Thursday, July 18, 2013

Crazy week + 31 weeks!

My mom sent me home with some of the pork from Andy's Homecoming lunch thing and so we had yummy salad for dinner the other night!! It was DELISH! :D
Ok so I made this skirt for my cute little niece and Alex sent me this picture along with a video of her squealing!! It was the funniest, cutest thing!! :D She is just so adorable!! :D
Things around here have been very different! hahahaha. I am still working on stuff for baby girl's room! :)
Then the other night there was a CRAZY thunderstorm/lightning!! I hopped in the shower and half way through... BAM!!! I couldn't see anything!!! I was screaming for Austin and he came in and held a flashlight for me to finish showering! I felt bad cause it was like midnight and he had been sleeping! ha. Then since the power was out, the water pressure was going down obviously! hahaaha. So I hurried and finished and there wasn't enough water pressure in the sink, so I had to brush my teeth in the tub! haha. Ya... it was a crazy night!! And I had just gotten groceries and so I was freaking out thinking that the food would go bad in the fridge. BUT then the craziest thing happened! ha. I said a prayer because I was freaking out so bad and right as I was praying to help the power come back on soon, right as I said soon... BAM!! The power came back on!! haha. :) It was so cool! :) I know it's a tiny thing, but things like that show how powerful prayer can be and how we need to have faith! :) I am so grateful for prayer and the gospel and I am excited to teach our little girl about the gospel with Austin! :)
Anyway... so last night I ran to the bathroom, and when I came back, Austin had set up the table like this! Everything is around my plate! hahahaha. He always does such funny things, he cracks me up! haha. 
Then this morning when I woke up to make breakfast, I turned on the sink and there was NO water!!! AHH.... well turns out the motor went bad in the well... YIKES!!! Power outage, well going out... What else?? hahaha. No I'm kidding.. I think we will have a smooth sailing rest of the week! :) haha. 
So as of today I am 31 WEEKS!!!!!!!! :D
I honestly can not believe I only have 9 weeks left!! It's crazy because in a way it is flying, but then in a way, it is going by so slow!! haha. It must just be because it is SO close that I just want it to be here!!! hahaha. Lately baby girl likes to chill either on my left side or up by my ribs! ha. Now when she moves, it is visible!! You can totally see my belly moving! and I think it's funny when she is pushed up against my belly and the side she is on pokes out more than my other side! haha. I just love watching her move (like I am right now! :D)! 
Well have a great Thursday!! :)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Andy's Homecoming

Sunday was Andy's homecoming!! I didn't get any pictures of Aust and I but oh well!! haha. :) It went great!! He did such a good job!! Another boy in my mom's ward got home too, so it was his homecoming as well. For the musical number Austin helped out! :) They had the future missionaries in both families sing I Hope They Call Me On A Mission, and then it transitioned into Army of Helaman where Andy, one of his companions from the mish, and my cousin sang in Portuguese, Then my mom and two of my cousins sang in Spanish, and then Austin and all the other returned missionaries in both families sang in English! :) It was so great!! Sheena wasn't able to be there since she's in NC, so I sent her this snapchat, so she could see Andy talk haha. and he recorded his talk and sent it to her! :)
Well on our way to church, we stopped by my mom's house to put my salad and dessert in the fridge and we saw a car parked/wrecked by a pivot! We thought it was weird but we figured everyone knew about it. Well at church then my mom and I were talking to my grandpa Del Ray and he told us that there was a shooting in Rigby and the guy shot and killed some other guy and then drove out here and that was his car and he is on the run now (but the police have found him now!). The police were looking for his car and they had found it after we were at church!!! It's so crazy that we found a car the police were looking for but didn't even know!! ha.
Well so on our way to my mom's house the police were at that pivot and so we had to go around the fork in the road to get to my mom's house. haha.
SCARY!!! hahaha. We were joking that we would get to my mom's and he would be there eating the food and taking clothes! hahahaha.
Anyway... It was a great day!! And there was tons of DELICIOUS food!! :) Austin was like, "Have you noticed that the best food is always served at homecomings?" hahaha. It was fun having family up and getting to chat with them! :) 
Have a great Tuesday!! :)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Day spent in Jackson/West Yellowstone!!

Saturday was so fun!! :) 
We woke up and Aust had to go to work for a little, and then we were off to Jackson! :) 
Aust was going to go mountain biking with Blake, while I went shopping with Alex and Ellie in Jackson, but it was raining, so we all just walked around Jackson together! :) It was so fun and Ellie was so happy that whole day!! She is so stinkin cute!!
She really wanted some Huckleberry Soda! ha :)
Then we left Jackson and decided to go through Yellowstone Park to get to West Yellowstone because there was construction the other way... Well little did we realize that we had to pay more than we thought to drive through the park haha and then everyone was driving so slow, so it seemed like such a long drive, but I was actually glad we went that way because it was so pretty and it was so fun to see all the scenery! :)
We got to West Yellowstone and met up with Austin's parents just in time for the show at Playmill that we went to! We saw Fiddler on the Roof and it was a great play/musical!! :D Our seats were at the top where there wasn't any AC!!! Oh man!!! I seriously thought I was going to die!! Like from the beginning when I first sat down it was SO hot!!! So for intermission I usually get Heidi's Fudge, but we had gotten Salted Caramel and Raspberry Chocolate Fudge in Jackson, so Aust got me some ice cream and ice cold water instead!!! MMMM!!! It was perfect since it was so hot!! It cooled me down a little! haha. The heat was worth it though!! We love the Playmill!! :)
Then we ate dinner to finish our fun filled day!! :)
We had a great time with Austin's family and it was so fun!! 
Have a great Monday! :)

Friday, July 12, 2013

Getting Things Ready for Baby Girl!! :)

So this week has pretty much been dedicated to our baby! hahaha. Well kind of!! :)
First, my mom gave us a challenge this year to read the Book of Mormon by the time Andy got home and guess what??!! I finished!! :) Aust and I both!! :) It is such a great accomplishment, and I love reading the Book of Mormon. I feel like I learn something new EVERY single time I read it! :)
Next... so we decided to start getting ready for our baby girl to get here, and to start, we had been using her room as like a storage room and it was just kind of a mess, so we cleaned it up and set up her crib!! :)
Isn't it so cute?? :)
Then I have been trying to make bread so we don't have to buy it from the store, because let's face it... homeade bread tastes SO much better!! :) So I made white bread and cinnamon bread last time, so this time I made wheat bread, and I will probably alternate every time! :) This wheat bread tastes so good!! It is like the perfect consistency and moistness! haha. So we have been eating meat sandwiches and this is an egg salad sandwich I made! :)
So you know how I was talking about getting ready for our baby girl to get here??? Well here is a sneak peek of what I am working on!! :) 
And Thursday (yesterday) I hit the 30 week mark!!! 3/4 the way done!! WOOHOO!! I only have 10 weeks left!! Which my sister informed me that it could be less than 10 weeks too, but if it is, I hope it isn't much less cause I want her to be a healthy baby!! :) I am so excited to meet her!! I can hardly believe July is almost half way over!!!! It is so crazy how fast time flies!! :) 
And this week I ordered my diaper bag!!! :D AHHH!!! I am so excited for it to get here!! :) It feels like there is just so much to do in so little time!! haha. I guess that just means I will be busy getting everything all together, and if any of you are ever wondering where I am... you will know that I am getting ready for our sweet baby girl's arrival!! :D YAY!!! :)
Have a great Friday!!! :) And probably weekend! :)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Busy Partying!!

We have had so much fun since Andy has been home!! Well we had tons of fun before too, but you know what I mean! haha. :)
So the day after Andy got home we went to the temple. We were supposed to go the day he got home, but then he got home on the 4th of July, so the temple was obviously closed. haha. So we went the day after! Then we ate at Nielsen's Frozen Custard, which is always AMAZING!! :) I seriously love their frozen custard!! :) Then everyone came out to our house to play games!! It was a blast!! We played games and talked! :)
The next day Aust and I went fabric shopping for our baby girl's room!! :) Then we ate at Sweeto Burrito (I got the Sweeto Burrito and Aust got the All- American! :D), and then I had my first snow cone (Barbie, which is watermelon and passion fruit!) of the summer!! YUM-O!!!! :D I didn't get any pictures of that date though! DANG!
The next day we went to church and then I made caramel brownies and ate at my mom's and hung out there. We talked, some took naps, and Andy told us all about Brazil and gave us sweet stuff!! :)
This candy is really good actually!! :) And there were also some chocolates that were good! :) One tasted like nutella!! MMM!! The top container is this like peanut butter candy roll things! and then the bottom candy is kind of like a white chocolate kit kat! :)
Andy gave me these havaianas!! They are super comfy flip flops and I have seriously worn them every day since I got them!! haha. Andy was telling us that in Brazil when children or pets are misbehaving, the parents or whoever will take their havaianas off and shake them up by their head as if they were going to smack the kids or pets and the kids or pets would start to behave! hahaha.
He got Aust this sweet soccer jersey!! :) Because obviously soccer is big there!! :D haha. Andy kept showing us things he got and he'd be like, ya this is my soccer team! haha. :) 
It is so fun hearing about Andy's mission experiences and spending time with family!! :) We have been having a blast and have just been busy partying as you can see from this post! :) 
Thanks for the havaianas and jersey Andy (and for sharing your candy with us!! :D)! :) We love them! :)
Have a great Thursday!! :)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

4th of July and Andy Getting Home! :)

This year was crazy the week of the 4th of July. 
So Andy was supposed to get home on the 3rd and we had all these things planned to do once he got home, but it was raining really bad in Brazil, so bad that the plane wasn't able to land and pick up Andy, so his arrival back home got changed to July 4th at 4:44pm (Do you like all the 4's??? :))
So since he wasn't getting home on the 3rd anymore, our plans changed a little. I stained the front porch and Hannah, my sister-in-law, was nice enough to come help! :)
That night I went with my family to Pizza Pie Cafe and ate WAY too much pizza!! hahaha. Afterwards we went to my Uncle and Aunt's house for a little bit and then went to my mom's house and my sister JoDee did my hair! :) I have been wanting to lighten it since it's summer and dark hair gets too hot and I have just been wanting a change, so that is what I did!! :)
While my hair was processing JoDee noticed that my feet were swollen... It was so crazy!!!
But the swelling went down after I kept my feet up like all day the next day! haha. :)
The 4th came and it was the big day!!! :) It was also the day I was 29 weeks along!! :) WOOHOO!
We went over to my mom's and made a poster and got everything together to go get Andy!
On our way to the airport it was pouring rain, but then it was such a nice day once we got to the airport and the rest of the day!! :) And also, while we were on our way to the airport we got pulled over, but we didn't get a ticket, and Austin was like, "It's a good thing he wasn't a mormon hater!" hahaha. And I was like, "Ya his parents were probably late to pick him up and so he doesn't want that to happen to anyone! hahaha."
So here are pictures from the airport.. and his plane was a little delayed so he ended up getting to the airport around 5:15! And my sister Sheena and her husband are living in North Carolina, so they weren't able to be there, so we face timed them so they could share the excitement and moment with all of us! :) I will let the pictures do the talking! :)
Here is a little video of my mom and Andy seeing each other for the first time is 2 years! :) Quite the tear jerker!! haha. :)
After the airport we went to my Grandma's for a BBQ for the 4th of July and her birthday, since they are the same day!! :) It was her 85th birthday!! :) It was so fun being able to spend it with all the family minus Sheen. After the BBQ we went to the fireworks in Idaho Falls. They always put on such a great show!!
Well I went to take pictures and didn't realize how bright the flash was, which resulted in this picture!! hahahahahaha.
Then I was able to handle it...
Austin's sister's Hannah and Hailey came and watched the fireworks with us! :)
It was a great 4th of July and it is SO fun having Andy home!! :) 
I hope you all had a great 4th of July!! :)
Have a great hump day!! :)
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