Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Little Lyla

Thursday we were off to Utah to go see our new niece! :) 
To get ready, I made some bread for the first time on Wednesday! Normal white bread and cinnamon bread, and they are both divine! haha. I never made bread before this because I don't really like to knead bread, but when I read the instructions to my Kitchen Aid, I found out that it will knead the bread for you, so I made sure I did that! haha. :)
The bread is all ready to take to the new parents! :) And there was left over, so we were able to enjoy some bread too! :)
Then I was just all in the cooking mood, so using everything I learned from my foods class, I made muffins! :) They were good too, and they were perfect! And MOIST!! Yum!
Then we were off to Utah! :) 
It was so fun! Little Lyla Kate is the cutest little baby girl! I just love her!
I held her all the time and helped Ashley change the diapers {And I didn't change the diaper.. haha. My help was if she cried try to cheer her up with her pacifier! haha.}
I took so many pictures and I couldn't decide which ones to put on here, so there are a lot on here, but trust me... When you finish looking at these pictures you will want to see more because she is so precious! :)
Then in the middle of these pictures, we had to take a picture of Hailey in her new outfit! :) She got the shoes before we got there, but then when we got there, we all decided to go shopping while Jordan and Austin went mountain biking! haha. It was Lyla's first shopping experience! And I got some really cute shoes! One of the pairs is in the first picture with Lyla and I. :) They are white with all colors on them! Hailey and I have matching shoes now haha. kind of {And Hannah and Kathryn have some too!}. :)
Then we were having too much fun taking pictures with the iPad. haha.
Then some more pictures of Lyla! :)
{She's laughing! :)}
{Doing her stretches! :) ha}
Oh we love her so much! :) Our last day we ate lunch at Dairy Queen, then we went shopping at the City Creek mall and I got a cute skirt! :) 
Aren't you wanting to see more pictures now??!!! I know! Well you can go here to see more!
Well have a great day! :)
P.S. Aren't you loving this weather?? I do! I did yard work all day yesterday and now my arms are paying for it! haha. :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hannah Stands Out! :)

My sister-in-law, Hannah is running for Student Body Vice President, so the night before we left to Utah, we went over there and helped her make posters :) It was so fun and they all turned out awesome! :)
{So this balloon on this poster has a funny story to it. :) On pinterest someone pinned a website and said, "Use baking soda instead of helium." So we decided to try it and Kirk, my father-in-law, was so interested. haha. He pulled out the vinegar and baking soda and tried it and it didn't really work and he was like, "I'm not a believer in this pinterest stuff." hahahahaha. Then I was like, "Well we didn't even see how to do it," so we read how to do it and Kirk was watching and blew it up a ton. haha. But it was heavier than a normal balloon, and it didn't float. haha. Then at the bottom of the blog it said, "*due to a lot of comments, I want to make this clear that this does not make helium, it is just a fun science experiment." haha. It made us laugh! :)}
{This one is my favorite! I love the sparkles! :D}
It was a really fun night! :) Next post will be about our Utah trip! :) 
Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rigby's DYW and our week....

Last weekend, everyone went down to visit Lyla (my niece! :D), which meant we had to stay home to watch the farm... BUT tomorrow we are taking off to go meet the cute little girl! :) 
Well Saturday I really wanted to go see Rigby's DYW because I had friends that were in it, and my sister-in-law Hannah was going to come with me, but since Lyla made her arrival, they went down there! :) So Austin came with me! :) haha.
It was so fun and every one of those girls did fantastic! :) 
I forgot to take pictures (and I was even wearing a new outfit!), but this is the poster to advertise the program! :) 
{Photo from the DYW of Rigby facebook page :)}
It was a great night, and to wrap it up, we went and got some DQ! You can't pass up an offer like that! haha.
If you're wondering who won, here is the order:
Jaimee Hancock-Rigby's 2013 DYW
Megan Browning-1st runner-up
Kayla Adams-2nd runner-up
Maggi Shippen-3rd runner-up
Shaina Hansen-4th runner-up
Alex Myler-DYW of Rigby Spirit Award
I won't post every award... sorry. haha. Just the top girls! :)
And I am totally digging the new rule for DYW (formerly Jr. Miss), that for self expression you have to wear a short prom dress that goes to your knees. :) All the dresses I've seen so far have been adorable! :)
And it was so fun too see a lot of people I haven't seen for like a year (or less for some :D)! :)
And if you're reading this and you were in Rigby's DYW.. GOOD JOB! :) Seriously all the girls did so good, and all their talents were so good! :)
And the guy helpers were so funny and did so good! haha.
And Mrs. Thurber (the emcee/my old vice principal) did such a good job and was hilarious! :) haha. 
Well have a great week, and I will let you know how our visit to Lyla went! :)
P.S. Nothing has really happened this week so far, except I decided to lay out yesterday, and I was balancing my checkbook, and got FRIED!!! haha. Ya.. Aust and I have been putting so much Aloe Vera After Sun Moisturizer Lotion on me! haha. I just hope it turns into a nice tan! :) haha. And next time I am timing how long I am out there and when I need to flip so it doesn't happen again. haha. :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Weekend! :)

Well I made the Strawberries and Cream Sherbet like I said I was going to, and it was just as good, if not better then I remember! :)
YUM to my TUM!
This Easter was a special one!
1. It was Mine and Austy's first Easter together as a married couple! YAY!
2. We spent Easter with our family and my Grandma Field in Wyoming! :)
We left Friday {And it was like a Blizzard in Idaho when we woke up, but it wasn't really snowing when we left!} morning. We headed to Utah. And it was a beautiful day in Utah and Wyoming while we were there.
My sister, JoDeeann, cut and colored my mom's hair and we visited her salon and went to this store called Gordman's.... It was AMAZING! :) I got a lot of Maxi Dresses and a shirt/swimming suit cover! :)
And Aust, Tyler, and Rusten went to Best Buy and Aust bought the New iPad... which he loves! haha. He is always on it, and we play monopoly on it. It's a blast! :)
Then we went to the new City Creek Center Mall and at dinner at Kneader's. It was really yummy! :)
Saturday we woke up and headed off to Wyoming! :)
We did yard work for my grandma and had a fire to burn the leaves and branches. haha. 
While we were outside, Sheena helped my grandma clean the inside of her house! :)
My grandma is so cute and sweet! :)
Then we listened to Rusten's spring recital for us! haha.
Easter Sunday we woke up and got ready for church. 
Aust got new cuff links for Easter and I got my pink skinny jeans I already wore.. hahaha.
And we got Zumba for the Kinect {I love it.. I've been playing it everyday! :)}
This is one of the dresses I got when I went shopping!
Church was so great and spiritual! :)
I love holidays that we get to think about Christ and what he did for us! :)
Well we got home and Aust was nowhere to be found. haha.
This is how we found him:
{HE'S DEAD!!! haha. no.. he's just sleeping! :)}
Then we went to the Clay (Turtle) Hills! It was so fun.
That is where we had our Easter Egg Hunt! :) We climbed the hills while my mom and Nancy hid the eggs {and they had shovels and put the eggs in the ground and only let a little bit show. :)}
The eggs had money and candy in them, and of course Rusten got the $20 bill! hahahaha. 
Well we were leaving and Rusten had a scorpion in his egg... he found it and wanted it so bad!! hahaha. So my mom took it and chucked it out because we didn't want to die!! haha.
It was a great holiday and it was so fun to spend it with family! :)

Tuesday I decided to make Pizza! I made the crust from the Prepared Pantry!! :)
Then Sheena and Tyler got us a Pizza cutting board thing and pizza plates from Crate & Barrel. 
So we finally got to use those!! :D
It was yummy! :)
Well, have a great day! :)
Hope you had a great Easter!
P.S. It's Friday the 13th!!! SCARY!! hahaha.
P.S.S. I'm an Aunt! :) Ashley had her cute little baby girl today! :) YAY!!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Strawberries and OTH! :) haha.

Last night Aust and I watched the final episode of One Tree Hill!
{picture from google}
I'm so sad it's over, but excited to find a new show to watch! :) 
I can't believe it's over! haha. We love that TV show! :) haha.
Then this morning we woke up and ate Strawberries and Cream!! :) Who loves Strawberries and Cream?? ME!! It's so good! :) 
And I think with the rest of my strawberries I'm gonna make some Strawberries and Cream Sherbet!
Remember when I made this a few years ago?
{It is SO easy to make! and requires only a little amount of ingredients!!}
I remember it being so yummy, so I'm excited to make it again so I can eat more!! hahaha.
Well have a great day and If you have any yummy strawberry recipes, let me know about them!! :) I love trying new recipes! Especially when I have all the ingredients! haha. :)
Well... Enjoy this beautiful day! :D

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dates! :D

This last weekend was SO fun! :) 
Friday Aust wanted to go to his mission reunion so we were off to Utah after his classes. 
But first we had to feed the calves.
The smell of the powdered milk stuff was so gross I almost puked. haha.
It was fun though to feed the calves with these huge bottles.
I named the 3 calves Fierce, Sleepy, and Clumsy! Because the one I fed (Fierce) was trying to rip the bottle out of my hand. haha. Then I named the second one sleepy because it pretty much just slept the whole time, and the last one I named clumsy because it kept falling because it's hooves were curled up, it was so sad. 
Then we stopped in Malad to throw away our garbage and there was massive lines to the gas stations and we could barely drive down the street it was so crowded.
We realized they were there because the Powerball! They wanted to win that $600 million!! haha. It was RIDICULOUS! haha.
The reunion was SO fun! :) It was fun to finally meet all the missionaries Austin served in Upstate New York with, and to meet one of his mission presidents and his wife! :) (The other one is still the mission president, but gets home in July) But ya it was funny because Austin would introduce me to all these people and I would laugh afterwards because they were totally like how he told me, so I could finally put faces to the missionaries I heard about! haha. They were all so funny and it was a blast! :)
We didn't take any pictures inside, so we took some pictures outside of the church :)
{These pink skinnys are my easter present, but Aust let me wear them early!! I am digging the Skinny Jeans lately! I love them, they are so cute! :)}
Well we came back Friday night and stopped at In-N-Out!! YUMMY!! haha. And we didn't get home until like 4 in the morning. haha. We were one tired couple!
But we finished reading the Hunger Games the whole way home! It was such a good book! :)
Saturday night we went on a date! :)
We went to dinner at Olive Garden, and then went to the HUNGER GAMES!!! :) It was such a good movie! We loved it! We are definitely buying it when it comes out on DVD! :)
This is when we were on our way to dinner:
Well while we were on our way, Austin hit a bird! We were on the freeway and out of nowhere this bird hits us and it splatters!! And it's feathers were all over the wipers and windshields! haha:
(Can you see them?)
Well the birds guts were all over the grill:
Then we got a car wash after we ate! haha. And I realized our food was in the back as we were in the car wash and Austin was like, get out and get it! hahahha. Ya I didn't of course, but we checked it, and they were fine! haha. And we got yummy treats for the movie! :)
Well we got to the theaters:
{Again... I'm digging skinny jeans lately! :)}
It was a great and fun date night! :)
{Oh and we were gonna meet up with a few couples, but they all had something going on last minute, so it was just a date for us! :) ahha.}
Well I finished school as I said before, and I went grocery shopping! hahaha.
We love our Simply Juices!!!
These strawberries just looked so good I couldn't resist! 
You can never have enough fruit!
And I got us a lot more fruit (bananas, pineapple), oh and by the way, I read on pinterest that if you separate the bananas, they won't ripen as fast, but I feel like my bananas are ripening faster!! DANG IT! Never doing that again. haha.
Well and with all the healthy stuff I had to get some sweets too!
{I also got ice cream and cinnamon roll pop-tarts!! :) YUM!}
Today I was trying to find things to do while Austin was taking his test, and I started writing this blog and Austin took this picture of me and said when you look at it, think "What Would Jesus Do?" haha. So I looked and thought he said that because Jesus is in the picture, but then he was like, "Both your heads are down!" hahaha. So he said he had to take a picture with our Mini Christ Statue in the picture! :)
Oh and I have loved not being in school anymore! :)
I've been able to clean the house! 
I was going to do yard work, but it was SUPER windy and sand was blowing in the yard, so I started to catch up Andy's mission blog instead! haha. :D
Well have a good night, and if you haven't seen The Hunger Games yet, GO. SEE. IT!! You will love it! :)
Suzanne Collins (The Author of the book) wrote the script!! :)
Well Peace out, scout! :) haha.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


WOOHOO!!! Today I took my last final and I am done!! :D
I am done with my first year of college!!! I am SO happy! :)
Now I have a break until fall and I will be able to work on my projects!! :) 
I am SOOOO ready for summer! :) 
 (These show my excitement for being done!)
As I was walking on campus it was so warm.. I loved it! :)
Well enjoy your day with this warm sun, and NO WIND!! :D

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