Tuesday, February 28, 2012

You Gotta Love February... haha.

Not much has been going on lately. haha. Except over the weekend!!
Saturday the cheerleaders had competition and they did really good for having to switch it around that week because a girl was ineligible. ha. And Also... Friday I made Orange Rolls and brought them to the cheerleaders and they thought they were the best they had ever tried so that is definitely a make again recipe.... but I didn't take pictures. dang it! haha.
Well then it's calving season and I went with Aust to check on the cows and calves and there were a ton! And they were so cute! {You might not think they are cute, but I think they are... they are just so tiny!! haha.} There was one that was just born and it was trying to stand up and it kept falling over, it was so sad! :( haha. But it finally was able to master standing up and walking! :) haha.
Here is one of the babies... {This is the one that was just born}
They're so cute when they are brand new and they get ugly... hahaha.
Then Sunday we had dinner at my mom's and it was really fun and we all went up and looked at our baby books and just talked... it was great! :)
And then other than that, I've just been doing homework and crocheting some cute things!! :) haha.
Have a Great Day!! :D

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Birthdays, Birthdays, EVERYWHERE!! haha.

Does it seem like everyone's birthday's are in January and February?? haha. Well I guess it does to me because on my side of the family, 3 out of all of us have their birthdays in these months! :) It has been so fun celebrating all these birthdays!
My mom's {Her birthday is in the middle of the post you can click on! :)}
And now Tyler's {Sheena's Husband}! haha.
His was the 17th which was last Friday and we celebrated by going to Red Robin! :)
It was so much fun and so good!!!
Here are Tyler and Sheena with Tyler's Balloon ear things.. haha:
{Notice Tyler's sweater his mom called the Mr. Rogers Neighborhood Sweater! hahaha.}
Afterwards we went to Val's house {Tyler's cute mom!}!
It was fun... we just talked and played games and ate ice cream cake! :)
AND... I held the cutest little baby! I just wanted to steal him! hahaha.

{Aust and I when we went to Val's :)}
So Happy Late Birthday Post Tyler! haha.
Spending time with family is the best! Wouldn't you agree?? :)
Have a great day! And if your birthday is coming up, join this club! haha.
{Or you could join the May birthday club with me and my brother! hahaha. :) or even the September club with my other brother and my other sister.... Or june with my Father in Law and Sister in Law... haha. The list could go on! lol.}
P.S. I got a new follower today!! :D YAY!! Welcome to my blog... I hope you enjoy reading about my hubby and I's fun adventurous life! ha. :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Valentine's Day! :)

Last week was Valentine's Day. We had a blast! :)
We had already seen The Vow on opening day, so we didn't join every other person who went and saw The Vow that day. ha.
We went to Winger's for Dinner and went to the mall, and just had a relaxing day! It was so fun!
This year for V-day I got Aust some sweet Basketball Shorts that have the O from Oregon Ducks on there and they are white and way cool, but I didn't take a picture! ha. And I also got him a Massive Kiss! :) haha
Not a kiss... a Hershey's kiss {although I did give him really big real kisses too! ha.}
I blurred out his face so you can pay attention to the massive Hershey's Kiss.. which he had already taken a bit out of.. dang it! haha.
And then he got me some workout shorts that also have the Oregon Ducks O on it...
{Don't pay attention to my face... just the gifts. ha. I hadn't gotten ready yet. ha.}
And he also got me the 5 Love Languages book.. which I told him I wanted like a few days before, so I didn't think he would get me it, but he did!! :)
He's full of surprises! haha. :)
Well... I hope your Valentine's Day was as great as ours! :)
Have a great day! :)
P.S. So when we were at Winger's then there is this Beer Sampler thing that comes out on a platter with tons of little glasses of different kinds of beer on it... Well, we saw it and we were like, "I wonder if they can do flavored lemonades instead of beer!!" So we asked and our waitress said sure {And she acted like no one had asked that before.. which they probably hadn't... but now they probably will add that to their menu... haha. I'm kidding... but seriously!}, but it would've been more expensive than a normal sized flavored lemonades, and there were no refills, so we just went with the normal flavored lemonades and just got refills with the different flavors. ha. :) It was really funny though! :)
P.S.S. I started a Amazon Wishlist that I am so excited about, so my hubby can suprise me without asking what I want!! WOOHOO!! :D
{I got the idea from HERE!}
Seriously!! You won't regret starting one! It is SO fun! :) And you can add the amazon button to your address bar and then from any website you are on, if you want something, you click the handy dandy amazon button and it adds it to your wishlist! :)
AWESOME! :D haha.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

1 YEAR! :)

A year ago today Austin took me up onto the freezing hill in Rexburg to the temple, and asked if I would marry him! That was the best decision I've made! :) It was a freezing day though... probably like 20 degrees colder than it is today! haha. If you missed the story, go {here!} and to see all the proposal pictures... go {here!}
Have a great day! :D

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

1950s Party!! :)

So a few weeks ago, my mom asked me if I would take pictures at their 1950s ward party and I said sure! It was on Friday, Feb. 10th! It was so fun and set up like the 50s! There was a movie from the 50s playing and they had a diner, SO CUTE! It was so fun! :) And I decided to dress up too.. so I did my hair like the 50s and wore my black and white dress from Shabby Apple because it looked kinda like the 50s! :) Now I want to have like a family party or something 50s themed so I can dress up and everything again! It was so much fun! Here are some pictures! :)
So I tried to make Mine and Austin's picture look like a old photo, but it didn't really work out... haha. as you can see in the following picture.. I'll just stick with the one above! haha. :)
{Doug was wearing such a cool suit! haha.}
{Root Beer Floats, Hamburgers, and Fries! YUM to my TUM!}
{The Bishopric, and the people who put on the party! ha. :D}
{I just had to share this one.. SO funny!}
I wanted to share another picture of Dave, Angie's {from here} husband, but I told him I wouldn't, so you're welcome Dave! hahaha.
{Old Magazine's from the 50s}

{The decor that was on the table's, but they were cleaning up, so you don't get to see how they were set up all cute.. sorry! ha.}
Well after the party was over Aust and I headed to Idaho Falls and went to the opening day of The Vow! :) It is such a cute movie! It ended too soon though.. I wanted it to keep going! haha. :) But it was a great movie! And now I want the book! :)
Have a great day! :)
P.S. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! I hope you are doing something fun with your hunny tonight, because I know I am! :)
P.S.S. I'm also gonna vent for a second... Don't you hate when people lie to you?? ME TOO!! I got lied to today by some of my cheerleaders. They said their notes were in their bags and they were trying to forge notes, but I caught them in the act!! haha. I wish they would've just told the truth and said they didn't have their notes! AAAHHH... But whatever. ha. It's just crazy though how you see everything from a different perspective when you grow up. I love growing up, especially with my best friend! I love you SO much Aust!! :D Anyway... have a good night! :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Superbowl!! :D

This year for superbowl, we had the party at our house. It was so fun! I didn't take any pictures of people though :( but I took pictures of the food! :D haha. My mom and Rusten came, Sheena and Tyler, Austin's parents and Hannah, Our friends Tyson and Kate, and Austin's cousins Tyson and Courtney and their kids :D it was so fun! :) I Was pretty much in the kitchen the whole time: making food, eating food and cleaning up! haha. :)
Well on Pinterest I found this recipe for Love Potion, so I made it and it was SUCH a hit! Everyone loved it! :D It was really easy too, a 2 liter bottle of pink lemonade, sprite, and raspberry sherbet! :D Then there was Mountain Dew and Pepsi :)
Chips and dip..
Carrots and ranch...
I made chocolate Fondue for the first time! :) I was going to use mine, but you have to use gelled fuel, and we didn't have that {We are getting it soon though. haha.}, so instead we borrowed Kathryn's fondue pot and we used ours to hold the fruit and pretzels! :D And now I have leftover chocolate fondue, and it doesn't harden, so we use it as hot fudge for ice cream and it is REALLY GOOD! :) all it is is a bag of chocolate chips {flavor of your choice} and a can of evaporated milk and you melt it in a pan and transfer it to the fondue pot! :) or you can just put it in a mason jar if you are just making hot fudge out of it! :) hhaha.
Then I also found some cupcake tips on Pinterest...
I made a brownie recipe and put a rolo in the center and baked it :) Then 5 minutes before they were done, I put marshmallows on the top instead of frosting, and then I topped it off with a rolo for fun! :D They were REALLY good!
*Tip for next time I make them, or if you make them... spray the cupcake things with PAM or other cooking spray before you pour the batter in. :)
Then we had a table full of goodies!! :D
And I used my cupcake holder! Notice it from anywhere else?? haha.
Ya and by the time I took this picture, a lot of cupcakes and other food was almost gone. haha. :)
But there was 7 layer dip {And I just read my sister-in-law's blog and she made seven layer dip without guacamole in it so six layer dip, and no one even noticed!! I'm gonna try that because I don't really like guacamole, even though I like it in 7 layer dip! haha.}, homeade mozarella sticks, fried pickles, apples and heath bar fruit dip {one of my faves that my mom makes :) We got the recipe from my aunt Liz :D}, teddy bear caramel crispy but soft things... SO good! :) cookie dough dip stuff, and hot wings! :) haha. Everything was DIVINE!
It was a super fun party and it was fun to spend it with friends and family! :) It's a tradition that we are starting now, so next year... COME TO OUR HOUSE for superbowl!! haha. :D
This year was kinda last minute, so we forgot to invite lots of people we wanted to invite, haha, but don't worry next year, we will be sure to invite all our friends and family! :D
Have a great Monday!
AND Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow!! :D

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cupid's Cheer Challenge Competition Feb. 4th! :D

All month January, the girls worked so hard and it definitely paid off! :)
February 4th I woke up at 415 am and we have to leave at 515 am.
Hannah and Ali rode down with me.
We got to Highland High School at 7 and it was fun.
I was so nervous as a coach. ha. I didn't think that the coaches got nervous, but now that I am one, you are like even more nervous than the girls! lol. But I knew they would do good because they worked super hard and they performed really good the night before. :)
2 of the girls were ineligible, so we got 2 other girls, Braiden and Kesiah to help us, and they had to learn everything in a WEEK and did SO good! :D
{Back row: Chery, Raye, Hope, and Carlee; Middle Row: Skyla, Viviana, Hannah, and Braiden; Front Row: Ali, Kesiah, Marina, and Mikeayla; Coaches: Veronica and I. :)}
We got there and did their hair and makeup, and then they were able to practice :)
Then close to 9 they competed and they did really really good!
Then we just hang out and watched all the other team compete until 1 and then they did awards.
They combined 2A and 3A, so they started calling awards.
4th place: Marsh Valley.. {WOO, Veronica and I were SO happy!}
3rd place: Salmon.. {YAY!! We were even more excited, but they dropped a stunt so then we kinda thought that maybe they didn't place...}
2nd place: TERRETON (West Jeff)... {YAY!!!!! WE WERE SCREAMING we were SO happy!! and they called us Terreton instead of West Jeff for some reason. haha}
1st place: Snake River {My sister-in-law, Alex lives in Blackfoot, and her husband and all his siblings went to Snake River! :) BUT.... Snake River is 3A!}
Here are the girls when they got 2nd place! :)
Well you know how I said Snake River is 3A? Well West Jeff is 2A... so they got 1st place in their division, but since they combined them, they got 2nd. ha. And West Jeff beat a 3A school!!! I am so proud of them!! :D
Marina, in the following picture, is the foreign exchange student and she is so cute! We took this picture so we could send it to her family. :)
And these are the girls that helped us out since the normal two were ineligible. :)
Veronica and I decided to get them something cute, so we put together these:
It was such a great day, and afterwards, we ate at Applebees! :D
Well on the judges sheets, they all said, cute coreography, and cute dance! :)
I made up the routine so I was really excited to hear that! :D haha.
Well going this competition made them SUPER excited and into cheer.
West Jeff isn't really big out here, but now that they've gone to competition they want to work SUPER hard so they can get to state and win so they can show their school that Cheer is GREAT!! haha. :D It was fun to coach before, but now that they are rally into and want to work hard, it's even MORE FUN!!! :D
Districts are the 25th, so you'll hear about that one then :) And if you want to come watch, it's at Skyline High School in IF :)
Have a great day! :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


{Blog post title from song: I'm Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO}
So today I worked out for a LONG time and EXTRA hard.
I worked on thinning my thighs, toning my abs, etc. You know, all those work outs on pinterest. haha.
It was all fun you know? haha.
Well when I work out, I get tired after a while, I don't know if that happens to you too? hahah.
So I got tired, but I kept going because I wanted to get it all done before I got a drink. Well I got done and ran and grabbed a water bottle and went to take a drink and started blacking out and I couldn't hear anything, and all of a sudden everything in my body went limp and I collapsed.
So I was just laying on the ground and couldn't hear or see anything.
It was really bad.
So I was just laying there until I could function again. haha.
I told Austin what happened and he got really scared, so now I'm on a strict policy that I have to drink 6 1/2 glasses of water a day. haha.
Now while you're drinking pop, juice, or milk, I'll be drinking water. hahaha. :)
So moral of the story, drink lots of water so you don't black out while working out. ha.
Have a great day and "WORK OUT!!" and people will start saying, "Look at that body HEY!" hahhahaha. Oh man...
Speaking of that song... did you guys see the M & M commercial during superbowl???
If not click here.
It's hilarious! hahaha. :)
Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Sissy!! :)

February 3rd was my sister, Sheena's birthday! :)
It was so great! :)
Here she is! The lovely 23 year old! :) haha.
We had my mom's homeade chicken noodle soup, which is AMAZING!! And her homeade jam on homeade rolls! :)
Then Tyler did an experiment on Rusten (this is how our house always is, full of crazy things.. haha. You do this in your family too right? hahaha.)
So you put bread on bare skin and stick matches in it.
You light the matches.
You put a jar on it and apply some pressure..
It sucks your skin in like a vacuum.
Then it is stuck on you! haha.
And it takes forever to get off.. but when you do get it off, it leaves a hickey looking thing. haha.
Well we had German Chocolate Cake :)
Play by play blowing out her candles :)
Us couples :D
The girls:
It was a super fun day and party to celebrate with Sheena and all the family... well most of them haha.
{Oh and that night, the cheerleaders performed and did SO good! :D}
Have a great night! :)
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