Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Food Storage.

This morning my mother-in-law Kathryn and I left to IF at 8:20 and went to the cannery haha.

Our emergency block decided that this would be fun for our service project and because then we can have food storage! :) YAY!

So we got to the cannery and washed our hands and we had to put on these lovely caps:

(Tami, Me, Kathryn, and Hali. Tami and Hali Furness are our neighbors! :D)

Don't we look lovely?

We thought so! haha. jk.

I called all of us Mushroom Heads! haha. :)

After that we got right to work!

I was showing Kathryn how the can sealer thing worked and I didn't think it would go if a can wasn't in there but it did... and the guy there got mad! haha. OOPS!! I felt bad.

Then we got to canning.

Kathryn was a pro stamper on the labels, I was a pro can sealer and Lori was a pro at filling up the cans! haha.

We canned all sorts of food!

I now have a food storage! WOOHOO!! And I got Hot Chocolate from there! OH YA! A huge can! That's how I roll! :)

When we were canning the dry milk and flour, it was going all over me and I tried to keep it as clean as I could with a rag! haha.

Then when we were canning dry onions it stunk so bad! ha.

But oh man... when the Cocoa Mix was getting canned, it made that place smell delicious! haha. :)

If you haven't gone to the cannery... YOU SHOULD! It is so fun and you get food storage while you're at it! And you can do it as service! So great! :)

Have a great wednesday! :)


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