Friday, September 2, 2011


Two months ago today I married my handsome husband!! :D

He is the best and I love him so much!

Here is a picture that I tried to make us in color and everyone in black and white.. but it kinda made the background blurry.. but we're not :) haha.

Then I just wanted to say that I am helping the coach of the West Jeff Cheer Team!! I am kinda like a volunteer assistant coach! I'm SO SO SO stinkin excited!!! :D

I helped them stunt yesterday and they performed at the football game tonight and did SO good! :D And they hit their stunt so good! I'm so proud of those cute girls... and did I mention some of them have only been stunting for two weeeks and they are AWESOME! :D

Well here is a little webcam fun... haha.

I was waiting for Aust to get home :D


(I was trying to get me BRIGHT orange sweater to show... but it kept making it look white ish... dang it! haha.)

Have a great night! :)


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