Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Good Things to Come

Austin showed me this Mormon Message last night and I just love it!
It has such a good message, and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do!
It makes us stop and think about our lives and how we need to just keep going when we have hard times, and if we do, good things will come! And it helps us appreciate what we have been given!
Have a great Wednesday! :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Youtube... :)

Ok I know all I've been posting lately is YouTube Videos, but seriously... I'm just trying to share the greatness of all of these videos!! haha. :) 
This first one is SO amazing! This kid made this musical instrument out of PVC pipe and it is SO awesome!! I want to make one now! haha. And he made it like a piano.. it has the black keys behind the white keys, but obviously they are all maroon PVC pipe. haha. But if you look you can see the 2 and then 3 like how they black keys are on a piano! :)
Then this video is so great!! :) 
Maybe I just love it so much because my brother is coming home from his mission in 4 months!! :) AHHHH I am so STINKIN excited I can hardly contain it!! :) This is a cute video of a missionary seeing his mom when he gets home! :) And if you're anything like me it will make you cry!! :) 
Now the level of crying I'm not sure.. maybe a few tears, but if you're like me you will be bawling and then you will cry for like 5 minutes after the video is over!! hahaha. But again.. maybe that is just because my brother gets home SOON!!!! :) 
I hope you enjoyed the videos!! :) 
Basically it's what I do in my free time from cleaning and doing homework, to making food. haha. Watching videos like this is so fun!
Have a great Tuesday night! :)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Just for Fun! haha.

Ok!! I have to share these YouTube videos! haha.
So this one is funny, but it is sad! If it happened to me I would probably cry! I feel so bad for her! haha
Then this one is SO funny!!! :) Why didn't I think of this when I was little?? hahaha.
Well I hope you enjoyed these! haha. Those are some bad days for those people! But I hope you have a great day.. Because it is FRIDAY!!! :D Yay!! :)
This week has been such a weird week! 
Has anybody else thought so? ha

Monday, February 11, 2013

Worth Waiting For

I watched this video on my friend, Hailey's, blog.
It is such a cute video and has such a good message! :)
Have a great Monday night!! :)
You could even use this video for FHE :)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Latest Sewing Project: Diaper Bag

Ok.. So They have these Diaper Bags at Lulu Bella:
 When I saw them I thought they were SO cute! :) Well when I found out my sister-in-law was pregnant, I was like, "I am going to try to make that diaper bag!" Because at Lulu Bella they are $200!! So Once I found out what she was having, I went and got everything to make one! :) 
It was SO fun to make it! 
One thing I learned though is that Minky fabric is SO hard to sew with! haha. But now I know the trick for next time (Because there will definitely be a next time because it was so easy and it turned out cute)! :)
I couldn't find the buckle thing on the front, so I used a broach instead! :)
Well I only took pictures of the front, and there won't be a tutorial because I didn't take any pictures along the way, haha, so you will just get to see the final product! :) Enjoy!!! :)
Now I'm excited for someone else to get pregnant so I can make more!! :) haha. 
Well have a great Friday night! :)
Mine will be spent spending time with the hubs, and eating PB & J sandwiches! hahaha. :)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sports filled weekend and week.

This past few days have been such a blast! :) To start off the weekend, Aust went snowmachining while I went to my SIL's baby shower! :)
It was so fun!! Then I met up with my sister's party crew at Famous Dave's and we surprised her for her birthday! :) 
Sunday was fun! We watched the super bowl with Austin's family and friends. There was yummy food and lots of watching the T.V. haha. And Beyonce's half-time performance (with Destiny's Child... who Hannah didn't know who that was!! WHAT???? hahaha.)! haha. 
Then we were off to Utah for a little getaway.... And check out my speedometer! hahaha. All ones!
So we drove down...
 We met up with Hailey, Jordan, Ashley, and Lyla and ate at J-Dawgs (which we LOVE!!!!!), then Jordan had to go to work, so then we went to the mall with Hailey, Ashley and Lyla and we visited Hailey's shoe store, which we love also!!! hahhaa. They have so many cute shoes! :) So we got our Valentine's gifts for eachother! :)
After that we went to dinner with my sister JoDeeann! :) We ate at In-n-Out which is another favorite! haha. It was so fun to see all our family! :)
Well then it was time to get down to business.. hahaha. We headed to the Jazz game! YEEAAHHHHH!!!!!
It was a blast!! We saw Jimmer, and we saw 1/2 bear!!! I love 1/2 bear!! And the Jazz won in overtime!! WOOHOO!!!! :D
It was such a blast!! :) We stayed the night, and to end the trip, we went to IKEA with Ashley and Lyla. It was our first time there and we thought it was such a cool store!!!! We ate lunch and then we had to get out of there so Aust could get home for scouts! :)
It was such a fun trip and weekend.
We are excited to see what the rest of February holds! :)
Have a great Thursday! :)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Be Excited for What's to Come!! :)

Ok!!! Get excited!! :)
This month I am going to do things a little different on the blog! :)
I am going to be showing you my crafts and sewing projects throughout the month, and maybe a few cooking recipes along the way! :)
I am so excited!! :) And I may do a few tutorials too!! :)
So get ready for a month of fun! :) You may just see a lot of Valentine's crafts this month! haha. Oh and.. there will be a few posts about what's going on in our life lately too! :) 
So get ready and be excited because I am!! :)
Have a great Friday!
And weekend, and Monday! :) Because I will be out of the blogging world until Tuesday and you will find out why! :) haha.
So stay tuned! :)
If you'd like to get some sneak peeks before I post again, follow me on instagram!
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