Monday, August 8, 2011


Last night Austin and I ate Ben & Jerry's and watched The Mask! haha.

It was so fun! :)

And of course Austin had to have a big spoon. haha.

He always gets a big spoon or fork and I get the little one! It's fun! :)

Today looked like a lovely day outside so we started swathing the rest of 2nd crop!

At the beginning of second crop I saw a coyote!!! This was the second time and it was like almost touching my swather! It was crazy! If you've never seen one here is a picture:

This is my swather!!! :)

As I was swathing one of my blades fell off and I went for a while without noticing it because it was in the winrow... Ya if you don't know what that means... it's ok. I still sometimes forget. It's the pile of hay! :) haha. Well I had almost opened the field and went down one side until I noticed that a blade was missing.

My handsome husband of course came to fix it and he was happy to do it!! :)

He's such a hard worker! I love him SO much! :)

Well I had to go turn off the pivot (The sprinkler that waters the field for those of you who don't know what a pivot is), and Austin was still fixing my swather... OUT OF NOWHERE dark clouds came over us! DANG IT!!!!

It didn't just start raining.. it started POURING!

Well Austin started getting stressed so to make him laugh I was like, "OH A RAINBOW!! At least it's not gonna flood... your hay won't wash away!" hahah.

I got him to laugh! OH YA!! And Hannah was cracking up! It was great! :)
Here are some pictures of the rain!

(We were outside for seriously 5 seconds!!)

Well have a great day!! :) I'm gonna go enjoy myself some Amish Bread! :)


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