Saturday, August 6, 2011


So the first time Austin and I went grocery shopping we decided to get Nesquik.

We were walking down all the rows and one row said Hispanic and we wanted to see what that meant, so we were walking down it and saw this:

YES! Just what we were looking for! But wait... why is it in the hispanic row?

haha. Well we figured out that everything is in spanish before it says it in english. ha.

Well we bought it and Now Austin is converted! haha.

He's always saying, "Mexican Nesquik is so much better than American."

Then I have to say, "Austin, they are the exact same thing, except the hispanic says spanish first." haha.

My husband is so funny :)

Today I was like, "Austin what are we gonna do when we run out of Mexican Nesquik? Are we gonna have to go with the boring American Nesquik?" hahaha.

Then he just started laughing.

It's kinda a joke in our house now! haha. :)

Nesquik has treated us well. lol.

If you go to buy Nesquik next time or for the first time, get the Hispanic kind.... it makes your house so much more fun cause everytime you bring it out you try to pronouce the spanish :)

Austin thinks Nesquik in spanish in Nes-queek.... I think it's pronouced the same though, maybe with an accent haha.

Have a great day everyone! :)


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