. :)

So I've been going on a lot of trips lately.
Over the weekend, Austin & I went to Salmon to watch cute little Hannah in her Rodeo.
On the way there it was quite the road trip.
I ate Peach Rings the whole way and enjoyed every second of it!!

Then I took pictures of the drive..

That's Idaho for you!! hahaa. Just kidding... well it really is Idaho...

But there are pretty spots in Idaho too! hahaha. :) This is just what the drive for us looked like. haha.

Cowboy up?! haha. That's right!

Austin was a cowboy over the weekend :)

So this is Hannah... she is an amazing rodeoer and got 2nd in Barrells YAY!!!!

And might I add she got a sweet belt buckle... and she gets to go to state which is like the 3rd weekend in June, so Austin & I will be going to that :)

(Hannah and Austin)

Austin tried making me a cowgirl but it didn't quite work. haha.

Ya..... It was FREEZING!!!! haha.

On our way home from Salmon.. I saw my first Coyote ever! haha. They aren't very cute! ha.

Check out the Idaho sky lately..

If you see Austin and I, you'll see us like this a lot. We like piggy back rides!! :D

Monday was Memorial Day...

For Memorial Day, Austin and I took a trip to Tetonia/Jackson... and I have a confession...

I LOVE these Neuro drinks. They are so good!! :)

Check it!:

Egbert Ave. Awesome Huh?? That's what I thought So that's why there's a picture!! haha. :)

Us in Jackson... we went shopping and I found these cute shoes which are now on my wish list!

They didn't have my size and they were a little pricy... haha. But they are so cute!!! I want them so bad!! Let's see... What holiday is coming up?? They are going on my Christmas list!! :D

They're shiny purple heels with a peacock feather color piece of fabric on the front... SO CUTE!! :D

On our way home we went through Swan Valley and got square Ice Cream!!! :D

Like the sign?? :)

They put whoppers in the bottom so it doesn't leak.... doesn't it look like a mini ice cream cone? hahha. :)

Finally almost to Terreton!!

Yesterday I did my mom's hair... How do you like it?? :)

Also.. Yesterday, Andy, Mackenzie, Austin, Hannah, and I went on a horse ride....

I just rode with Austin, and he didn't put the strap thing in the hole so the saddle was gonna loosen but we thought we'd be fine.... We start riding down the road and Austin tells me he wants to show me that the horse, Jack, can back up.. I'm excited to see so I say ok. Well Jack backs up and then starts running to catch up with the other horses.. Austin tries to slow him down and he starts spinning in circles and the loose saddle starts sliding.... CRAP!! haha. I was holding onto Austin for my dear life... and when I realized the saddle wasn't gonna fix after it just kept sliding I let go. So did Austin. I landed on my bum and hand and I jumped up quick so the horse wouldn't step on me.... I think I broke my tailbone or something. hahaha. It hurts so bad to sit, stand, walk, run, etc.

From now on, Austin and I are gonna take a break from Horse riding until my bum heals ha. and then we are going to ride our own horses and make sure they are saddled tight! :) haha.

Then we had a little camp fire and roasted marshmallows!! The Giant ones. It was so fun!! :D

Afterwards, Austin and I Watched Ratitoulle. That it Austin's new favorite show. He loves it. hahaha. When he asked me what I Wanted to watch yesterday he gave me two options, ratitoulle or ratitoulle. haha. Ratitoulle it was!! ha. Which we watched it the night before which shows you how much he loves it.. and our house is looking good!! :) I'm excited to move in to it in July!!

There are 31 days until I'm married!!! YAY!! :D

Have a great day everyone!

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