Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Meet my beautiful sister Sheena if you haven't already:

She is AWESOME! :)

She just had her 3 year anniversary with her husband last week... 8.9.08 is when they got married! :)

She looked gorgeous!

Well they went to Arizona for her husband Tyler to do an internship and they came back right before their wedding.

Well they moved today and I helped them!

It was so much fun! :)

But it made me not want to go somewhere and leave stuff in a storage unit.

Everything had so much dust on it... BUT one good thing is they had ZERO mice get in their storage unit! :) WOOHOO! Good thing or I would've freaked! haha.

So we dusted off everything before taking into the Apt. :)

Then Sheena's cute mother-in-law, Val went and got us all lunch and we all appreciated it because it was so stinkin hot so we had cold drinks to cool us off and the food to give us more energy! OH YA! :D

Now since they live in Rexburg again I will be able to visit them a lot more!

I'm so excited! :)

Sheen... we will have lots of double dates with our hubbys ok?! :)

Maybe bowling?????? hahaha.

Well have a great tuesday!! :)


P.S. today I had a Nutter Butter Blizzard from Dairy Queen and MMMM...mmmmm was it YUMMY!!!! Go get one! You will love it if you love peanut butter as much as I do!! haha. :)

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