Tuesday, August 23, 2011



Austin and I have been waiting for this for like 2 weeks!!

We ordered a sweet headboard for our bed and lately we've been thinking maybe it got lost or something.

Well this morning Austin came home to eat a little breakfast and go right back to work and right before he left there was a knock at the door!

We both got big eyes!

I was jumping and was like, "AUSTIN MAYBE IT'S THE FEDEX GUY!!!"

Austin peeks out the window and says excitedly, "YES IT IS!!!!"


We answer the door and he tells us he has heavy boxes and so Austin and him haul them in from the garage!

We set them in the middle of our house and right once the FedEx guy left, we started ripping one of the boxes open! :)

Our headboard finally came!!! OH YA!

Now I just need to finish my bedspread and then we'll have our room finished!! YAY!!

Here is a picture of this morning for you to enjoy! :)

Have a grat day and if you're waiting for the FedEx guy and you're thinking he won't come... JUST WAIT!!! The longer you have to wait, the more excited you get!! haha. :)

AND... today I am taking a quick trip to Utah to take my brother-in-law to get his and Sheena's new car!! YAY! :)


P.S. Lately I've had quite a few people tell me they love reading my blog, and I just want to say to you guys who read my blog, THANK YOU FOR READING IT!!!! I'm glad you like to hear about my crazy life! haha. :) I love to hear when there is someone else reading my blog!! It makes me want to blog more and more! haha. :)

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Tyler and Sheena said...

haha you are so funny Aub! I read your blog every time I get online, it is on my online checklist! ha so keep posting!! And thanks so much for taking Ty down today... I can't wait to see my new car, hope I like it! :) lol You are adorable and so talented and it was fun seeing you for like 2 seconds today! Let's for sure play this weekend, Love you Sis:)

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