Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Trip to Utah for...

So yesterday I took the quick trip to Utah like I said I was going to! :)

I took my grandma's car and I met up with my sister to get something for Tyler.

Then I met up with Tyler and we were off to the state of UTAH!

It was a fun drive down there. We just talked pretty much the whole time except when he was on his phone!

Well we got to the dealership and their new car is SO nice! :)

It's a '10 Chevy Malibu LT-1 and it's white! :) It's such a cute roomy car! :)

We were there for a while and then we finally left. ha.

Well the whole time my grandma's car kept beeping and I think I looked in her car manual more than I ever looked in one. haha. I usually don't look at manuals, but this was an Audi so it's a foreign car so everything in it is different. haha.

Well I found out the beeping and the thing flashing was just the washer fluid was low so I just kinda ignored that beep! ha.

Then we get to the gas station and Tyler and I can't figure out how to open either of our gas tanks, so guess what we did! Pulled out our manuals. hah. Well we didn't really find anything and so we both just went to the tank and started pushing on the door everywhere and we both figured it out at the same time.

Tyler was like, "Wow the cashier probably is like 'what are those crazy people doing!?'" hahah. Oh man! It was quite funny :)

Then I stopped by my mom's and she made HOMEADE CINNAMON ROLLS!!! OH YA! :) She makes the best food! AND.... my little brother is gonna be in Middle School!!! I can't believe he's not in elementary anymore!! Then my cousin is gonna be in HIGH SCHOOL!! I remember when he was born!! Can I just say I FEEL SO OLD!!!! hahahahaha. :)

Well here is a picture of Tyler and Sheena's new car! :)

It's just a picture from google but theirs looks like this :)

This doesn't really do justice! hahaha. It looks way better than this :) And it's way shiny :)


Have a great day!


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