Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Well... I bought a new leotard for gymnastics, and I am so excited to wear it!!!

(This is it... it is pink and shiny as you can see... and I LOVE IT!! :))

Well yesterday was the stake dance and it was pretty fun. I got a Tiger's Blood Frazil!! It was SO good. Then I watched Get Smart when I left the dance. ha. I forgot how funny that show was. ha. :)

So today has been kinda crazy.. so the day started with driving to cheer practice. I was driving down the road and it was VERY windy... well this semi passes me and I thought I was going to run off the road cause all of a sudden after he passed, a gust of wind came... haha.
Well... I get to cheer and we conditioned which was pretty fun. Then I left for NPH practice and in the skit we are doing, I have to be a dummy because the skit is called "Don't be a Dummy" and I have to hold a beer bottle up pretending to drink it.... and while I was doing that, one of the posers was dragging a dummy and he elbowed my arm and it made the bottle smack my tooth and I thought my tooth fell out. It was crazy.. It was kind of funny though because everyone was telling me to quit smiling and I was trying to & I finally did for like 5 seconds and then that happened and I couldn't stop laughing/making tears come out of my eyes. haha.
So practice was over and I went back to cheer and we started stunting and then we were getting ready to go and get ready when all of a sudden out of no where people started telling Aric (my cheer coach) what they thought about what he was doing, and this girl started telling him that he doesn't listen to us and how he doesn't respect us, and other things that he does that is disrespectful to us, and he was like, "I listen to you so shut up." and she was like, "See you aren't listening to us.. and you don't respect us." and he was like, "K... find a cheer coach, I quit." So ya.. our cheer coach quit today. I am kind of sad because he made us work and get things done and now I don't know what we are going to do... but I guess this lady is already wanting to be our cheer coach and so hopefully things work out. ha.

Well Hailey came over after school and we painted pumpkins.. it was SUPER fun.

(Hailey and I with our pumpkins)

(My pumpkin.. i tried to make big Zebra Stripes, but it kinda doesn't look like it. ha.)

(Hailey's pumpkin. It is a cute one huh?)
Then we made Pumpkin Rolls. SOOOOO good.

Have a great night. :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Dang Staircase...

So today I was having fun kicking my leg in between the staircase rail things.. it was super fun.

Well I was getting really good at it, so I kicked very hard, and my leg didn't go in between the stair bars (i don't know what they're called. ha.)... My toe hit one of the bars dead on. Perfectly RIGHT on my toe in the middle of the bar. I thought I broke my toe for a second.

Dang staircase... I don't think I em ever going to try that again. haha. It was fun but it hurt really bad. ha :)
Have a great night...


So I found this new quote that I absolutely LOVE!! I want to get some vinyl letterings of it and make a plaque and put it in my room!

"When life gets hard to stand... KNEEL"


Sunday, October 25, 2009

bam bam bam... good morning... DANCE. & Shopping.

Yesterday I went shopping.

I picked up Hannah and we went to the mall... we tried on every kind of perfume possible. I bought some perfume and a red shirt! :) Then we went to Scholotsky's and shared a yummy sandwich. And I got a gift card to Coldstone.. so we went there.

It was SO good. we got the founder's favorite with Peanut Butter Cups!!! Definitely something you should try!! :)

(A picture of our reflection! haha.)
Thanks for going shopping with me Hannah. You are so fun. We need to do it again. :)
Then I got home and me & sheena decided to make a dance up to that ringtone I was talking about yesterday in my blog. We went to the "halloween costumes" box for our outfits... and then we made up the dance. It was SO fun. We felt like being retarded and embarrassing ourselves. It was very fun to do. I had a blast.

(Mine and Sheena's LOVELY outfits.)

(Rusten wanted to dress up to! ha.)

(YA YA YA!! ha.)
& then here is the dance we made up. haha. We had fun doing it.

Thanks for having fun with me Sheen and dancing with me. It was SUPER fun!! :) Love Ya Sheen.
Hope you are enjoying my blog.. I will try to make it more exciting if you aren't enjoying it. ha.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Today was a good day... and to prepare... I watched The Proposal last night. I love that movie.. it is SO funny. Especially the woods part. ha.

So I stayed the night at my sister Sheena's house and I woke up this morning to Tyler's lovely alarm... "Good Morning... bum bum bum... ba ba ba bam bam bam ba ba ba bam good morning.." It is a hilarious alarm. Well.. Sheena made me delicious waffles. Then I went to take my ACT...

I was scared.. and I studied for it so I hope I did good. I got it and the time went by WAY faster then I thought it would, and when the science section came... I was so sick of reading so I kind of just breifly went over then graphs and stories and just filled in answers. Well, my brother took it too and he was telling me afterwards that he was doing fine until they told us we had to write a statement thing in cursive and he said he started sweating.. haha. because apparently he can't write in cursive.. it was funny. haha. Now I am just waiting for the results to come in 3-8 weeks. I hope I did good. :)
Tonight I am going shopping to add some fun to my day! haha. :)
Have a good day.

Friday, October 23, 2009

WE WON!!!!

Well first off before I talk about the game here is a funny story!... So we were in seminary and we played this game where you look up the scripture and once you have it you pass the ball back. Well once the ball is at the back or front, depending on which way you are going, then you throw the ball and try to make it in the garbage can. So my row was never able to look up the verses fast enough so we lost.. and row 4 won so Camilla was able to put on the lovely goggles that are in the picture, and she had to choose which basket she was gonna pick... according to all the class.. well she chose the left, and our seminary teacher was showing us what it is like to have a person on each shoulder. ha. It was fun.

(Camilla with the lovely goggles on. ha)

So Yesterday was the football team's last game and guess what... WE WON!! It was awesome. I was so excited.. and VERY proud of the boys. We played against Bonneville (They aren't the nicest people..) and it was pretty intense! The ending score was 15 to 12... so it wasn't by too much that we beat them... but we still beat them, and it was AWESOME!! :)

(Me going to get on the bus)

(Me and Kallie ready for the last game)

(GO RIGBY!!!!)


(Morgan and me after the game!)

(Kallie and me on the bus ride home!)
Well this coming week is Red Ribbon Week for the high school...
But for the elementary schools... some of them had theirs this week. So I am on NPH and we go to all the elementaries during Red Ribbon Week and some of the cheerleaders come with us.. and the band comes with us. Well yesterday we went to Midway Elementary, and I just invited my stunt group to come with us.. and it was fun. It's funny how much little kids love cheerleaders. ha.
Today we went to Roberts Elementary, which is the school my little brother goes to so it was fun.. well we did our skits and we stunted and danced and in a skit I am Little Bo Peep and it is fun. Well... Roberts ESPECIALLY loved the cheerleaders!

(Anngela and me going to Roberts)

This kids name is Anthony.. he came up to us and gave us all hugs and asked for all us cheerleaders signatures... so I went and got a piece of paper and pen and we all signed the paper and gave it to him. And we got pictures with him...

Then he was like, "Don't ever forget me... my name is Anthony." And he gave me a dime.
It was the cutest thing... and then when the kids were going home they all hugged us cheerleaders. Then this kid walked by and was like, "Remember that you're hott, and you are, and you are, and you are!" hahahaha. It was the funniest thing. Then my brother came up and gave me a hug and we were talking and all the kids were like, "Is that your sister Rusten??" haha. It made me laugh.

(The back of the bus. ha.)
Then we enjoyed our half-hour bus ride back to the school! It was such a fun day.
Tonight I am going to my sister Sheena's house and staying the night because I am taking my ACT tomorrow. I am pretty nervous! ha.
Have a GREAT weekend! :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Well... so a few days ago I got home and I was about to walk into my house when I noticed something... There was a furry thing in a flower pot that was on top of another flower pot. So I go up and realize it is my cat! haha. It was really funny... and who knows why there was a flower pot on top of the other. ha.

(Cute little Kitten in the pot)

So Yesterday was my friend Whitney's birthday!! We went to WINGER'S!!!!! It was delicious... I got the dish I always get... Sticky Finger Salad! It is SO good. Well we had this COOL waiter named Josh and he was pretty awesome. Well since it was her birthday she got a FREE dessert!!! I decided I am going to Winger's for my birthday from now on because the dessert was SO good. It was LOADED with whipped cream. And it tasted as good as it looked maybe even better!! :)

(YUMMY dessert.)

(Em and me on our way home from wingers)
Well while we were on our way home, we saw this guy... He was dancing with the sign.. and it was like the exact beat of the music we were listening to. It was really funny.

So then we were driving home and we had the windows down and Kallie's Sticky Finger leftovers landed on my lap!! So I put it up and it did it AGAIN!!! It was CRAZY!! haha.
Well we went over to Presley's house and we were watching this show called Sorority Wars... Well Presley's mom was like, "Presley come and get this." Presley said she would. Well her mom drops it down the stairs and it is a bed comforter in the case. It hit this chair and like moved it. ha. Well Kallie JUMPS up and starts yelling, "OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH!!" and then she realized it was a bed comforter and she was like, "Oh my gosh Presley, I thought your mom fell down the stairs." hahaha. It was the funniest thing. We were all laughing our heads off. I started crying I was laughing so hard. Then we all started picturing it in our head and we started laughing even more and then we were all like, "That would actually be really, really sad." ha. It like made my day! :)
So lately in Anat & Phys we have been learning about the Skeletal System.

And we have been drawing Skeletons. Well me and my group finally got done with our skeleton today. It was pretty fun drawing and labeling it.
(Here is our skeleton.)

(This is the skull... look how many labels it has!!)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

little kids..

Lately I have done a lot of things that do with little kids.

In seminary we made little children books. They were so fun to make and it made those verses out of the Book of Mormon SO much more understandable. ha.

Then today I babysat. It was fun... I was tired though because I haven't had a lot of sleep lately and last night I went to a West Jeff Football game to watch Hailey and Hannah cheer and they did such a good job. Then we went to their house and we stunted.. and we had the AMAZING hot chocolate that Kathryn makes. It is the best homeade hot Chocee!! ha. Well we lost track of time so I got home late and didn't get too much sleep... so I fell asleep for a few minutes when I Was watching a show with the kids today. I felt SO bad.

So now I am going to take a nap tonight and then get to bed so I can wake up early to leave my house at 8:30 a.m. for a farewell. It's going to be fun.

Have a great night.. day.. week. ha. :)


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Corn Maze..

So last night I went to the corn maze in Rigby with my mutual group! It was SUPER fun! My friend Hailey came with me. We had to find all 12 punch things for the punch card and if we did, we would get in a drawing for free Riot Zone passes. We found all but three. It was crazy. There are some weird people that go to corn mazes.


Sunday, October 11, 2009


Aloha! ha. Well.. I forgot to mention one thing in my last post.. 3 weekends ago I went to Utah for my Family Hawaiian Christmas Party. It was super fun. I bet you are asking yourself.. now why is she already going to Christmas parties? Well here is the answer to your question. Every year on my mom's side.. one of her siblings is in Charge, well this year her brother Ren was in charge and he wanted a hawaiian Christmas party and he wanted it to be is September so it could be in his backyard. It was VERY fun.

(Me and JoDeeann)

(Hailey, my friend, came with me.)

(We learned dances)

(We wore Hawaiian attire)

(It was my little brother's b day and we celerated it. look at the cute candles.)

(Kelsy and I at MUD VOLLEYBALL)

(Hailey and me on kid day of homecoming week)

(Me on movie night)

(Hailey and me on cowboy/indian day going to lunch)

(Me and Kallie at the homecoming game.)

(Hailey, Mrs. Thurber, and I)

(Me on the SEGWAY!! WOOHOO.)

(Me and Nate going to the homecoming dance)

(See my shoes? ha. :) )

(I made cupcakes... but the caramel went kinda hard)


(Dani, Me, and Hailey going to stunt)

(Cute little Hannah and I going to stunt)

(Funny story... so we were all looking through Ashley's wedding book, and I saw this picture and was like, "Oh my gosh... look at Austin's face... what is he doing!?" And everyone was like holy cow.. you are the only one that has noticed that.. and then we laughed for like an hour! haha.)

(SPUD HARVEST!!! WOOHOO.. Hannah, Dani, Sara, and Me!)

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