Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Well first I want to show you my creation! :D

This is marshmallow, chocolate, peanut butter, glazed brownies:

Oh man! It was good!

I think the best creation I've made so far! :D haha.

By the way.. dessert is my fav if you didn't know! :)

Today I went to Wally World and got some sweet applesauce to go!

And I got my tote box thing for my sewing class!! Isn't it SO SO SO cute! :) I'm so excited to use it! :)

Ok.... so today I am on my break at school and I get a text from the hubby saying, "Guess what came today?" I immediately texted back saying, "MY PHONE!!!?" He said yes!! WOOHOO!! The thought of me going home to get my phone instead of going to class may or may not have crossed my mind! :) haha. I was SO SO SO excited I couldn't contain myself for the rest of the day!

After cheer practice, I zoomed home... (may or may not have sped....) and I saw this lovely box!

And opened it to find this box!

Then opened that to find the phone!!!

Then opened that to find the KEYBOARD!!!!

Oh my goodness... it was like waiting for the christmas that never came!!.... ya I don't know what that means, but it sounds legitament! :) hahha.

It had FINALLY arrived after like 2 1/2 weeks! You don't even want to know what happened with this phone during that... OH you do? OK!!

So first after the week I called and it had been cancelled but then they said nevermind it wasn't, but the next day I got a text that said it had been cancelled... ya... LAME!

So my husband called and got it reordered and then we waited another week!

By this time I was getting way too excited for it to come!

Well monday morning we get a call from FedEx and they say they can't find our house anywhere... uhhh.. WHAT??? Terreton isn't that confusing!! They say that it was to TEXAS!!! WHAT?!?!!? How did they even get a Texas address out of our address which clearly isn't Texas... so today when I got it I saw that they really did have a Texas address on there... Weird!! So Austin asks them to just mail it to our house and they tell us that there are restrictions and they can't forward it unless verizon tells them to.

So Austin gets it figured out with Verizon to forward it, and the next day we check and it still hadn't been forwarded... it was STILL. IN. TEXAS! So we call again, and this time we called the store in IF.

We ask them if we can just get the phone there and they say my upgrade won't apply and we'd have to pay for both phones... uhhh.. ok. So we scratched that idea. Then we decided to ask them to talk to the guy that helped us and see why the order was cancelled in the first place, so we give them his name and GUESS....

It will blow your mind!

The guy doesn't work there anymore!

He probably got fired for cancelling everyone's orders! hahaha. No.. just kidding. Well he could have. ha.

Anyways... So today we finally got it and when I looked at the box, it said "URGENT"!!! haha. Oh ya! We got my phone from Texas to here in one day and it got shipped urgent without us paying extra! haha. Well I guess that's what they get for messing up our order... haha. Not FedEx... Verizon! FedEx was being very nice... Verizon though is SO SO SO hard to work with!

Everytime we'd ask them why we had to pay more they would say, "You'll have to call our financial department!" Lady... I don't want to call your financial dept.. I just want to know from you!! hahaha.

Anyways... now I have my phone and I couldn't be happier!! :D

And I have my sewing box and I am SO SO SO happy about it! :)

Have a great day!


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