Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So I haven't posted for a while, well some of you might be wondering why.... Here is your answer! :
One of my goals for 2011 was to see Elder Austin Kirk Egbert... Well guess what!!! :D He's home!! On January 20th he came and suprised me!
I was kinda thinking he was coming home that day, but then it was like 10:30 pm so I was thinking there is no way he's coming home today and I got all sad. Well I went downstairs and as I was going back up to my room, my brother-in-law, Tyler, said, "Aubree." Well I didn't really want to talk to anyone because I wasn't in the best mood. I said what and he told me to come here. He was in the Piano room, so I walked in there and I look over and see AUSTIN!!! WOOHOO!!!!! I was SO stinkin excited!! So it really was a complete suprise!!! AHH.... It was amazing! I love having him back home!
Seriously.... THE.
EVER!!! :D
So I've been busy seeing him like every day!! :D

(Austin and I)
More pictures to come!! :D

Thursday, January 20, 2011


So something really funny happened to me like 2 days ago.... Caroline, my brother's old girlfriend, comes up to me at school and says, "Oh my gosh. You have to come look at this. Someone is laying down over here!" I was so confused so I walked over with her and she was like see! So I look and there's someone laying on a bed in one of the classrooms. As I went to look at who it was, Caroline went RAWR! I seriously jumped SO high! I got so scared. lol. Then I looked and it was a dummy. I guess it was the CNA room. lol. It was really funny though. I felt stupid cause everyone was laughing at me. haha.
That night I went to the game because I heard my old cheer coach was gonna be there. I saw some friends...
(Braxton, my favorite boy sophomore, and I!)

Then at half-time, Aric's arobics team performed! It was SO cool. Here are some pictures!! :D

Isn't this SO cool!!! :D I wanted to join that team right then!!! haha.
Then I saw ARIC!!!!

Yes this is my old cheer coach, Aric! He is awesome!!

I miss him as a coach!! He worked us so hard, but we were way in shape and WAY good! :D
I talked to him until 10 that night!! haha. :)

Yesterday I was walking out of Broulim's and saw this sweet pop display!!! haha. Isn't it AWESOME!! :D

(Do you know what it says??)

Then I made these headbands!!

And it was so bright I had to take out my shades and use them!!! WOOHOO!! lol. :)

This morning I had gymnastics.... When I was younger I did the bars...

Well today I got on the bars just for fun, and guess what!!!! I flipped around on it! I was suprised I still knew how to!! haha. :) But oh man was it fun!!

I've been making a cage in Student Council for our skit at the Pep Assembly, and I finally finished it!! What do you think?? :D

(Ashlie and I got put behind the jail doors. haha. jk)

But Oh man... Today was such a blast!! I loved it. I had so much fun in EVERY class!! :) We played Sparkle in Seminary and I got 2nd place!! WOOT WOOT! :D
Today is my mom's birthday!! She is the cutest mom! She is so nice and fun! I love her and I love how she always asks me for Facebook help. hahahaha. :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! :D
This cute little Indian family just came over to wish my mom a happy birthday and I walked in and the 5 or 6 year old, Sonja, says in her cute little accent, "You look so beautiful Aubree!" haha. It was so cute! :D
Have a wonderful day!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Daily Occurance....

K so I have a problem that occurs DAILY!!!!
I can't wake up early enough to eat breakfast... therefore I have to take it on the go!
Well since it's WINTER I like to pay attention to the roads rather than my food on my way to cheer practice, then once I get to cheer practice, I'm busy practicing.
Right when I think I can eat my breakfast I have to go get ready for the day so I tell myself I will be done early... but that never happens. haha.
I run into 2nd hour late and I'm a teacher aide so I'm always busy doing work for the teacher (correcting papers, fixing powerpoints, etc.).
Well I got this brilliant plan today to ask to go to the bathroom...
I took my purse with me (which had my breakfast in it), and I just stood in the bathroom eating my breakfast... I didn't want to touch anything though cause I was eating, and I was glad there was no one in there or I would've been grossed out. haha.
I felt like a spy though.. I stood by the paper towels and when I would hear someone coming I would spin to the other wall! It was pretty fun! hahaha. :)

(My Yogurt and I... YUM!! :D haha.)

Well I realized I needed to hurry because my teacher thought I was going to the bathroom, but little did he know... that was just an excuse to eat my breakfast for the day! :) haha. Next time though, I'm gonna find a place that doesn't gross me out as much.... Maybe the teacher's lounge?
Nah... I'd probably get caught... I guess I'll have to have an open mind to think about where I should start eating my breakfast!! haha. :D

All. Gone. YUMMY! :)
Have a great Tuesday!! :D

Monday, January 17, 2011


Who knew they could be SO entertaining. :)

So this morning my mom was studying for her last test to get her license to sell insurance (There's like 4 or something. ha)... She told me, "I know I have said every one of these tests has been hard, but this one is the HARDEST! I don't even understand what I'm reading!" hahaha. So she decided to read me some of her studying and see if I understood any of it...

Her reading it..

Oh man... She's starting to get into it.

And then her saying, "DO YOU SERIOUSLY GET ANY OF IT??"

Of course I did, it was easy peasy stuff..... NOT!! hahaha. I didn't understand anything she said. She was talking about some OCC and other things that I don't know what any of it meant. haha. It was funny watching her. She cracks me up. I love my mom, she is THE BEST!!!! :D

So you know how they say that if you have a sore throat to drink lemon juice?? Well I have a sore throat so I decided to try it out...

I drank some of this and guess what!! I almost puked! haha. It was SO gross.... next time I'm thinking maybe real lemons will taste better. ha, but it actually did help my sore throat! :D YAY!! You can learn so many things from cheer! I've learned that lemon juice cures sore throats, kicking the bottom of someone's feet stops bloody noses, etc... :) haha.

Ok... if you haven't seen the above show... GO SEE IT!!!! I loved it and so did my mom and little brother!
It is the cutest little show and it's hilarious!!
What made it even funnier was there was a little kid in the theater and when Mr. Gru would say like goodnight and things like that, the little kid would yell out goodnight. :) And then the whole audience woudl start laughing because it was so cute!! :D
My monday was AWESOME!! I've loved every second of it!!!!
Oh.. and I went to this Beauty Supply store called EdWise and I saw this nail polish called, O P I... and it was a glittery kind and I fell in LOVE!!!! AHHH... I seriously want some so bad!! Mom.. easter is coming up!! :) (hint, hint) hahaha. Just kidding.. but yes, if you haven't tried OPI nail polish try it! You'll love it... and if you have, get the GLITERY kind!!! So worth it! :D
Have a great night!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Caramel Marshmallow What?? :)

Last night was very fun! :D I made these yummy little treats...
You get a bag of Marshmallows...


You make caramel:
50 cubes of caramel, 1 & 1/2 cubes of butter, 1 can of sweetened condensed milk. You microwaveit for 2 minute intervals and stir until smooth and YUMMY! :D
Then: You dip the marshmallow in the caramel.


You have a bowl of crushed corn flakes & a bowl of coconut. You put the marshmallow in one...


Stick them on wax paper to cool....

And Last:

Put it on a cute little plate and SERVE!! :D
These babies are OH SO GOOD!! They are full of calories, and you can only have like a bite at a time.... haha. But they are SO worth it! I love them! And they are so easy to make. Definitely fun to make if you are just sitting around wondering what to do, and who knows... maybe there is someone down the street that you could take them to, to be a nice neighbor! :)
These are definitely worth trying! Even if I have to make them for you! haha. :D
Have a wonderful Sabbath Day!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Relief Society

My mom is the Relief Society President and today they had a little luncheon breakfast thing. :) she asked me to come help her set up and I could eat too, so I accepted. haha. Well when I got there then we set up and then she said, "Oh Aubree could you and Apryl sing this song for me?" Of course she wanted me to sing... Helping her set up was just a cover up so she could get me there and then I couldn't back out of it. haha. Well I didn't mind singing so I told her I would. It was fun.
Isn't this cute!? Instead of LifeSavers... SoulSavers! I thought it was very clever. Apryl made these, she is one of my mom's counselors, and she is so fun! :)

We had yummy mufins and fruit.. we also had egg caserole things which were delicious!! :) It was a really fun luncheon to go to. This lady in my ward brought her sister, who's name is also Aubree, so I was VERY confused every time someone said Aubree. ha. I didn't know whether they were talking to me or her. haha.

My family was in charge of cleaning the church this week and the paper towels needed new ones so I got to open it!
I know that sounds lame, but I felt SO cool.
I've never opened one before and so to be able to open it and load a new roll of paper towels in there was SO awesome! ha.
I know I'm a nerd and I get entertained VERY easily. haha. But it makes life more fun!! :D
Have a great Saturday!! :D

More pictures....

So we went to Utah for our Field family christmas party and when we got there, JoDee came and met us at my Aunt Nancy's house. Jo and I were listening to music and we look over and we see Rusten dead asleep... as shown above. He looked pretty uncomfortable. haha. Then JoDee and I played the whole time at the family party and we sang in the talent show and then we decided since we were spending all day together we mind as well take a picture! :D

Herff Jones came to our school and I ordered my cap and gown and I got this tassle. I'm sporting it in my car!! It has the bling "11" I love it!!! :)

Rusten came up to me and his tie was SUPER short, so I retied his tie and the above picture is what it looked like after I got done! How does it look?? :)

This is what I make about EVERY sunday. ha. It's cinnamon nuts for our salad. They are OH SO GOOD in salads!! Definitely try it sometime if you ever see me with these. lol.

Our dog wouldn't stop freaking out so we finally went to see what he was freaking out over and this HUGE owl was on our roof. It seriously was MONSTROUS!!! The picture doesn't do justice! hahaha.

With Christmas time comes Mistletoe.... This was our mistletoe in our house. :) I didn't use it though. haha.

For Student Council we had a Christmas Tree and we had to bring white ornaments. I didn't have one, so this is the ornament I made!! hahaha. I was pretty impressed with my first ornament. haha.

So like I said a few posts ago, we had Rigby's got Talent. My friend, Jentry, and I were in charge of the poster. We started painting it and we found GOLD SPARKLES!!! So we threw them on the Talent on the poster... can you tell?? :D

When Hannah and I went to Orange Leaf, this is the frozen yogurt I got. It was pistachio and vanilla. It was really good, but I got WAY too much! haha.

So the next night, my mom, Rusten, and I went to Orange Leaf and I got WAY less fro yo! haha. It was like the perfect amount!! :) I got Cheesecake and Strawberry so it tasted like Strawberry Cheesecake! It was seriously SO delicious! I am definitely letting Austin know about Orange Leaf when he gets home this month. In "Days!" :D

This was Rusten's frozen yogurt! It looked gross, but I took a picture because the yellow ball things on top are so interesting. They are like bursts of flavor in your mouth when they pop!! haha. I've never tried anything like them! haha.

So the staple story I told you about when I stapled my thumb... This is what I was doing. Decorating the Cheer Bulliten thing! :D haha.

I've always wanted a beach cruiser bike, and the other day I saw this and I fell in love!!!! I want it SO bad! It's a dark purpleish color and it's super cute!! I LOVE IT!! I want it really bad. ha. Mom.... Maybe a graduation present? Just a suggestion! hahaha. Just kidding. :)

Ok... I LOVE cereal. haha. Well most of the time. And I love Cinnamon Toast Crunch! Well as I was eating my after school snack one day I came across this piece. Crazy huh? haha.

In seminary on Thursday, I gave the devotional. I did it on forgiveness to go along with D & C 64: 9-11 and I couldn't decide which treat would be forgiving so I decided to go with brownies. Well when I got to seminary then Brother Williams asked me if I posioned them and then I could tell the students that I did and I hope they would forgive me. hahha. I was laughing and I was like, "Well I don't think they would be very forgiving if that happened." haha. It was really funny. Kind of a "You had to be there" moment. haha. :)
Have a great day!! :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Holidays and New Year...

K...... this is a picture catch up!! haha. :D
I cut my bangs the day before thanksgiving, but they grew out now.. so I cut them again. :)

The Thanksgiving feast... and my cousin and brother having fun with the younger cousins. :)

I went black friday shopping and these were BABY NIKE SHOES!!! SO stinkin cute!!! :D They are so tiny!!!

Black friday is CRAZY BUSY... I waited in line for an hour!!

Sheena and I in the Kohl's parking lot at 3 a.m.

K.... This was the stupidest thing... I was decorating the Cheer Bulletin thing and I had a stapler and was rubbing it with my thumb... don't ask me why, because I have NO idea. haha. Well all the sudden I pushed down on the stapler and BAM!! The staple was stuck in my thumb... I couldn't yank it out. Finally I got it out and it was gushing blood and it felt SO weird. Like a warm numb feeling!! WEIRD! haha. You can't really see in this picture, but I have like 2 permanent holes in my thumb now thanks to the stapler and I miscommunicating!! hahaha.

The sweet disco ball we hung up at our Talent show, which was AMAZING!! :D

So I made it in the BYU-Idaho school newspaper... I'm the girl in the corner of the picture (with the striped shirt on) :) Yes I'm famous now.. Oh and I was on the news a few times too!! hahaha. Just kidding. I'm always only in the background.. Except on Thursday when I was on the news I was stunting and doing a tumbling pass!! So I'm starting to become famous!! It's great.. haha. Just kidding!! :D

So Austin said he didn't want anyone to send him gifts for his birthday or Christmas so I just sent him treats. These are Peanut Butter things that are OH SO GOOD!! and I sent him Caramel Teddy Bear things which are DELICIOUS!! And I sent him candy bars!! :D It was fun, but I'm excited to give him his real gifts when he gets home... which is in DAYS!!!! :D WOOHOO!!!!!!!! Who's excited!?!?!?!?!? I AM!!!!! :)

Over Christmas break I lived off these babies!!! They are cuties.. I became a pro at peeling them in one piece in like .1 seconds and putting it back together to look like new!! :D Yes... the picture above is after I put it back together... Ok yes it doesn't look like new, but pretty close! :)

One day my little brother, Rusten, came up to me and asked me to tape him inside this box, so I did. Yes he is inside that box in this picture! haha. Well I didn't know he didn't want me to leave him, so I left and went up to my room and he came up like an hour later and was so mad. haha. He said, "Aubree... mom had to come let me out! I didn't want you leaving me!" I felt so bad! haha.

This is a flower I made... I've made a few, and my friend wanted a black one so this is hers. :) haha. I've made a zebra one, a white one, a brown one, and a red one! :)

Also over Christmas break I drank a TON of hot chocolate. One of the days I used my brother's hot chocolate maker. It was SO good!! It froths the hot chocolate so it's that much better!! :D Me and my sister, JoDee were so amazed at how great it was! :)

Settlers of Catan anyone?? Yes that's right. This game is called Settlers of Catan. It is SO much fun!! I totally dominated!! I'm the color blue on the board and as you can tell, my pieces are dominating the board :)

My brother Andy decided he wanted to model my headband off.. hahaha. He is so funny. :) And over Christmas break that's basically what I did... make headbands and sale them :) It was way fun!! :D Here are a few I made:

This is our christmas tree.. It was so fun decorating it with my mom and brother. It's weird to think that it's already down. haha.

These are the presents I wrapped and put under the tree!! :D

Austin sent me Cornell Univeristy sweats for Christmas! I love them! They are so comfy!!! :D Well my sister Sheena and her husband gave each other sweats, so we got a picture with our new sweats!! :D

Rusten really wanted to be in the picture so Sheena took a picture with him :)

On Christmas, JoDee gave me Glitter Nails to match my dress for Austin's report.. haha. They kinda grew out a little, but they still look good! :D haha. And now I am totally hooked on them! I LOVE GLITTER NAILS... You don't have to paint your nails all he time and they don't chip.. ahhh they are great!! :)

Sheena and Tyler got me these slippers for Christmas and I seriously wear them EVERYWHERE!!! I wear them around the house when I'm cold, I wear them to cheer practice, I wear them when I feel like not wearing shoes, etc. :)

All of us on Christmas Morning... haha. :) Notice Sheena's headband... Man I wonder where that came from? haha. So Christmas Eve Tyler came up to me and whispered, "Hey Aubree do you think you could make one of those headbands for me to buy from you because I didn't get anything for Sheena's stocking?" I said SURE, so that is the headband I made for Tyler to give to Sheena for a last minute stocking stuffer. haha. :)

So for lunch one day, Ashlynn and I went to Fiesta Ole, and I filled up my drink and just grabbed a straw and we were in Ashlynn's car and she looked over at me and just started laughing. I was so confused as to why she was laughing and she was like, "Did you know you got the long straws?" And I said, "What? There were different sizes?" I look at hers and hers was a normal straw. haha. So we had to take a picture because I seriously could've sat it on the ground and stood up straight and drank out of it! haha. I'm kidding, but it really was HUGE!! haha. :)

Hannah and I had a long day of practicing our duet for Austin's report, and then she watched me cheer at the game that night, so we treated ourselves to some Orange Leaf. It's a SUPER GOOD frozen yogurt place! I highly recommend you try it!!! And they have sweet spoos/shovel things as illustrated above!! :D And They're BIODEGRADABLE!!!!! haha.

This lady asked me to make her a black headband, so here is another one. :)

My friend is getting married and I went to her house to get sized for my bridesmaid dress and she told us to take these suckers!! CHECK THEM OUT!!! They are HUGE!! Don't you think? Have you ever seen a bigger sucker?? hahaha. I think it's gonna take me like 2 years to eat. haha. :)

I went into the councelor's office to have them send off a transcript for me, and the lady in there was like, "Aren't you the one that makes those headbands?" And I said yes. So she asked me to make a baby pink one for her so I did. :) When she bought it, she just kept saying, "This is SO beautiful!" haha. She is such a sweet old lady! :)

Thursday was the Madison/Rigby game! Jentry, Emily, and I decided to take pictures in Student Council to represent the BIG DAY!!! :D Well we went there that night to Madison High School and it was a BLIZZARD!!! It took forever to get there, and guess what!!!! Ya that's right... RIGBY DOMINATED!!!! Madison is Rigby's Rival and we have won them 2 years in a row!!! WOOHOO!!! :D the score was us 57 to them 44. :) after the game this van was trying to just cut in line and almost caused like 50 wrecks... I wanted to get out of my car and punch him, because those roads were not for pulling those kinds of manuevers! haha.

Today, Jentry and I were planning the pep assembly which is gonna be THE BOMB!!! And we were looking at all the basketball players and their heigths, and there were 2 boys that were 6'5!!! Jent and I were so amazed!!!! We decided to get pictures with them to illustrate how tall 6'5 is!!! Jentry is 5'3 and I am 5'5. haha. They are SOOOO tall!!! haha. It was funny cause once we read that I saw dylan, the one on the far left, and I was like, "Dylan stand up. I need to see something!!" and he was hesitant at standing, but he did and I just walked up to him and looked up!! hahaha. It was insane. I don't know what I would do if I was that tall. hahahaha. :)
Well have a great day!!

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