Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Pretty Sure this is the longest post I've done for a while! haha. :) enjoy:

So first here's the update of the girls night! :)
We had so much fun! Caroline, Sheena, my mom, and Rusten came over and we had a PARTAY! :D

(my mom dancing her booty off :D haha.)

(Rusten showing off his moves! p.s. Rusten came to play x-box with Austin... haha. he didn't come for girls night.)

(Sheen and I)

So the VACATION starts! :)

And we're off!

We get to our first destination and we're walking and I see the Potato Museum for the first time! ha.

And we got to our first stop:

The Blackfoot Fair (East Idaho State Fair) is a big thing to Idaho people! ha.

It's so fun! There's food, rides, games, everything! :D

It was so fun!... and crowded!
And I got my stamp... so it's official!

They had these cool water things!

And these games that you had to figure out!

(YES! I got all the balls in the center! :D)
And we got a TIGER EAR!!!!

These things are the best!

They're like massive scones and they melt in your mouth... so if you go to the fair... GET ONE!! :D You won't regret spending $3.25 for this bad boy! And make sure you get honey butter! :)

We found a new place to park at the fair so it's not so crowded! Thanks Alex and Blake! :D

Then we had to go to our favorite place in Blackfoot for din din!


Caramel Marshmallow Shake :)

Then I found out while I was there that this is my new rival! haha. I guess west jeff and firth are like Rigby and Madison!! SCARY!! haha. :)

Then we came to our next stop....

We stayed on the 7th floor!! :D And when we got our keys... this is what they said..

I guess we're the Egderts now... not the Egbert's. lol.

They had some sweet towels..

Tuesday morning.. Austin brought me Breakfast in Bed!! :D haha.

He is the best!! :D

This is the view from our room! :D The Falls

Then we were off for the day to the rest of the vacation!

First we stopped by the social security office and got my name changed :)

Then we went to verizon and I got THIS:

I am so excited!! :D ha.

While we were there... the guy was like, "Ok we're gonna have call Eric or Debra to authorize this!" So I was like, "OH OK!!" Thinking that they were people who worked there or something and then Austin was like, "Wait.. Who's that? I'm the one that is on the account." So the guy looked up our right number and was like, "She just wanted her phone.. she didn't care if she had call someone she had no idea who they were." hahaha. It was so embarrassing! Let's just say I'm glad I have Austin to keep me in line.. hahaha. and not call Eric or Debra!! haha.
Then we went to Rigby and got my car registered!! :D YAY!

Then I closed my bank account to join with Austin... That was kinda sad! :( haha.

Then we went to Rexburg to pay for college and Austin asked me which way to turn and I said left and was like pointing with my right hand and he was turning left and I was like NO LEFT!!!! hahaha. Well we finally went the right way! :)

I'm SO excited for college!!

Then we stopped by Jamba on the way home! :)YUM!

Then we went grocery shopping

And then I got this!

So I cut Austin's hair.. oh do you like the purple cape??

He was in need of a haircut!!

(Ya that pile is his hair! haha.)

Then he made me this cute mote on our fridge!! He always does and I love it!! :D

Then while we were at Wal Mart shopping for groceries we got some movies, so to end the date we watched BrideWars! haha. That is a funny movie :)

Well when we first moved in to this house we were washing the dishwasher with bleach and it ruined this Irish ring that Aust gave me for Christmas while on the mish!

I Was sad... but my mom gave me some silver cleaner she had... and it cleaned it!! It looks great now!! :D

See in the above pic!! YES!! haha. :)

Have a great day!


P.S. So today I tried blogging this morning and then I ran over to my in laws to get some peaches they got for me, well when I came back....


I was locked out of my house for so long!

Austin and Kirk crawled under the house in this hole thing and they tried everything.. and then they finally broke into our house like 4 hours later!!

So the good thing is I now know how to break into my house if I get locked out again, but the bad news is, I didn't get anything done that I wanted to today!! ha.

So then I had to run to the little girls cheer clinic that the cheer girls were doing and I was there since I help out the coach :)

And so now here I am finishing blogging when the day is pretty much over! haha.

But At least I'm in my house which is a great thing!! :D

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