Saturday, August 27, 2011

Friday Nights.

So last night was friday! woohoo!

Well I decided to make Calzones!

We were supposed to have friends over, but the friend couldn't get ahold of his date. haha.

Well it was fun making the calzones.

I feel like every day I'm getting better and better at cooking :)

So I needed an onion and Austin said he would get one from the garden and this is what he brought back in. :)

(we have huge onions AND our strawberries are growing! YAY!)

Then I made the pizza dough for the calzones and it said to stick it in a bowl and let it sit for an hour. Well I didn't realize how much it was going to rise so I put it in a tiny bowl and a little later I came in the kitchen and it was OVERFLOWING! hahaha. So I put it in a bigger bowl:

Then this is taking then out of the oven... I dont know why, but I enjoy taking pictures of food in the oven! haha. Probably because I want you to enjoy the sight as much as me when I first open that oven :)

THEN..... we bought fruit by the foot... and Austin was showing me how he ate them when he was little and he was eating his like a pig and I was like EWW.... haha. I didn't like boys that ate like a pig when I was little, so I was like, "I'm not sure if we would've gotten along as little kids!" haha. Which I was kidding :)

We both laughed!

So then I showed him how I ate mine sometimes. I ripped it off.

Then I Was like, "Or like this.."

And I did the following:

Put it on my thumb and then I realized that it was kinda sloppy too! haha.

But it was good! haha.

Austin was like, "That would just be weird sucking it off my thumb!" haha.

Oh Aust... You need to live a little! hahaha. :)

I love you babe!! :)

Then we went to the West Jeff High School Football Game, because my sister-in-law, Hannah, is on the cheer team so we watched her :) Then I helped chaperone a party at the Egbert's afterwards.


I must say it was SUPER fun! haha.

My in laws and I played foosball and Kathryn and I whooped Kirk's bootay!! (not really... haha.)

Then we were playing around the world Ping Pong AND. IT. WAS. AWESOME!

I was diving to get the ball and sliding across the carpet! haha.

And all of us were so tired afterwards, but man was it fun! :)

I am MOST DEF doing that again! :)

I have a wonderful suprise for you tomorrow!!


Have a great Saturday!


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