Friday, May 29, 2009

What a way to start summer..

So last night was the first night of summer, and it was also my birthday party. It was very fun! My family and I played outside games (ex: throwing water balloons, badmitton) and When we were throwing water balloons, I had the last balloon... and since it was my birthday party, my little brother Rusten let me hit him.. Ya, it soaked him! ha. So then we played Encore (SUPER fun game!) and then some friends showed up and we watched Forever Strong (which means that is my second time watching it, which means it is a WAY good movie!).
Sheena and Me.
My mom, Me, and Sheena Right as people were showing up! :)
Missy, Emily, Me, Kallie, Presley! I love these girls!
The PARTY!! haha.
My Birthday Cupcakes!!
The Boquet of Lilacs Rusten got me for my birthday!
The picture frame my YW leader Kristine got me!
The YUMMY fudge Doug got me for my b day!!

It was a SUPER fun party.

So today I woke up and had YUMMY french toast with vanilla syrup.. and then my mom and I started cleaning windows. It was pretty fun.. I got tan. lol. Anyways, then I see the mail lady in her jeep and I was like "Mom, I'm gonna go get the mail" and I ran to the mailbox... because I didn't get a letter from Elder Austin Kirk Egbert (my missionary/ boyfriend. ha) last week because I am pretty sure it got lost in the mail! ha. So I opened up the mailbox... and there it was.
The letter from this week!! WOOHOO!! I started jumping for joy and I couldn't help but smile (and sing)!
This is Austin! He is the best! I miss him... but I am SO proud of him!

On to a different subject... ha. So it was super warm today. So me and Rusten went and put a sprinkler under the tramp and got in our swimming suits and jumped on the tramp! It is SO fun! anyways... So we were having a knee war and I decided to jump SUPER high and land on my knees and when i landed.. you think the tramp would kind of absorb the bounce so it isn't such a hard hit when you break through the trampoline... but oh.. no, no.... it doesn't!! ha. I landed on the tramp and ripped a hole in the middle and fell to the ground and springs flew off and i got all scraped up, and I think it did something to my ankle... because it kills! So I told my mom and she told me that the tramp was like 12 years old or older.. and then Rusten told me there was a few loose string things on the tramp so then i was like, "Wow... I must have hit the loose threads just right.." haha. So now we need a new tramp... so then it will be new and we won't have to worry about any loose threads! hahaha.
See the hole right in the middle? haha. Ya.. that is what the tramp looks like now.
So it was quite the way to start my summer vacation! ha. It was fun though.
And then i just got a call from my mom and she said she was on her way home from her triathalon meeting and her suburban quit and she can't start it... so she is stranded. So I would go get her if all the cars weren't gone! haha.
We all just need to look at the positive outcomes when things happen! It makes life so much more fun and easier. ha. :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

School's Out!!! :)

Yesterday was the last day of school and it was great!! ha. I got a tad bit burnt though because my 5th hour teacher didn't take roll so i just went outside for 2 hours and so now i have like i farmer's tanline deal. haha. I passed all my classes... so now i am a JUNIOR!!! WOOHOO :)

Also... since I turned 16, I went on a date last night.. and we went to the greenbelt and had a subway picnic... and then we rode on a bicycle built for two. hahaha. it was AWESOME!! I want a 2-seater bike now.. but they are DANG hard to steer... i was like ALL OVER the path! haha. Anyways, then we went to the kid's house and watched this show called Forever Strong... It is such a good show... everyone should watch it.. it is inspiring! I might just have to go buy it. ha.

Me being SO excited that school is OUT for the summer! :)

Also... when I was coming home from school I went to my little brother's award assembly thing... and he got two awards! He is such a cutie! ha.

He got an award for donating box tops! and his class donated over 1300!!

He made a poster for Smokey the Bear and won like something in the state for it! It is SUCH a cute poster. Along with all the other kids' posters! :)


Wednesday, May 27, 2009


K.. so this is a continuation from the last post. ha. So this last weekend I went to Wyoming for Memorial Day. I went with my family, and we visited my grandma. She is such a cute lady. So anyways.. When we were driving there... which by the way it took us 7 HOURS because we stopped everywhere, so my mom decided we aren't going to Nauvoo anymore because it would take too long.. anyways.. so I was bored while riding in the car and I saw my sisters glasses so i put them on. They are purple and so cute! ha.

Then we went and picked up me sister JoDee from Utah.. and then we finally got to Wyoming.. and did i mention we stopped like every gas station and everything. haha.

So we saw my Grandma the next morning and we went to church and then came home and played Rock Band!!! SUPER FUN game.

Me and Sheena.

Me and Jo.

I got my hair done that night along with like basically my whole family because my lovely sister JoD is a Cosmetologist.

I Woke up on May 25th and I was a Year older!! It was my birthday! WOOHOO. :) It was weird though cause it was memorial day so we went to the cemetery and stuff. Then we had a family reunion.. and I opened my presents. SUPER FUN!

Me after my hair got highlighted.

My cousin Cheyna and Me.

My mom and her cousin Patty.

The Bag and nail polish Sheena got me for my birthday. :)

The cute wrapping paper my presents were wrapped in.
My Birthday Card from my mom.

The presents from my mom.
The Card from my grandma.
I'm the birthday girl! haha.
I went into the bathroom and saw this picture...
GOOD quote! ha.

Monday, May 25, 2009


This weekend was SUPER fun!!! I went to Wyoming with my family.. and my sister and I were at a family reunion and she wanted to watch Jon Schmidt's Love Story meets Viva La Vida so we went into the Relief Society room and watched it! Every time i watch it... I get the chills! IT IS AMAZING!!!! I will post it SOON.. along with everything else that happened over my weekend! :)


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fun Days! :)

So in Strength and Con. we made music videos and my group and I dressed up BRIGHT! :]
It was SUPER fun!!
Then.. Yesterday, Me and Hailey had a afternoon full of fun!
Me and Hailey at Cafe Rio.
Hailey Eating the Quesedilla!
Me Eating the Quesedilla.

Our Quesedilla! YUMMY.

Alexis's Peanut Butter Cup from Sundae's! DELICIOSO! ha.
We had such a fun day! And that night we went to a bon fire but it was LAME! haha.
So today then I am pretty sad! Thing are not going good. I'm thinking I will have to pull out the Stand A Little Taller book and start reading it to cheer me up. I just hope that I am not right about what is happening! ha. :(

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Graduation :(

So today was graduation for the seniors. It was quite sad. but it was up at the Hart... so Whitney and I went and had lunch in the cafeteria with my sister and brother-in-law. It was pretty good. So I went to the graduation
Me and Dallin

Lisa and me.

So i told all the senior congrats... except Andrea.. cause i could't find her.. ha. So... CONGRATS Rigby class of 2009!!

Then Whit and I went and got AMAZING sno cones!! mine was very fruity... so my plan is to go the the sno shack A LOT this summer!! WOOHOO!!

Also... today in Strength and Con. we were making music videos and i had my iPod out and i learned that if you put your headphones on your nose/nostrils and open your mouth... then you mouth acts as a speaker!! So I tried it... it was weird but so funny and awesome! ha. everyone should try it... just to put a little twist in your day! :)


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day filled with suprises!!

So today started out with waking up to my mom telling me I have to leave in 5 minutes! It was hectic, and it was my brother's fault.. so I was mad at him. Then I get to school and I start reading a book called "Stand A Little Taller" and I open up to the page that talks about how you shouldn't hold grudges on anyone and how you should be nice to everyone.. and it made me realize that I was mad at Andy for a stupid reason.. So now when I am looking for advice I open up that book! It is VERY good!

Also yesterday it was Andy's birthday! We had a dinner for him and then we went and saw Wolverine!! It was a great show!! Very funny.
So today at cheer we were working on full downs in stunting.. and my flier was coming down and punched me in the nose, and it started bleeding really bad, and it bruised right away. But I am still alive so it's ok! And cheer was very exciting today so that made up for it.
In school we did our max outs in strength and conditioning and I squated the most anyone has squated this year... maybe longer! I was SO excited.
So just remember... even if your day starts out crappy, it can always end with many funny stories and great suprises. So always smile! :)
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