Thursday, September 8, 2011

July 2, 2011: Best Day EVER! :D

Ok... so it's been a little over 2 months since I got married, but I haven't had the chance to blog about that day with pictures and I've wanted to... so here I am finally blogging about the best day of my life!! :D

So that morning I woke up early and started getting ready. :)

Then Austin came and picked me up and we got to the temple and a couple walked out and told us the temple was closed and we would find out why...

UHHHH WHAT!!???? I was freaking out!! I wanted to get married that day!! What the??

So we go in and tell them who we are and what we're there for and they say, "Oh good! We're glad you're here. The temple is closed to everyone except sealings!" FEWWWW!!!! I was so relieved! I could still marry my best friend that day!

So We get everything all ready and we got married... after I was married and while I was getting on my wedding dress for pictures, one of the temple workers told me that they might have toclose the temple to everyone and that they were getting ready to call the brides and tell them they couldn't get married that day!! OH. MY. GOSH! I wanted to cry for those brides!!! But then they found out that the water was fixed! The water wasn't working and that's the reason the temple was closed.

Well it was such a hot day that day and it was perfect!

The sealing went great and I was bawling the whole time because I Was SO SO SO HAPPY!! and then we got to kiss as husband and wife and that was the best kiss! :D

Then it was fun to see all the friends and family that were there to support us! :)

We got married at 11 am and then we went outside to take pictures...

(our rings)

We were kinda in a hurry for the pictures because our Luncheon was at 1 so we had to get there :) It was a beautiful luncheon on a beautiful day!!

Then we got pictures taken! :) Formals...

(my friends and I. They were the servers so my Aunt made them these cute Aprons.)

(The sisters. My mom and I made the skirts and the pattern to the skirts, and I made the flowers for the tops. :) Maybe I'll do a tutorial if enough people want me to ha. :D)

(The guys)

(my family)

(my new family)


I loved my reception! It was perfect!

My colors were dusty rose, dark gray, and white! :)

I had a wonderful decorator and cake decorator!!

I loved the lights our ceiling decorator hung... and my family and I spent so much time making the flower balls and they turned out so cute! We hung them all up the day before! :)

Our theme was "It's a love Story... Baby just say yes!" :)

Maybe I'll post a picture of our cute announcement!! :)

my family, friends and I made all the food and it turned out GREAT!! :D

And my photographer was Alex Hawker Photography!! :) She is my new sister!! She did such a great job!

My reception was so dark and she made all these pictures light so I could see everything!! :) ha.

(This was my mom's cute idea!! I love it!)

(I made this wreath for the reception. It's a heart shaped wreath and i used music sheets for the paper on the wreath and then I found these dusty rose balls and I had to get them for the wreath!! :D)

July 2, 2011 was the best day ever and I won't forget it!

I married my best friend for tim and all eternity and I will always be grateful for my handsome hubby!!

He is the best! We love married life so far, and we're excited to see where life takes us on our journey! :)

Have a fantastic thursday!


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