Sunday, June 30, 2013

Girls Day with my Mom

Friday my mom and I had a girls day! After my glucose test thing, and after she got back from girls camp, we went into IF and got pedicures!! It was amazing!! I don't know why I don't get them more often, and when they painted my toes, the lady was seriously SO fast and did it in like 2 minutes from start to finish.. She painted the flower design in like .2 seconds! haha. 
After our pedi's we shopped a little and I got yummy smelling stuff from Bath & Body Works, and I got some cute sandals for the 4th of July :)
Then we went grocery shopping and then went to get my baby girl's crib and we loaded it up on the cart and then realized that there wouldn't be any room in my mom's car!! DANG IT!! hahaha. So this week Aust and I are going to get it since both our car and truck will fit it. haha. 
And while we were in there my sister JoDee told me I had to get snapchat prontito!! haha. So I did... (and this was my first snapchat. ha.
It was such a fun day and I love my mom so much! She is the best!! :) We got the pedi's since my brother comes home in 3 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D AHHHH!!!!! I am so excited!!! :)
Well have a great Sunday! :)

Friday, June 28, 2013


So for Father's Day we celebrated with Austin's family, and we got to play with cute little Ellie!! It was so fun! :) 
K seriously... If you guys saw how much yard work I have done you would be wondering how there is even any trees and bushes left and how there were so many weeds!! hahaha. When we moved in, everything was SO overgrown I was wondering if we would ever get it under control. Well finally after 2 years of hacking branches off, I am almost done getting the bushes and trees back to not overgrown!! Then it will just be maintenance yard work! That is going to be so nice!! :) These pictures do NO justice to how much branches I hacked off!! hahaha. But you can see from all the piles of branches, it was a crazy job!
Last weekend there was a plane crash in Idaho Falls! My heart broke for the families when I heard about it.
Sunday we went to Blackfoot to see Blake and Alex's new house! It is SO pretty!! :) We had dinner there so I made these candied cinnamon nuts for my salad, and I have TONS leftover!! So if anyone wants some, just let me know and I will gladly bring you some! haha. :)
Oh Ellie is just so cute!! Even if she doesn't let anyone but her mom or dad hold her the majority of the time! haha. :) Here is a cute little video of her!! :)
So I was doing laundry and it was a load of Austin's work clothes... well I had chicken cooking and so I was hurrying to get it all in before I burnt the chicken. Well I didn't check the pockets, and of course the one time I don't check his pockets there were 2 pens in there and they exploded in the wash and the one in this picture broke in half and exploded and Austin had been looking for it for a while, turns out they were in his pants pocket. haha. Luckily I had it on super wash, so pen didn't get on anything! :)
And some more yard work.... Which obviously from this picture you can see I'm not done, but I am getting there! haha. But one of the bushes in this picture now looks way different cause I took the picture before I hacked the bush. haha. It looks SO much better now though, and I can actually mow the lawn and get all the grass now! :)
I have been trying to make different meals than I normally do and one night I was craving pizza, but I didn't have pizza sauce, and so I was on the internet seeing what was out there when I saw a recipe for pizza quesadillas, and then I saw a recipe for BBQ chicken pizza!!! Well I decided to combine the two and made BBQ Chicken Quesadillas with pepperjack cheese! They are probably one of the easiest yummiest things ever!!!! All you do is throw chicken with BBQ sauce all over it in the oven for 20 minutes and then shred it and stick it on the flour taco shell and grate cheese over it and then put a flour taco shell on top, stick it on your quesadilla maker, once it is done you ENJOY it!!! SO good!! :)
So I am in the 3rd trimester as of yesterday!! I am 28 weeks!!! Yesterday how I said I had a dr. appt and took the glucose and hemoglobin test and passed the hemoglobin test with flying colors, but failed the glucose test... well today I went into the dr. office to get a 3 hour glucose test done. I had to go in fasting and they pricked my finger, tested my blood and I passed that one, and then gave me another drink to drink. It was half the size of the one the day before and had like double the sugar!! It was pretty gross!! haha. Well then I walked to the post office and then back to the doctors office an hour later and got my finger pricked again. I passed so I had to wait another hour and they said if I passed the next one I wouldn't have to come back for the last one, but if I didn't pass then I would, so an hour went by and I went back and the pricked my finger and I passed!!!!! AHHHHH!!! I was so excited when they told me I passed!!! No gestational diabetes for me!! WOOHOO!! And while I was in there, there was another girl having to do the same thing as me and as I talked to her I found out she is due the exact same day as me!!! hahaha. :) 
Anyway.... I am so glad I don't have G.D. and I am glad that I have had a great and pretty easy pregnancy! As I was talking to the girl that was also in there, she was saying how she has like all day sickness and it has lasted her whole pregnancy so far!!!! Bleh... I am glad that I haven't gotten sick like the whole time, other than when I would switch prenatal vitamins, but now I know which ones work for me, so no more getting sick from that! :) haha. 
Well have a great weekend!! I honestly can't believe that it is already Friday!!!!! I am so excited for next week!! :) Our anniversary is Tuesday, my brother gets home from his mission on Wednesday, and 4th of July is Thursday!! :) haha. So I have a fun busy week ahead of me!! :) 
Have a great Friday!! :)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Life on the Farm

My life as of lately has been working in the hay on the farm. haha. I have been swathing and raking for the past like 3 weeks (I don't have pictures of raking dang it). And we are almost done!!! :D hahaha. Today I had a Dr. Appt so I wasn't able to swath (and I am 28 weeks today and so I had to take the glucose test and my hemoglobin levels were amazing, but my glucose levels were another story, so tomorrow I have to go in fasting and get a 3 hour test, so I am praying I don't have gestational diabetes.). Anyways.... I have had fun working in the hay, but I am glad that we are about done! :)
I saw coyotes like crazy while I was swathing, and I killed a baby coyote while swathing the last field.
Aust is a life saver when it comes to break downs. But during hay I basically only get to see him when there are break downs, because he bales at night and works during the day and I work all day and then I have to sleep by myself at night, so I am excited for the hay to be done so I can see my husband again!!! haha.
Have a great Thursday!! :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

All About the Baby! :) (Mostly)

So you know how I said I got gift cards to Motherhood Maternity for my birthday?? Well I used them and got some super cute clothes!!!!! :) 
Then I was talking to Aust one day outside our garage and was telling him how much bird poo he had on his truck and as I said that a bird flew in the garage and did this to my car!!!! This is from one bird!! Haha. I told Aust that the bird pooped on my car and he was like, "what?? That is fresh??" Hahahaha
The kitties are starting to want to be like their mom and eat food out of the bowl. It is so cute. Austin named them... There is Black Ice (the crazy black one), Mini (the one that is a mini Whitey), and Coca-Cola (The mellow black one). They are so funny to watch, and Mini and Coca-Cola are too afraid of me to even let me get near them, but Black Ice likes me, because I saved her life!! hahaha. She was in the garage behind a shovel and didn't know where she was or how to get out and was meowing like crazy!! I got home and couldn't find her but could hear her, and then I finally found her, and that day every time she saw me she wanted to come right up to me! haha.
Hannah made it to state rodeo (her last one) and so we went and watched her one day when we got rained out swathing. It was so fun to watch her, and I'm sad that she is moving on to college now cause we won't get to have Nashville nights on Wednesdays, and we won't get to watch her do rodeo, and so much other stuff that we will miss, but we are so excited for her to start the college life!! :)
Well baby girl is so fun to shop for!! SERIOUSLY!!! And everyone else thinks so too! hahaha. So here is her closet and all her cute clothes and accessories!! Oh my gosh!! I just can't get over how cute and little everything is!! One day Aust and I just stood in her room looking at her closet and we couldn't stop laughing because everything is just so tiny!! haha. Me and my sisters have done shopping for her and we all found such cute stuff!!! :) I am so excited to see her in all her clothes. haha.
So baby girl is moving SO much now!! It is crazy!! The other day I was laying on my back and and she kicked so hard it moved my stomach like 3 inches and I was like WOAH!!!! What the heck??? hahahaha. I felt her flutters around 18 weeks, and then I started feeling her move around 20 weeks, and Aust got to feel her kick when I was about 21 weeks! :) The other day we watched her have the hiccups. haha. It is so fun to feel her moving all the time.. It reassures me that she is doing good in there! haha. I'm always freaking out about if she is doing okay and then she will kick or roll or flinch or get the hiccups so I know that I don't have to worry! ha. :) She doesn't like anything on my stomach. When Austin hugs me, she will try to kick him away if my stomach touches him, and then if my elastic on my clothes is touching my belly, she will kick to try to move it, until I move it. haha. And she does not like me laying on my back, or maybe she does and that's when she thinks party time is!! hahaha. :) We love talking to her and Austin always says things like, "If you like mommy more kick once and if you like daddy more kick twice." hahahaha. She usually doesn't do what he says and she will hold completely still, but sometimes she will move. He's never gotten her to actually kick when he says that though! haha. I guess it's cause she just loves both of us so much! She doesn't want to have to choose one or the other. haha. :)
And while we are on  the baby topic, here is my baby bump at 26 weeks (which was a little under 2 weeks ago).
2 Saturdays ago we had a cheer garage sale and it was so fun but I got SO fried!!!!! YIKES!! Here is a picture of the cheerleaders bright and early in the morning at the garage sale! :)
Well I hope you are enjoying your summer cause I know I am!!
Have a great day!! :)

Monday, June 24, 2013

My End of May/Beginning of June

The day after Memorial Day we went to Utah for my uncle Wayne's funeral. It was a really good funeral!! He was such a great man and he is missed. After the luncheon, we got pictures with all my cousin's on my mom's side, and everyone was in the picture but my cousin Jena and my brother. After that I was in the gym and I started feeling the worst pains in my stomach and everywhere! It felt like my stomach exploded or something!! I laid down and took deep breaths and it really helped and took away the pain. We think it is because I went too long without eating and baby girl didn't like that, and I was also slouching a lot that day. So since then I have been paying attention so I don't slouch and I have been carrying healthy snacks with me everywhere so that I don't go too long without eating. It was so crazy though! That night I had Austin give me a blessing because the pain was still kind of there, I haven't had the pains since! :)
My sister-in-law always sends pictures of cute little Ellie, and so I just had to post one of them!! She is adorable!! :)
The baby bump at 24 weeks.
That Friday, my mom had her young women over. She teaches the beehives, and they just had a fun night set up. I taught them some different ways to braid their hair and how they can sleep with their hair up and wake up with curly hair! :) Like beach curls type :)
That weekend Aust and I went golfing with his parents. It was such a blast!!! Kathryn and I were the caddies and Aust and Kirk golfed. It was my first time driving a golf cart and it was pretty funny. haha. I couldn't really figure it out at first and then it was driving like I was letting on and off the gas.... uhhh ya. (Later on as I was driving my car I realized I do that!! hahahaha. But just when I start out. Or am turning, once I am going though, I don't let on and off the gas, and that is how it was with the golf cart. hahahahaha)
So the leggings I won came and they are so cute!!!! :D I am so excited to see baby girls little bum in them! :)
And then these cotton candy push pops from Schwan's are SO good!! :) They remind me of when I was little, because I haven't had one since I was little! Mmm mmm!!!!
This was how I ended my May and started June! :) So fun!! :) 
Have a great Monday!! :)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

Memorial Day was a blast!! It started out with my little brother stayed the night after my party on Sunday and that morning I was getting ready so we could leave and I told Rusten we were leaving soon and I walked in the TV room and saw that Rusten had folded all the blankets up perfectly without me even asking!! Seriously..... Look how perfect he folded them!!! It was so nice of him!!!!! It made my day! Ha. :) Maybe it's partly because I'm pregnant so I'm way more emotional than normal! Haha.

Anyway.... Then we left to start our Memorial Day!
We met up with my mom and sisters and visited my dad's grave, my grandpa's and other relatives!
Then my mom and Rusten left to go home cause my grandma stayed home, and the rest of us went fishing and to Jackson,WY :) we met up with Austin's family.
And I caught a fish guys!!!!!! Oh my gosh!!!!! I was so happy!!!!!! :)
On our way home from Jackson, we stopped in Swan Valley and got square ice cream!!! I got the churro kind and it was seriously SO good!!!!!! It had like cinnamon chips and cinnamon toast crunch in it!! Mmmm mmm mmm!!!! :D
Going to Jackson after we visit graves has been mine and Austin's tradition since he got home from his mission. It's a tradition with his family and I liked it so we carried on the tradition!! :) 
Do you have any Memorial Day traditions?? :)
Have a great Sunday Night!!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Big 2-0!!!!

So May 25th was my 20th birthday!! :) WOOHOO!!! I am no longer a teenager, which means that I no longer have a teen pregnancy!! hahahahahaha. Anyways.... I had such a great birthday!! :) I got so many birthday wishes and I spent time with family!! It was the perfect birthday!! :) 
For starters... I got the 2 cutest birthday pictures!! haha. 
I love my nieces!! They are so adorable!!! :) 
Then on my birthday I got to spend time with Austin! :) He was working, but I got to tag along! :) It was so fun! We went up to Kilgore to put a calf with all the cows, because I went to work with him the day before and we found a calf! We chased it down and got it after like all day! ha. So we took it to be with the other cows.
Mmhh... I love my sexy working hubby!! haha :)
Then that night we went to Red Robin for dinner with my mom, Rusten, Sheena, Jaquel (Sheena's cute friend) and her baby, Alex, Blake, and Ellie! :) It was so fun.... and I think everyone goes to Red Robin to celebrate their birthday! hahaha. It was crazy with all the birthdays! And the babies did not like all the loud clapping and singing. ha. I got sang to and had to wear the balloons on my ears! haha.
I was spoiled for my birthday!! I got popsicle molds so I can make lots of yummy popsicles this summer, ice cream maker, maternity clothes, gift cards for maternity clothes, shoes, and sweet cards.
Then the next day (which was Sunday) we invited everyone over for ice cream and cake. It was so fun! We had cake which Austin made the whole thing by himself!! It was great!! :) Then we talked and played games.  
Austin put the candles in the cake in the shape of a 20
my sisters Sheena and JoDee and I! :)
When I blew out the candles, I built up so much air thinking I would barely be able to blow out the candles, but when I blew, all the candles went out at the same time!! hahaha. I guess that means I have great lungs!! hahaha. :)
Kirk, Kathryn, Hannah, and my Grandma Field were there too, but the Egbert's left before we played games, and my grandma was asleep, so I don't have any pictures of them! DANG IT!!! haha. 
So this is my ice cream maker and I made ice cream in it! It is awesome!! You don't have to have salt and ice! You just stick the bowl in the freezer until the liquid freezes and then you turn it on and put your ice cream in it!!! If you are wanting an ice cream maker... get this kind!!! I love it!! I made peanut butter fudge ice cream!! MMMmm mmmm mmmm!!!!!! :) Oh and when I was making it, I didn't read the instructions, so I got the ice cream batter all ready to pour in and then read the instructions and saw that I was supposed to freeze the bowl, so I had to wait until the next day to make it! hahaha. I guess that is what I get for not reading the instructions. haha.
I had such a great birthday!!! Thanks to everyone that made it so great and that wished me a happy birthday!! :) 
Have a great night!! 
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