Saturday, September 17, 2011

Food and Treats... not just food.. haha.

Ok... FIRST OFF...
I went to Jamba Juice.
If you go there anytime soon...
get the PUMPKIN SMASH!!!
It's DEVINE! :) You won't regret it..
well that is if you like pumpkin things.. ha. :)

A few days ago I decided I wanted to make the Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich out of the Pioneer Woman Cookbook... OH. MY. GOSH.
It was SO SO SO good! :) And the mice thing is, you put however much saesoning you want on the meat! :) It was YUM to my TUM! :) And Austin loved it too! He had three of them.. hahaha.

So yesterday Austin and I went on a date! :)
We had to drop off a truck though and I saw this!

It's a sprayer! I was thinking about driving underneath it when I was behind it! hahahaha. And it has like Automatic stairs... they are cool! :)
Then we stopped at the gas station and I got Air Head Extremes and Aust got Doritos... notice that the kind of Doritos they are, I have that sauce in one of the above pics :)
Then notice the little picture in the middle??
It's small cause I took it with my phone... but it is a MASSIVE gummy bear!
It was bigger than my hand..
I wanted to get it but it was $9... and I don't think that is worth it.. hahaha.

Then we went to Costa Vida and saw a lot of family :)
Then went to Nielson's Frozen Custard with my family!
It is GOOD and it's a cool little place :)

We got the FC Topper so it was Custard and then our topping was raspberries! :) It was really good.. I want to go back! :) (And of course I forgot to take a picture of the FC!! DANG IT.. ha.)

Then today I got some really cute earrings for free!!! :)

The lady was SO nice and gave them to me in this cute box! :)

I couldn't decide what color I wanted.. it took forever. They were all so cute, but I got the blue ones :) and my sister-in-law got light pink! :)

Then as I was driving today through Rigby and through Roberts, and Menan, I noticed so many changes! In Rigby they started building the new high school.. So the first pic is the old one that I went to and the next one is the new one that will be done like next year or something! and it's gonna be HUGE!! If you have seen Madison High School in Rexburg... it's gonna be bigger than that! ha. Of course. Because Madison and Rigby always have to beat the other one.... hahaha. It's an ongoing thing that never stops since they are Rigby's main rival... It kinda gets old after a while... just saying.. hahahaha. :)

Then in Menan they are building some oil plant or something!

And then in Roberts they built this!! haha.

I feel out of the loop now! hahaha.
Well have a great day! :)

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