Thursday, September 1, 2011

Truck Wreck.... WHAT??

So yesterday I was on my way to Hamer to take Austin lunch while he was combining and got there fine.

Well his combine broke down and so we had to run to terreton and get some stuff to try to fix it, and we passed this!

YIKES!!! The backroad to Hamer is SUPER curvy!! Well this truck was driving along the road and didn't realize there was a "T" corner... and the picture above is what happened!! He was sitting outside of the truck and I felt so bad for him, but good thing he didn't get hurt.

On our way back... it was still there, but this is what it looked like on the way back..

The tow truck was there.

Well then I went home and they were still there and this was like 4 hours later!! CRAZY!!

I swear Austin and I have the worst luck with driving up on EVERY. SINGLE. WRECK! ha.

On our way home from the honeymoon we passed 3 BAD ONES... then this one and a few others.

It makes me feel so bad & want to be a safer driver.

And I always make Austin say a prayer with me so the family of the person that got in the wreck, and the person that got in the car wreck can be ok, and that we can arrive safe to where we're going!

Car wreck seriously scare me so bad and they always make me stinkin cry because some of them that I've seen, the person dies and it makes me just want to find the family of that person and give them a BIG hug, and if they don't know about the Plan of Salvation, teach them about it! I. HATE. CAR. WRECKS. MORE THAN ANYTHING! EWW!!

So everyone.... watch where your driving. And slow down :)

And PLEASE..Drive safe!

But let's end on a good note.. Last night Austin and I were playing around and I won because I pushed him off the bed like fifty times and he couldn't push me off once!! :D haha. And we were shoving Quaker's in each other's mouths.... Don't worry... we do this out of love for each other! hahaha. It was so fun though!! And we were racing around the house! haha. :)

Have a great day! :D


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