Sunday, June 28, 2009

Eventful week.. and very interesting.

This last week was very eventful... Here is what happened:

I took pictures of our cute little kitten. She is so tiny.

I was a waitress at Texas Rhodehouse for cheer. It was SO much fun... now me and the bartender are tight. She is so nice.

I took pictures of Doug's Jag for him so he could try saling it.

Went to a birthday party with Hailey. It was so much fun!! I got to see a lot of people that I haven't seen for a while.

Got a speeding ticket. I was driving to cheer practice and saw the cop lights in my rearview mirror. I was going 78 in a 55 and I couldn't find my registration. He told me I was shaking worse than he has seen anyone shake. My ticket was supposed to be $140, but he decided to be nice so he put that i was going 70 in a 55, so it was only $75. He is a nice state cop! ha. Oh ya.. and I rooled down my driver side window and was waiting for him to come and i looked and he was waiting at my passenger window. ha.

Went swathing with Hailey. It was SO interesting and fun!! ha. We had a blast... and I saw a family of mice.... IT WAS DISGUSTING! ha. And then I heard Kirk, Hailey's dad, sing... he is such a good singer.. I was very impressed.

Got bored so I made a ring out of a straw wrapper when I was at Red Robin.

Went to Transformers with friends and family.

My cousin from Cali came up, and I did her hair.

I gave a talk on seminary today in church.

Oh and last night we had a ward party and we had Sundae's Ice Cream!! It is the best ice cream ever!!! I'm gonna go there soon and get a basket of fresh cut french fries.. they are DELICIOUS!! :)


Monday, June 15, 2009

Crazy Weekend! :)

So this last weekend was the little girls' cheer clinic. Well I had to teach the 5-7 year old girls. They are so cute but crazy at the same time! So some cheerleaders and I taught the girls the dance they were going to show their parents and it was to the song Walking on Sunshine. Then we taught them their cheer and then we had just got done eating... and we were in the upstairs gym and we were going over the dance and the cheer with the little girls and we were playing games with them. I realized that little kids have to go to the bathroom SO much, I swear we took bathroom breaks like every 5 minutes. ha. So while we were upstairs all 60 of the 5-7 year old girls came up to me and i thought they were going to hug me, but little did I know... They weren't. They all grabbed on to my legs and lifted me off the ground. I fell on my back and they all jumped on me and started pinching me! It was crazy. So Morgan (one of the cheerleaders) told the girls to stop, and they just kept going, but finally they let me up, and i told them that once I got to the black line, they couldn't pinch me anymore. So I was only like 2 feet away from the black line, and I started walking towards it, and they were pulling me back, so I was basically planted in one spot on the ground because I couldn't move. Even though they pinched me to death and knocked me down on the ground... they are still cute. ha. I really wonder how people get mad at little kids because they are just so cute, it is hard to get mad at them. It was so sad, when we were performing for the parents this little girl came up to me and was crying and she told me that she just wanted her mom, but she couldn't find her. I felt so bad for her. Finally we found her mom though, and she was so happy to see her.
So I was thinking... that is kind of like life. We get off the path and get lost. We realize we are in trouble, and it is hard to find our way back, but once you find your way back on to the path, you are so happy to see your friends and loved ones that cheer you on in life, so I just want to say thanks to everyone that has helped me in my life to choose the right, and who has cheered me on through my life, even though sometimes it is hard and the things I do, not everyone else is doing them, but I know that if I do what is right everything is better. I am also thankful for the people that have helped me get back on the track when I fall off. So basically thank you everyone for your support and being there for me through rough times and times when I thought life wouldn't go on. I appreciate it. :)
On to a different note... So Friday night I stayed at my sister Sheena's house because my mom went to Bear Lake. Sheena and her husband Tyler are so nice to me. They took me with them when they hung out with their friends on Friday night, and we went to Wingers! It was SO SO good. Then we went Bowling and I totally dominated!! It was awesome. I have never done good in bowling, so I was SO happy that I won. When our game was over we went back to Tyler and Sheena's house and we watched National Treasures 2. I think it is SO funny in that movie at the very end when Riley got his Ferarri back and went to drive off and romped on the gas and FLEW in reverse and hit a car! haha.
So Saturday was the Stampede Days Parade, and Dani told us she was quitting the cheer team and moving to Jackson with her boyfriend, and I started crying.. I am a BIG bawl baby! ha. I cry over everything. ha. but anyways... so then Dani told me she was just kidding. I was SO ticked, but then once I thought about it, I had to laugh because it was funny that I totally believed her, when she is the captain, and she would never do anything like that to the cheer team! ha. Then after the parade it was raining SUPER hard so I ran to shelter and I lost my Cheer Warm-up bottoms that we had just got on friday. I was freaking out, but then a cheerleader said she grabbed them! I was SO relieved.
Today I was coming home from cheer and heard the coolest song by Flo Rida. I love it. It is one of my new favorite songs! ha.
K... my little brother is SO cute. So we were sitting in the kitchen eating cereal, and Rusten was like, "I am so excited for Austin to get home from his mission!" and I started laughing. Then I was like, "Me too, but he still has like a year and a half left!" And then Rusten was talking about how nice Austin is to him and me, and how fun he is. It was SO cute, and to top off the cuteness, Rusten poured me my milk in my cereal without me even asking him to. It was the cutest. ha. Then I was sitting in my room scrapbooking, and Rusten came up and taped this note onto my bed, so I looked at it, and it said, "Aubree, I love you. You are so nice to me. You are the best sister in the whole world." It was the cutest little note ever. So I hugged him and he told me that he knew I was going to do that. haha.
So that is my weekend in review. I hope everyone had a great weekend, because I know I did. Have a great day and make the best of it.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Wow.. it has been a long time! haha. Well... summer is AMAZING! ha. I have had cheer a lot which is ok... but i lost weight!! WOOHOO!! So I had Youth Conference this last weekend and it was SO much fun! When I got there, my friend Hailey came up to me and she got THE WORST sunburn I have seen! ha. I felt so bad for her!!

Today I went and laid out in the sun! :)

So update on Austin... He sent me his testimony for my birthday!! and then he gave me one of his name tags. I was SO happy!

Anyways... last week Hailey and I went into town, and her new car is SO cute! I love it. So we went to Taco Bell :] ha. and then we went and saw Night at the Museum 2!! It is the funniest movie! I love it. I encourage everyone to go see it!!

I finally got the Reflections of Christ CD!!! I love it! the music is SO pretty! I like the pictures that it shows on the case too! They are good.

Well, hopefully I get on and write another post soon. I have just been so busy! ha. Summer is Great!!

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