Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Rustinko! :)

So today is my little brother, Rusten's, birthday!

He is 12 years old!!!!

I can't believe he is old enough to recieve the priesthood and pass the sacrament! ha.

He is so fun!

Sunday we had his birthday family party. It was fun! I love going home and seeing him becuse he gets so excited! :) It's so fun to visit home! :)

Before we left Austin wanted me to take some links out of his watch so he could wear it... and I did!

I think I could be a pro at working on watch links! hahahahha.

Notice the brand....

That's right!

We're high rollers!

We only like ROLEX!!

hahaha.. ya right!! we wish!

This was a rolex Austin got in NY... and got a swingin deal...$15 dollars ish! haha.

Which of course it's not a real one, but it looks really nice, so he wears it! ha. :)

We really like Fossil though :D

So we get to my mom's and Rusten shows us his kittens.... they are getting so big compared to what they were last time I saw them. ha. SO cute! :)

Then we were all talking and Sheena looks up at the pictures above the fireplace and says, "That's kinda creepy that Andy's picture is up with all the dead people!" In the following picture...

hahahahahha. So we were all laughing and my mom was like, "It's all the people that are preaching the gospel!" My mom is a thinker! Of course mom's know all! They are the best! I want to be just like my mom! :)

Here is the birthday boy!

So he left the room and my mom started dishing cake to everyone.

Well when he came back in he was all disgusted and said, "I thought the birthday boy got the first piece!" hahha. So here are his disgusted looks while my mom was dishing the cake.. hahaha.

Sheena brought over a yummy dessert!

Ice cream sandwiches!...

She made the cookies for the ice cream to go in between and it was devine! :)

And my mom marbled the cake.

Our yummy desserts:

So delish! :)

Rusten's "friend" party is friday! :)

They are playing night games... MY FAVORITE! :)

Maybe I should go crash the party... hahaha. :)

Now I'd like to show you my hip mom!

Andy & I got her that shirt for christmas last year, and her cardigan she got for my wedding!

And if you were wondering... yes she stole my pants! hahhahaha.

But that's ok! :) After all... she did raise me. The least I can do is let her steal a pair of my pants! haha.

Like I said earlier in the post... I want to be just like my mom!

She is in shape, she works out every day, she has ran a marathon, she has done a triathalon, she is stylin, she loves her kids, she looks young enough to be my sister!! haha. She is the nicest lady!! I love her so much.... and of course Rusten didn't want my mom to get the attention at his party, so he had to slip in the picture last second! hahaha. :)

I love my family!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY STINK!!! I hope it was great! :)

Have a great day!


P.S..... I am the OFFICIAL ASSISTANT CHEER COACH!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!! I am so excited!! :) haha. It's gonna be a blast! :)

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the hawker's said...

happy birthday rusten! and congrats on being assistant cheer coach aubree! that sounds like fun!

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