Monday, August 31, 2009


Today I felt like the little flinstone girl...
I had my ponytail in the top of my head, and I had a bow in. So it reminded me of the flinstones cause the little girl has her ponytail on the top of her head, and her bow is a bone... so it's a little different.. ha.
I think I might wear my hair like this every time I have a test though... cause today I had an Anat & Phys test.. and guess what I got!! A 100%. I was SUPER excited... studying for 3 hours a night definitely pays off. :)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

That's gonna leave a bruise..

So today I woke up smiling and all happy thinking nothing bad was going to happen because it's a sunday and everything goes good on sundays..

Well... Everything did go good except one thing..

I was cleaning up my bathroom a little bit cause I haven't had time because of school.. well i started putting everything away and i was putting away my curling iron.

I was rolling up the cord and next thing I knew I was trying to do Matrix moves.. well that didn't work out like I thought it would.. I saw the cord flying at me...

I tried to stop it.. but then gravity came in to play. It came flying down so I just closed my eyes hoping it wouldn't hit me... but it smacked me right on the nose...

I can feel the bruise coming.

It was pretty fun though trying to do matrix moves.. :)

Next time I will just have to roll up the cord without swinging it around, so it doesn't smack me in the nose again. ha.


p.s. if you can't tell... the pictures are a reinactment. I didn't take pictures during the real thing.. so I took pictures after... but the cord didn't hit me in the nose when i was taking the pictures, only in the head. haha. And I basically took these pictures to show the faces I was making.. haha. :)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Parallel Parking.

So I went to the JV football game and I was driving the suburban and the only place to park was in a spot on the side of the road which meant I had to Parallel Park.. well guess what!!! I DID IT!! I was so excited that I parallel parked in the huge suburban. ha. :)

So Friday we had a pep assemblly for the first game and it was SO fun!! And the game was WAY fun to cheer at. They didn't win... but it was still fun cause we got to do the get it ready dance with the crowd A TON... I really like being a cheerleader for Rigby... it is really fun. Sometimes I wish I wasn't on the team.. but when I think about all the fun times I realize how stupid it would be to quit. ha.

So I went to my friends cabin and we stayed up until like 2! then today we floated a river thing.. it was really fun!!

Also... thursday I had my first anat and phys test thing... it is a college class by the way.. well I got an A!!!! I was SO happy..

Well... now I have to study for a test on monday and then i am also trying to decide what I want to do..
1. Go and see my sister and her husband's new apt.
2. Go to a dance party with my cousin.
3. Hang out with kinda boring people.

I can't quite decide what I want to do. ha. :)


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rain rain...

I woke up this morning to the sound and smell of rain!! I was SO happy.. I love the rain. I knew that it would be a good day for me.
I got ready for church and then we talked about the fair in sunday school.. haha. :)
I went to Young Women's and our lesson was our leaders bore their testimonies.. and the spirit was very strong. We all knelt to pray at the end and to end our fast.. it was a great experience.. by fasting.. my testimony was strengthened.. I now have a better testimony of the book of mormon and of fasting! I am so glad I had that opportunity.
Well after we ended our fast, our leaders had brought Lucy's Pizza and Mrs. Powell's cinnamon rolls. They were SO SO SO good.. the cinnamon rolls were HUGE!! :) Yummy to my tummy.
I woke up knowing I would have a great day today and I did!!!! It is sprinkling now, but that is still rain. When it rains, everything looks SO green and pretty. I LOVE IT!!
Well, Beesley isn't doing too good today. He just lays around and his neck is swollen and I think he has an infection so here's a heads up to the vet... we may be coming soon! haha. :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

ankle weights.

So for cheer we all had to buy ankle weights. So when I was at cheer my cheer coach told us to put them on. We all put our ankle weights on and got back in our football lines. He told us we were going to do toe touches. It was SO hard.. mine looked horrible.. it's weird what 5 pounds can do. This one girl fell on her butt. It was kinda fun doing toe touches, right and left herkies, and pikes with them on though. So then he told us to take them off, and then he had us do a toe touch, and I felt like I was jumping on a trampoline cause they were so high. It was AWESOME.

Well... I decided I wanted to do more of them today, but I am fasting, so i have other things to worry about and I am like out of energy... so I decided it will have to wait until tomorrow. ha. :)
Everyone should try it though, because it is super fun. Like they suck when you have the ankle weights on, but when you take them off you fly and it is super fun!! :)

So today I went to my cousin's baby shower.. she is such a cute pregnant lady. So my mom had to make lemon bars for it (I LOVE lemon bars, they are some of my favorite foods.), so when we got there I was carrying them in. Well our dog Beesley followed us. We saw him and told him that he needed to go home. He didn't listen to us. Well out of no where here comes Trip (My cousin's dog) and he starts growling at Beesley, so Beesley tries hiding behind me and my mom. By then we were at the door step and the door was locked. Well by this time Trip was really growling and then SNAP.. It happened.. about the scariest moment of my life. Trip grabbed Beesley by the neck and started shaking his head which was making beesley flip around. My mom was wearing this new CUTE white skirt she got and when trip bit Beesley's neck then my mom's skirt got in his mouth too. It ripped a hole in my mom's skirt, it was sad. Well my grandma has a lot of plants in pots on her front door step. Well since beesley was flying around me and my mom were trying to get out of the way cause all we were doing was screaming which wasn't helping.. well I got pushed back and knocked over a few of the pots.. it was sad. I felt way bad. Finally the door opened. Me and my mom go running in so I could set down those dang lemon bars tat were in my hand the whole time this was happening.. We go back out side to see what is happening and everyone is yelling at Trip to let go of Beesley, but Trip didn't listen. So my cousin Emily comes running out and tries kicking Trip off Beesley... that didn't work either. the dogs knocked over pots and made my grandma's new landscaped yard look like a mess. Well Trip drug Beesley to the missionary's house and Emily was running the whole way trying to make Trip stop. Beesley was ldoing like a cry bark and it was SO sad. Well my Aunt Glenna walks up to us and is like, "Mary Jo, I am so sorry. I think Trip is going to kill Beesley!" Well then me and my mom were like crap. How are we going to tell Rusten (my little brother) that his dog died... Well we finally see my cousin Mckenna taking Beesley home on the 4 wheeler. Which meant he wasn't dead. I was SO relieved, but I was still scared so I was shaking bad. Well after the shower was over me and my mom drove home and me Aunt Jennifer had said that Rusten called her and asked for the vet's number. So when we got home we asked Rusten about it and he told us he wrote it down, but didn't call. I went out to look at Beesley and his neck was bleeding. He is still scared. His eyes are big and he is just laying down. It is SO sad.. because he is usually a WAY energetic dog. I am glad he isn't going to die though... well hopefully. We all still love Trip though even though he did that to Beesley. Accidents happen. Now we just know that whenever we go down there we have to lock up Beesley so he doesn't follow us. Today has been an eventful day.. haha.


Friday, August 21, 2009

School Days..

Well.. it's that time again.. you guessed it! School time! Summer went by SO fast, but it is fun to see a lot of my friends every day now... and I really like all my classes. especially office aide. It is super fun!
Well.. my week of going back to school started by going to the museum with my cheer team. It was SUPER fun/sad because it was the titanic thing and everything they had in there made me want to cry.. and how they give you those ticket things.. that makes it even more sad because then you start thinking about what that person went through and it is really sad. They had to give up their lives for people, and some of them let other people live and they died... then there was the opposite where they wanted to live no matter what they had to do to live. I am glad I didn't live then to be in that situation. It would be too sad. Then that night I went to Kallie's house and Kelsy, Kallie, and I hung out. It was fun.
(Kelsy, Kallie, and I)
So I went shopping for some shoes the day before school and got 2 cute pairs!! And I had fun wearing my Spoon Me shirt. haha. :)
School started Thursday. It was so fun seeing everyone and going to all my classes. After school Kallie, Presley, and I hung out. We went to Wingers and ate. It was YUMMY. We saw a HUGE spider though and we were all freaking out. It was funny. Then Kallie and I went to her house to grab some gas money from her mom cause Kallie almost ran out of gas. So I filled up her gas tank for her. It was pretty fun. Then we went to Abbott's and then we got Bahama Mama Sno Cones! They were SOO good. Then since Kallie owns a tanning place we were gonna go tan but we ended up going to Broulim's for 2 HOURS talking to Kelsy. It was fun.
(Kallie and I the first day of school)
(WOAH... we have almost matching pants.. ha)
(So this little kid was at Broulim's when we were. He was eating Ice cream and you can't really tell in the first picture.. but the ice cream was like an inch thick on his face.. it was so cute.. and I had to be kinda sneaky. Well.. he started looking at us so we were saying hi and talking to him and he was just smiling and then his dad cleaned of his face and then the little boy looked straight at us.. that is why that second picture is up there. after I took the picture he started laughing. He was so cute.)
So today was the second day of school. It was fun. I had to deliver TONS of papers to classes for the office aide class and then Cassie (the other office aide) and I helped Mrs. Thurber (Vice principal) With separating shirts and writing teachers names on them. It was fun. Then I went to Kallie's and hung out there for a while and when I was coming home I took this picture. It is my second day of school outfit.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


So friday I had a Cheer Car Wash at Texas Rhodehouse.
(Kelsy, Kallie, and Me drying the corvette! :))
Thanks to all you who came! :) Well... I forgot to wear sunscreen... so I got super burnt. Thank goodness for Aloe Vera. :)
That night Alex and Hannah Egbert and I hung out. We went to a car wash and one of the wash things that went on the car scared me cause it was super loud. Well... we went and saw The Timetravelers Wife. It was good. I cried a lot. ha. Well.. When we got there it was basically sold out so we had to find a place to sit that had 3 spots. So Hannah went up to this guy and asked if the 3 seats by him were saved.. they weren't. We went and sat there and Then I saw my cousin Terra. She was like, "You didn't notice Davey sitting right next to you?" And I look over and there is Davey.. he was the one that Hannah asked if the seats were taken. It was funny. Then we went to Cafe Rio and there were these stupid boys that made this weird noise that scared the heck out of us. It ticked me off. ha.
Then yesterday I had to go to a car show and my job was to get pictures with the old guys that got awards... it was interesting.... I've never seen old guys so excited to get pictures. haha. Well... before I left I went to find sunscreen and couldn't find any.. so again I didn't wear sunscreen.. So my face got even more burnt. Then I went shopping, and got these cute jeans. I LOVE THEM..
(The cute bag they put the jeans in)
(I tried to do an all view thing. ha. So the front, back and inside..)
(The front and side of the jeans)
(The back pocket)
So today we celebrated Jaden's birthday that was on monday.. and then I have just been plastering Aloe Vera on me. It's SO fun, let me tell ya! ha. not really.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm Done Babysitting.

So today was my last day of my babysitting job.. It was sad to say bye to them. They are so cute. Maycee gave me a huge hug and she made me kiss her on the cheek. it was cute! ha. And she even wanted me to hold her instead of here dad when he got home today. haha. I am going to miss them. They were so fun to watch. But now I will be busy getting ready for school and I will be busy with school. ha. :)

(Sydnee, Me, and Maycee... Brady and Dawson never wanted pictures, so they aren't in ay pictures. ha.)

(Maycee wanted to wear my sunglasses. ha. I will miss her. She is so cute.)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


So today was CRAZY... so I registered for school..
well.. I wanted to switch some classes so I had to go to the counselors.
I had to wait 2 1/2 hours to get in to change my classes.
Then I changed them and I was happy.. and I made a few friends while waiting in line...
it was fun!
Then I got home and started mowing the lawn...
CRAZY again.
It was sounding weird and I just kept going.
I was changing the song on my iPod and I heard a huge noise.
I backed up to find a HUGE hole in the ground...
but I didn't see anything that would have caused it, so I just kept mowing,
and it stopped making the weird noises!
I got to the end of one row and looked back and noticed it wasn't mowing on one side.
So I mowed a little bit and noticed that only one blade was working so I look back...
come to find out the blade fell out. It was in the ground!
I ran inside and told my mom.
She told Doug.
I went outside and shut the lawn mower off.
I was looking around and noticed a HUGE hole in the LAWN MOWER!!
CRAZY huh?
well.. that means that the blade FLEW out of the lawn mower instead of falling!!
It was scary to see and I am glad it didn't fly out and hit me cause I wouldn't be alive right now!! :( haha.
Today was a very interesting day.
It went from waiting in LONG lines to almost DYING!!! ha.
I will put pictures up of the lawn mower soon!! :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Trampolines! :)

So first off... I LOVE TRAMPOLINES!! They are SO fun.. and I am very sad that I don't have a tramp right now.. I want one soon cause I miss the bounciness of my tramp!

Well... today while babysitting, we played this log game that Sydnee loves I guess. So you have to roll around and try to hit the people. haha. It was more fun than I thought.. I might actually play it with my friends when i get a tramp! ha. :) Well, when you are rolling around then your hair is hitting the tramp, so it makes your hair SUPER staticy (is that a word?? ha.) And Sydnee's was the best.. which is why I put her picture last cause as they say... you save the best for last! ha.

(My hair, which was the least.)

(Maycee looked cute, and hers was pretty bad too but she has thin hair so you can't see it too well.)

(and this is Sydnee's... hers was beyond the best!! I was laughing at her hair forever.. like I think the laughing worked my abs. :))

So after babysitting I went to Gymnastics and it was fun! I worked on the floor tumbling for a while.. and then I was able to go on the TUMBLE TRACK!! My favorite! It is a super long trampoline that you tumble on! I wanted to make my hair stand up to laugh because I has so much fun earlier.. but I knew I would get in trouble if they saw me rolling around on the tramp and swishing my hair on it. haha. Well, I was about to go home and my friend Hailey, who is on the cheer team with me gave me a Quarter!! I was So happy.. so I went to the Quarter machine and got me some JELLY BELLY'S!!!! They were mm.. mmm. good. And then my gym coach gave me a otter pop! It was yummy to my tummy!

I had a fun day today with everyone and all the trampolines I encountered today.. ha. Good thing I didn't fall through any of them. ha. :)


Sunday, August 9, 2009

.Family and Friends.

So My Family and I went and saw UP. It is a cute movie. These are pictures while we were there.
(Me and Rusten)
(Me and Sheena)
(Me and My Mom)

So when I babysit Me, Sydnee, and Maycee always take fun pictures. Sydnee has like a paintbrush. ha. But they wanted pictures with my blue eyes. :)

Different Subject. ha. So I haven't seen any of my friends like this WHOLE summer. We decided to have a girls night. It was fun. We went and saw The Proposal. and after we had these boys take pictues for us and they dropped my friends camera. It was crazy. I decided I am only giving my camera to people I trust. ha.
(Kenzie, Kim, Andrea, and Me)
This weekend I went to Utah for My cousin's wedding. It was a fun trip. I stayed with my sister JoDeeann and we went shopping and swimming and made things and it was a TON of fun. We were going to eat at PF Changs the last day we were there, but we forgot to reserve a spot or whatever so when we went there was an hour and a half wait... so we didn't want to wait that long cause we had to get going home, so we went across the street to this YUMMY italian place called Buca di Beppo. It was SO good. It was funny though... They brought out the bread that you eat before your meal and they put oil and vinegar in this dish.. well I didn't know that it was vinegar so I drenched my bread in it and put it in my mouth and almost puked. It was DISGUSTING cause I don't like vinegar. So the Guy was still standing there so i had to eat it all.. Eww.. ha. But then we had really good salad and a REALLY good main dish.. Mmm Mmm Good. I loved that place and it was cool cause some of the workers even had an italian accent. haha. :)
(The watchbands and Earrings I made when I was at JoDee's)
(The Zebra Sunglasses and Braclet I got when I went shopping.)
(My new shoes I got yesterday! I LOVE THEM.)
(My outfit I wore to Church to match my new shoes!!) :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Sydnee, Maycee, and I made sand castles yesterday. It was SO much fun. We got pretty muddy, but it was still a ton of fun! One of them broke so we had to fix it, but I think the girls did a good job! They are so fun. When we were done, they wanted me to take pictures of their dirty hands, so that is why there are pictures of their hands. haha. :) We also always go on bike rides.. but I always forget to bring my camera on those, so I don't have any pictures of our bike rides.. but we always have fun when we go on bike rides. Brady and Dawson always do cool tricks, and Sydnee, Maycee, and I always just ride along smoothly. ha.


Sunday, August 2, 2009


So yesterday I mowed the lawn.. and when I came in my sister called! She Said her and Tyler were on their way out to our house with their stuff. I was wondering what she was talking about.. and so I asked she told me that her and Tyler were moving in for a few weeks until they move in to their new apartment. I was SUPER excited. Now I can see my sister everyday. It is fun. So they got here and I helped them bring in all their stuff.

Then last night we went to my cousin's reception. It was SO cute.. I had never pictured green, teal, and red together.. but it was super cute. All her things were like tropical kind of. It was so cute. They had sweedish fish (My favorite), and those Blue gummy shark things (love them too). And Kiri looked absolutely gorgeous!! Congrats Kiri and Josh.

So since they didn't have any dinner stuff at the reception, my mom, my sister, and I went to Wendy's and I got the asain chicken!! YUMMY to my tummy!!! It is So good! I had a great day.

Today at church I wore my Zebra striped shoes and my favorite old lady in the ward saw me and she always looks at my shoes cause she loves all my shoes.. So she saw them and of course she thought they were so cute and so did a lot of people in my ward.. I loved it. It made me feel good about myself.. haha. So I want to thank all the people in my ward that made me feel good! :)

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