Thursday, August 25, 2011

Midnight Run + Engagements

Ok so last night Austin and I took a midnight run to Wal Mart.

We were shopping and when we bought the stuff, there were only like 2 workers.

Well it took forever and then we walk outside and see this...

(it's a little blurry sorry. ha.)

All the Wal Mart workers taking their smoke break!

It stunk so bad. haha.

But if you go to the Wal Mart by Olive Garden in IF you know Juan... the guy that is always the greeter when you walk in.

Well when we were walking in we saw him walking out and Austin said, "Wow you know it's late when Juan is getting off work!" hahaha.

Well then we saw him on this wall hahahha. We kinda had to hide to take this picture because they were all like staring at us. hahahhaa. :)

And.... here are my engagement pictures finally!

We took them in May and it was raining everywhere except where we took pictures! It was awesome! :)


Have a great Thursday! :)


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