Saturday, August 20, 2011


That's right! It's combining season!

Austin has taken me in a lot of tractors.

(the bailer, the planter, the plower, the digger, the loader, etc...)

But he hasn't ever taken me in a combine!

Well yesterday he took me in one! I've never realized how big they are!!!

Here is the line-up of the combine and grain cart:

We combined some grain to see if it was ready...

This is one of my senior pictures, but this is a grain field if you don't know what it is!! :)

And this is another senior picture from last sumer that Austin's sister, Alex Hawker Photography.. former Plain Jayne Photography took and this was a picture for Austin. haha
This is the combine! :)

Check out the feet to header ratio in the following picture! haha. the combine header is MASSIVE!!! It's 30 feet long and it's probaly like 6 to 10 feet tall!! haha.
I was amazed with the size of this!

My handsome hubby testing the grain:

He was inside the part that holds the grain and I was on top of the combine taking this picture and the following picture:

It's such I huge drop! I probably would've died if I fell off! hahaha. No that was probably an exaggeration, but I probably would've got hurt!! GOOD THING I DIDN'T! :D

(me holding the wheat! YAY!! :D)
Check out the GPS! It's so cool.
It drives for you, and it tells you where you've cut!

this is the out the window, in the mirror view to the grain to see how full it is:

Can you see the little window in the mirror and can you see where the grain is at? :)
It's full!! :)
This thing is HUGE!!! It's probably like twenty feet! haha.
It's unloading the grain into a truck:

That's right... I like to chill in massive combine wheels for fun! haha.

This is an obvious statement:

Who would ride the ladder while the combine is moving??!!! That would be way too scary and the grain dust would get all over you! EWW!!
Here's some pictures Austin took of the combine:

After we combined we checked water and as we were on our way back to the house we got to enjoy this pretty sunset:

The joys of living in Idaho! :)
I love being able to see the pretty sunset in the mountains, and the empty space! haha.
I love the country!
The things I don't like though are snow (it looks pretty, but I hate how cold it is), the wind, and the dirt flying in your mouth and eyes! haha.
But msotly I have nothing but good to say about LOVELY IDAHO!!
I am proud to call Idaho my home! haha.

Have a great saturday! :D


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Tyler and Sheena said...

Lol you are so funny Aubree! I love your post, and you look so cute and tiny in the big wheel! Go my little farm girl!! :)

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