Friday, April 22, 2011


Ok... So I know I've already written on my blog today... But I have had some things worth telling today that can't wait until tomorrow.

Well I guess they can, but I don't want to wait. haha. :)

So in our house I realized we have some sweet vases displayed right now...

#1 vase: Looks square from the front, but on the side it's really skinny, so it's like a rounded rectangle. :) see:

#2 vase: It is big at the bottom and goes skinny at the top, and you'd think it would do that all the way around... But again it is the skinny side. :) See:

I decided I want to buy a vase like these ones just so I can say I have a cool vase. haha. :)

Next item of business....Meet my blow dryer:

I LOVE this blow dryer. I got it for Christmas 2 years ago and I've used it every day since. :) WELL.... a few days ago I was using it and it started smelling really hot, but I kinda ignored it. Then it started burning in the handle where I was holding and it was so hot I could barely hold it. I only had a little bit more to blow dry though, so I kept going, and I was holding on to it with like 2 fingers. haha. Well all of a sudden, out of nowhere, it STOPS!!!! WHAT!? I was freaking out! There was nothing in it, it was completely clean so that wasn't it. I have no idea why it stopped working. I kept pushing the white and red buttons frantically to get it to work, and it still wouldn't. I decided it just needed to cool down for a few days, so I put it to the side.

Today I went to use it and guess what...

If you guessed that it started working you are........




Wrong!!! haha.

It still doesn't work, so this is goodbye to my lovely zebra stripe blow dryer that has been so good to me the past two years. I am going to miss seeing a crazy blow dryer that catches everyone's eyes. Now I'm gonna have to get a boring one color blow dryer.... unless I find another blow dryer just like this one.

Which if I do, my straightner that looks just like my blow dryer will have a friend as crazy as it.

If not....

my straightner will be all alone.

But what would be even cooler would be if I found a giraffe print blow dryer!! MAN OH MAN that would be SO SO SO cool!! :D

Sorry if I am boring you with my blow dryer story. haha.

And I'm sorry if you think I am weird now...

But I really hope the two above lines don't apply to you...

I hope you loved reading this! :D haha.

Last note on this post....

So today I get on facebook and I have the little Daily Horoscopes get delivered to me... I am a Gemini and read what my horoscope said today... IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!!! :

"Someone is making wedding plans!

Whether that is you, or someone you love,

the atmosphere will be dreamy,

idealistic and romantic,

and for once, you won't be in the mood to fight it.

You will want to treat yourself to something special today."

Ok.... isn't that crazy!!?? I think so because it said EXACTLY what I did today and pretty much every day... PLAN MY WEDDING!!! But the crazy thing about this horoscope is that every single word in it is true... I have really been in a dreamy atmosphere today while I was planning wedding stuff all day today. I was sewing skirts and putting addresses in my address book and it was a romantic feel!! I definitely didn't want to fight it... AND the last line... I will treat myself to something special today... I AM!!! I treated myself to the most delicious salad EVER!!! AND I am treating myself to a workout with my sweetheart, Austin, when he comes over today!! :)

YAY!! I'm excited.... BUT it really is crazy how accurate these horoscopes really are..

Don't you think??

Have you had an experience like this with your horoscope ever?

If so, I'd like to hear about it!! :D

Have a great day!



I have been looking forward to spring break for a while now and it's finally here!! :D WOOHOO! I'm so excited. I'm gonna do tons of fun things! :)

Have a great day! :)


Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Do you ever crave something and you can't stop thinking about that thing until you get it??

Well this morning my mom gave my this Arctic Circle thing... and I know what you're thinking "EWW Arctic Circle is sick fast food!" Well let me tell ya... They have GREAT SHAKES!! :D So back to my story... hahaha. my mom gave me the Arctic Circle coupon thing and it had a picture of the Triple Berry Milkshake on it and on man... let me tell ya.. after I saw that picture my mouth was watering at school all day.

My friends asked where we should go for lunch and I thought, "OH Perfect timing!!" So I said ARCTIC CIRCLE!!

We got there and it was packed, but I wasn't gonna give up. We went through the drive thru and that is the FIRST thing I ordered... They probably thought I was crazy! haha.

I got my shake:

And OOOH my goodness!! Was it worth it you ask??

YESSSSSSS!!!! It was SO worth it! It tasted SO good! :)

Next time you go to Arctic Circle you should defintely order one! :D

Have a great Wednesday!!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Is that your left hand?!?!?

Last night Austin and I took a trip to visit Blake and Alex. We went to this yummy food place and had yummy shakes and food. :) Then we talked to them for a while and it was so fun!

Well the reason we took the drive was because I need to get my ring sized because it was pretty big. I would be practicing my harp and it would almost fall off. ha. And one time I flung my hand and my ring flew off.... oops! I decided then that it needed a sizing. Well Blake and Alex were going down to Utah so they said they would take my ring down there. :)

So my left hand went from this:

To this:


I have been missing my ring like crazy. I keep thinking I lost it when I don't see it on my finger, but then I remember that it's getting sized. ha.

Today at school everyone was like, "AUBREE!!!! Is that your left hand?!? Where is your ring?!?!?" Well I was going to pretend for two seconds that the engagement was broken off..... BUT I can't keep a straight face even thinking about saying that haha so I just told everyone that it was getting sized and that I am so excited to get it back!! :D This weekend can't come faster :)

Have a great day!! :D


P.S. We have been learning about the Salt Lake Temple lately and it is so cool to find out about it!

Like the east and west towers represent the priesthood and just a lot of other cool things!!

And it took FOURTY years to finish!

I am so thankful for those men that built that temple and one of these days I am going to go inside it!! :) haha.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Man oh man...

My week has been very fun..

Last sunday I was welcomed into relief society

& we had family pictures.....

One big happy family :)

The boys.

The girls with our mom. :)

The couples.

Austin and I. :)

When we got them they were freezing... and the weather was.... interesting.

It was blowing and sunny and then it was calm and not sunny. hahaha. :)

Austin asked me to the dance...

I got home from school and I opened my door and saw this...

so I followed the path of rose petals and starburst..

This was in my room

After I cleaned up... this is how much stuff there was on my floor.. it filled up a whole box:

and here is the pretty bouquet. :)

It was so fun.. he is so cute and thoughtful!!

I love him so much!! :)

I also came home to another suprise....

My shoes for my wedding dress came!! :D

Friday was crazy!! In government we made bills and afterwards the fire bell sounded.

We had to go outside and we all thought it was just a drill until the fire trucks started showing up....

I started freaking out, but I was glad I grabbed everything out of the school so I didn't have anything in there.

I found out later thought that someone had pulled the alarm and it made the wires go all skillywompus!! haha. so they came to fix the wires...

That night my friend, Courtney, and I invited Austin and her friend Derek over and I made them dinner and we played Encore and watched Despicable Me! :D It was a blast.

Saturday all day I planted grain with Austin and it was SO much fun! I love how interesting farming is, and I love just going out in the tractor with Austin. It just makes my day! :) I made and packed a lunch for us to eat at lunchtime and I watched how straight tractors can plant. :) It was fun! :) I also backed Austin up.. He was in the Semi and I had to signal him where to back up to.

Sunday Andy, my brother, gave a talk and it was SO SO SO good!

Like the best talk I've heard on preparing for a mission..

He is going to be SUCH a great missionary out there in Vitoria, Brazil.

I'm gonna be so sad though when he leaves, but so proud of him. ha.

While he was giving his talk I was crying the whole time because I could just picture him as a missionary, and because we are so close so it's gonna be hard to say bye for two years.

I'm so excited he's going on a mission though!! :D

Then Austin and I talked with my family and Sheena and Tyler came over because it was their last day here. Last week we helped them move their stuff into the storage unit. :( I'm so sad they're leaving. They moved to Arizona and they are there until the middle of August. the next time I'll see them is when they come up for my wedding which is in 74 days not counting today!! :D I'm excited for them to come back up and I am so excited for my wedding!! I get to be sealed to Austin, my best friend, forever!!!! :D YAY!!!

(My best friend and I)

Also.... Have you ever had an orange airhead???:

I did.. and guess what.....


It was delicious! :D

Sunday night, last night, we made funnel cakes and they were so good! I drizzled peanut butter on mine!! :D but when I was making the funnel cakes then I didn't know you were supposed to keep it low when you flip the funnel cake in the oil.... you'd think it was common sense... but I guess I lack that portion of common sense because I lifted it high out of the oil and dropped it! It splashed everywhere and burnt my hand. haha. Not a good idea.

I seriously think I lack common sense in the cooking portion.... I always do stupid things and burn myself, whether it's this incident, or not putting a hot pad on my hand when I'm taking something out of the oven. I know it sounds stupid and I guess it is, but I did do that.. haha. Think twice before you act in cooking. haha. :) Advice from Aubree...

So doesn't that funnel cake look divine?? Let me tell ya... IT WAS!!

I loved it! :)

I had a great time and Sheena and Tyler, I'm gonna miss you guys.

I already do! hahaha.

Have a great FHE tonight everyone!! :D


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Report on Cheer Banquet and other things! :)

I have had about enough of this snow......

But I guess I would rather have snow than wind...

although I would just love if it was WARM! :D

(snow in Utah last weekend.)

Austin decided he wanted to wear my clothes so he put on my sweater... haha.

It looked so funny. I was laughing my head off.

It's a little small on him..... :)

So the cheer banquet I told you I was going to??

Well it was really good and guess what!!!

AUSTIN CAME!! :D He ended up being able to be done with work..

He was a little late, but I Was so happy that he came!! :)

(The above 3 pictures are my cheer coaches and I, Katie is the burnette and Becca is the blonde.)

(The seniors!! :D)

(The JV squad and I)

(The Junior girls and I)

Austin and I went to Costa Vida the other night! It was SO good!! :D

I love it! We are going to be making more trips there now! :D


Commencement... I'm excited!

Last night we went to Blake's graduation. It was really good and after we went to Cold Stone!! YUMMMY!!! :D

Well have a great weekend everyone!! :D


P.S. I'm so excited for this weekend because my sister JoDee is coming up!! WOOHOO!! :D

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Utah Weekend.... AND April Fool's!!! :)

Okay...... So.... Usually my mom is SUPER into April Fool's Day...

So Friday morning I woke up and was expecting like a raisin in my toothpaste... AND THERE WASN'T!!! WHAT???

So I take a shower thinking she could have time to put it in there while I was in the shower....

After I got out I checked.... still no raisin!

The reason why I checked for the raisin is because that is what she does every year!

I'm thinking... DID SHE FORGET???


Out of all people how did my mom forget....

I get ready and my brother Andy calls me because he leaves way before I do.

He told me there was a power line in the middle of Hwy 48 and to go through Osgood to get to school... I agree that I will (Inside I didn't though because I knew it was a joke!)

Well then I go downstairs and my mom tells me my car wouldn't start..


I'm smiling because I thought it was her joke... well it wasn't..

My car really didn't start.

She sees me smiling and says, "Oh so you got the joke??"

I just start kinda laughing.. and she asks how it worked..

All the sudden I was all sorts of confused...

How did it work?? What?

I just got a confused look on my face and she was like your deoderant..

I'm still confused so she says, "Did you not put on deoderant today?"

OF COURSE I DID!!! So I tell her yes.

Then she proceeds, "Did you not use your white deoderant??"

I said, "No.... I used my clear one..."

She was like, "Dang it!! I should've hid your clear one... I put a thin layer of cream cheese on your deoderant so you would put it on and then realize it wasn't deoderant.."

(Can you see the thin layer of cream cheese?)

FFHHHEEWWWW..... She didn't forget April Fool's Day! :)

But then I was kinda bummed that I didn't use my white one... because that would've been so funny! :) Well maybe not at the time, but eventually :)

So then I'm going to school and I didn't listen to Andy, and I took the Hwy 48 way... NO POWERLINE!!! I think to myself... YES!! I didn't fall for it. :)

Well then I'm on my way home from school and I pass the spot that Andy said the powerline was at, and there was a powerline hanging up that wasn't there before.... Uhhh... Whoops!

Andy didn't pull and April Fool's Joke on me.... He was just trying to be a good older brother, but then they had it cleaned up when I went.

Well I told Andy that I thought it was an April Fool's Joke and he was all, "Ya I know. Mom told me!! I totally for got that it was April Fool's Day though... And I wouldn't have just told you that! Of course it was real!"

haha. He was a little mad.... but I guess that's how it is on April Fool's Day! hahaha. :)

Well that night I went plowing with Austin!! :D

Then we went to UTAH!!! :D It was fun!! Except when we were shopping then I went to get my shoes for my luncheon dress at The Buckle, and they had my size, but only in two right shoes!!! NO LEFT shoes!! WHAT??? So I wasn't able to get them :(

(Austin and I... Do you like my flower headband I made?)

That night we went to Olive Garden... It was very good.... well what I ate was... hahaha. :)

I got so caught up in the conversation that when they asked if we needed to go boxes I realized I had only eaten like 3 bites... haha. Whoops. :)

The next day we went to Generl Conference and I wore the headband I made to match my skirt... and I wore my skirt I made... :) It's what the sister's are gonna wear at my reception except a different color. :)

After General Conference we were walking to our cars and there were protesters around.... One told Austin's dad that he was gonna have a burning... in his underwear... for ETERNITY!! HAHAHAAHAHAHA.. WHAT????

It was hilarious! And Austin was like, "I don't think our underwear is that thick.."

HE is so funny!!! :D

I was laughing for a while.. But conference was SO good!! It was my first one I went to and I loved it!! I loved feeling the spirit and standing in silence when President Monson walked in.. I loved getting tears in my eyes!! It was just a great experience! :)

It was fun visiting Hailey, and Jordan and Ashley! They are so fun! :) And it was Hailey's birthday! :) She is so cute and fun! Utah was very fun! :)

Well yesterday I made a slideshow for my cheer banquet tonight... AHH... IT TOOK FOREVER!!!! Like 6 hours!! But I'm excited for everyone to watch it! :) It was pretty fun to make and see all the old pictures from jr. high until now! :) So today that is what I am doing.. my mom and I are going to the cheer banquet... Austin was going to come with my mom and I, but he is a farmer and so he has to do stuff on the farm.....

Sometimes I get so sad when he tells me last minute that he can't do things, but I know that I have to get used to it because things like that are always going to happen when you marry a farmer... hahaha. Speaking of getting married...... there are only 86 more days not counting today!!! :D WOOHOOO!!!! I am SO SO SO Excited!!! :D

Well have a great day today everyone!!

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