Friday, August 26, 2011

My Packed Day. :)

So yesterday was a packed day!

I woke up. Made Amish bread and this time I tried a new flavor!

Chocolate pudding with chocolate chips!!! OH YA! :)

Doesn't it look good??

So then I walk outside to this site!!!

YIKES!!! Whenever there's a fire everything looks orange! If you can't tell what color the sun is.... here's another pic:

Ok... you still can't see it! But it was SO RED!! Like the color of Red Kitchen Aids!! haha. :)

Yes I love my red kitchen aid. lol.

Then Austin's trainer from the mish came over with his date and I made din din for them, but I forgot to take pictures! Sorry!

But here is a picture of the sink full of dishes to show that I was cooking ALL DAY! haha. :)

It was so fun! :) We had twice-baked potatoes, salad, smoothies, and Amish Cake! :)

And all four of us fit in the tractor and went on a ride because Brett (Austin's trainer) had never ben in a tractor and wanted to go in it! ha. :)

AND.... his dates name was Aubree too... so Austin kept getting confused and so he said, "OK we're calling my Aubree Aubs, and your Aubree Aubree." haha. :)

It was such a fun day!

Have a great Friday!! WOOHOO!!! :)


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