Saturday, September 10, 2011

Oh the life!!!

So after Austin wrote me those cute notes I wrote a note back to him and he took a picture of it and said, "I have a request." I said, "Yes?" Austin said, "You have to blog about this note!" hahaha. So here ya go Austin! :)

Then yesterday morning I woke up and My sister Sheena asked if I wanted to go to the temple with her!! I said SURE! So we went to the noon session and it was so great!! I love the temple! I always forget how much I love going until I go again! ha. The temple workers are so nice and everything about the temple is amazing! :) I am so glad to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.. and I am so glad that I am able to have a temple recommend so I can go whenever I'd like! The temple is the greatest place and it's especially great when you go with family! I love that everyone just wants to help in there! It's a place I can go and just forget about my stresses of the day and just relax! :)

So then I went to Sheena's to check out her apt... and we got there and her office desk had arrived, so we decided to take it in because it was ONLY 140 lbs or something... YA RIGHT!! It was SO stinking heavy! We almost died taking that thing in! ha. We tried lifting it and I almost pushed Sheena down the stairs which was the opposite way we were trying to go. So we just slid it in the door and decided to have Tyler move it. :)

Then Sheena was telling me that they got a phone call that said there was weird activity going on in their bank account or something so Tyler called back and said, "Hey I'm calling because you said there was a (I can't think of the word they used so I'm just using weird.. ha.)weird activity on my acccount." The lady didn't even ask for his name, she just said, "What's your account number?" Well he repeated what she said so Sheena heard and she was like, "Tyler my friend said that banks never just ask you for your account number and that you shouldn't just give your account number to someone over the phone unless you know it's the bank!" So Tyler told the lady he had an emergency come up and he hung up... Well they typed in the number on the internet and all the chinese or japanese writings came up, and so the looked at their bank at all the bank's numbers and that number wasn't on there. So he called their bank and asked if they had something go on with his account. The bank said that he didn't and everything in his account was fine! He told them that someone called and said what they said and the bank told him that they are a scam! I guess these people get huge lists of numbers and just call and get account numbers... so if you get a call from someone and they ask for your account number... make sure you know it's your bank! Because it could be a stinkin scam!!!!!

I told Sheena if they tried to get my account number, then they would go in debt because I just closed my account at one of the banks! hahahaha. We were laughing. :) Or they would get caught which would be SAWEET! :)

So just remember not to give your account number unless you know for sure that it's the bank calling you! :D

Well yesterday was the last lil girls cheer clinic and they performed at the football game last night so we went to that :)

I didn't get any pictures except at the end when the football players and cheerleaders were slapping hands, because I recorded the little girls and then I was pretty into the game! haha. No actually I for got to take pictures so here ya go:

Then Austin showed me what a crashed pivot was:

YIKES!!!! They don't even know why it did that! It wasn't supposed to! The corner arm just fell and it was on the ground like the above picture shows.. and the end gun was sitting on the ground! It was crazy!!!
And at the game I got a RING POP!!! haha. I love them! I haven't had one since I was little so it reminded me of my childhood :) and then I was sucking on it like it was a pacifier! :D hahaha. OH YA! haha.

(notice my sweet poncho!)

Hannah stayed the night last night because Kirk and Kathryn went to a concert so we were watching her.. and because she's AWESOME!! haha. So for breakfast this morning I decided to make these:

French Breakfast Puffs! OH. MY. GOSH. They were SO good!! They were so puffy and moist and delicious! and I rolled them in cinnamon sugar so they were DELICIOUS!!! :D And they freeze good, so I can keep them in the freezer and when we're on the go, we can grab one really quick!! :D

I will be making these more often! haha.

Have a great saturday! :)


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