Friday, July 23, 2010

Finding Emily Family Reunion

The middle of June we had our Finding Emily Family Reunion. My Aunt Nancy wrote a book on my ancestors and then decided to have a family reunion so we could see all the places my family went to. It was really fun. To get ready for it, I had to make a forest background. It look a while to paint it, but it was worth it in the end because they had to cutest play and used it as the background.
This is when I was in the process of painting it. I ran out of paint and got different colors and it was kind of bad, but I tried to mix then and make the same colors of green that I had before. ha.
The first day we got there and we were in the middle of nowhere learnign about things. It was like the first hot day since last summer so it was nice. Except I was wearing a very warm cardigan so I just was trying to stay as cool as I could. This included flapping my arms like I was flying so I could get air flowing across my skin. ha.
Sheena and I.
My mom and I
These are pictures of my grandpa's sister and his grandma. His grandma is Emily.
The second day we went to somewhere that wasn't as in the middle of nowhere as the other place because there was houses, but it was in Wyoming which is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. ha. I took pictures with Rusten and JoDeeann on the second day, and this day I had my hair up and I didn't get as hot. haha.
We went to a cemetary and this tree was growing out of a headstone. It was weird, so I had to take a picture. ha.
This is my cute mom acting like she was Mary, my grandpa's mom. She was being so stinkin cute with it. ha. she acted likie she didn't know what a microphone was, cause you know she wasn't my mom, she was Mary. haha. Then my uncle wrote my name it arabic. It is awesome. You read it from right to left instead of left to right. :)

This is the delicious dessert and dinner we had while we were up there. :)
The play was sleeping beauty and it was so cute! My cousin's daughter was sleeping beauty and she was talking like monotone and it was so funny. Like in one part she said, "This is the happiest day of my life." But she was monotone so it sounded so funny. haha. :) and do you recognize something?? haha. Yep... That's the background I painted! :)
The Finding Emily Family Reunion was a great experience. It was fun learnign more about my ancestors, and going on wagon rides to cemetaries to see some family and where they are barried. One headstone of my family's had their hair in a glass on the headstone! It was crazy. My family is like obsessed with hair. My grandma has this container of her like grandma's hair or some relative, right next to the guest bed! It is freaky. I don't know if it's there anymore, but when I was a little kid I remember always seeing it. haha.
We went and visited this hole in the ground that Emily and her family lived in, and I felt so bad. I am so thankful for my ancestors that came here and settled their land, and for what they sacrificed to get here. I am so thankful for everything my ancestors did basically. They are amazing. Along with all the other Pioneers. I am thankful I have a house for shelter and I don't have to walk thousands of miles to live somewhere. That reunion made me have a new look on life. :)
Everyone have a wonderful Sunday and I will keep catching you up over time. haha. :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Catching Up? YES!

Ok so sorry about not posting anything for a MONTH!!! ha. I was thinking once summer started I would have ALL the time in the world to blog... but no! I have been even more busy it seems like. ha.

Cheer Captain anyone?? hahaha. Well I'm cheer captain and it's basically like I'm on call 24/7. ha. I love being captain, but that is what keeps me busy haha. But it's better to be busy than having nothing to do. haha. I am always taking calls and texts, complaints and compliments, and it's kind of nice because now I know whats going on with everone on the team. hahaha. It's like I have 25 daughters, and maybe more, but that's a later issue to discuss. hahaha. :)

Sydnee, Lou Lou, Dawson, Brady. Where are you? hahha. So I have a babysitting job. It's great. The kids I babysit are so stinkin cute. ha. Lou Lou told me she loved me and Sydnee told Lou Lou she can only say that to her parents and siblings. haha. It was pretty funny.

Fundraisers... Ok so for cheer we have had some fundraisers and we are having more. :) Well we had a 4th of July booth and I had to get watermelons. ha. It was quite fun. Then I made some sweet Hamburger cookies. Well I got this awesome thing called a sarong. It is the coolest thing EVER!! :)

Many more things have been going on. I will post pictures SOON... and I will tell more about what has been going on. ha. :)

Tomorrow is the 18 month mark!!! My missionary gets to burn his slacks!! WOOHOO!!!! 6 more months until I get to see him face to face. Who's excited?!?!? OH ME ME ME!!! haha. :)

Well everyone have a fantastic week? Day? hahha. How about until next time I blog. lol. :) Which I'm hoping is in the next few days.. but who knows. haha.

Basically I'm just loving being busy and having a great summer. haha. :)

*Aubree Jo*

P.S. We got our cheer uniforms!!!!! YES!!!!! They are SO SO SO stinkin cute. I will get pictures up soon. :)
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