Thursday, September 22, 2011

Shrimp, Cocktail Sauce, Corn, and Brita! YUM!! :)

So last night I asked Austin what he wanted for din din and he opened the freezer and kept staring at the shrimp and then said, "What about some shrimp?" haha.
Well we didn't have any cocktail sauce... so I made some!! YUM!! And It was delish.. I used chili powder instead of horseradish! :)

So I grabbed the shrimp and set them on a plate to thaw :)

Then Austin went out to our garden and got corn so we could have corn on the cob.

He said, "Wow everything we're having tonight we grew in our garden!"

So I said, "Ya cause you can totally grow shrimp in a garden!!" hahaha.

Sometimes I wonder about my husband.. haha. jk.. he was just trying to make me laugh and it worked :)

(We both like to cut our corn off the cob to eat it!)

(Austin was enjoying that shrimp ha.)

And we like to season our corn with lots of butter, salt, pepper, and Seasoning salt! :)

Ok... so we have a BRITA pitcher thingy and we have been needing to change it for a while now.

Well Austin really wanted to try putting milk through the filter and I told him he can't until we are changing the filter...

So last night we decided to change it, so Austin didn't forget about the milk experiment and he grabbed the milk and started pouring it in the pitcher...

AND.... GUESS. What. Happened!!!!
It turned it to water!!

crystal clear water.. and we tasted it and it didn't even taste like milk, it tasted like water!

It was not what I was expecting! It was awesome! :)

Austin was like, "well if we ever run out of water we now know that we can use milk..." And I said, "Uhh... pretty sure we'll run out of milk before we ever run out of water." hahhahaha. :)
But the filter was really dirty and it got even dirtier when Austin put the milk in.... so we said goodbye to our filter and put in a new one! :) And it is delicious water again! :D

(old filter)

Have a wonderful thursday! :)


P.S. We started our pillowcases today! haha. And mine is a sweet Christmas one! :)

P.S.S. Droid update... I love it!! It's crazy how different the Driod 2 and the Droid 3 are though! They are nothing alike! haha. :)

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